Songs You Don’t Know But Should Pt. 5

Hello hello and welcome to another post where I assume your day is about to be made for the incredible music I’m sharing below. If you aren’t from around these parts, if you’ve only recently joined us, then you may not be familiar with these posts.

I promise.

I don’t have a superiority complex (we think), I just love sharing music that doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. I love music so much so to the point that I’ve passed the stage of feeling protective over my secret discoveries, and am at the phase where I’m aggressively passionate about shoving all my music discoveries and finds down your throat, but you shall come to accept that in time.

For now, here’s more music that I believe you should really hear.

Wait – NoMBe
I’ll Find You – Lacrae
Baby Blue – King Krule
Anything For You – Chelsea Cutler
Senorita – Eden Prince
If Only – TEEKS
Intro (Santa Barbara) – Box Dreams
Typhoon – Mr Jukes
Black Man In A White World – Michael Kiwanuka
Tin Pan Boy – YUNGBLUD
Locket – Kilo Kish
take care – EDEN
Same Script – Ziggy Ramo
Addicted – The Night Cafe
Telepathy – Christina Aguilera
Solid Gold – Elk Road
Loved By You – Kirby
Father, Father – Jay Prince
Shelter – SACHI
Like Home – JOY.
Human Touch – Betty Who
Afterglow – Wilkinson

Let me know if you gave any of these a listen. I know that’s actually asking quite a bit, but it genuinely makes my day when one of you comments to tell me that you enjoyed a particular song or added some of my suggestions to your own playlist!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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