October Tunes

It’s becoming alarming how quickly the year is coming to an end, but the silver lining at the end of every month, is that I get another opportunity to share some of my favourite music with you all!

Regardless of the fact that October ending means there’s only two months left in the year, it means I get to share what music I was loving this month, and this month I was really loving music. University coming to an end meant that I was listening to tunes on end while procrastinating doing my assignments and homework, listening to my study playlist when I eventually go around to doing some work and then having the time to blast music 24/7 after finishing up for the year. PLUS, October was a great month for new releases and new discoveries, so there’s always that to look forward to.

Hopefully you find something you enjoy on this playlist, let me know what you were listening to during October!

CONVERSATIONS WITH MY WIFE – JON BELLION: JON’S RELEASING AN ALBUM NEXT MONTH. I don’t know if you’ve caught it, but I have a huge adoration/admiration/obsession for Jon Bellion, and I nearly screamed when he posted that this song was up on his Spotify. It’s everything I expected from Jon, but heaps more and I love it. The production is amazing, out of this world, but the lyrics don’t suffer, they’re intense and catchy and everything just works together perfectly. Listen to this song. It’s kinda like going to a digital church.

Stay – Mac Ayres: I can’t take any credit for this. My friend/coworker/guitarist showed me this artist one day at work, and I was instantly obsessed. I believe the term is ‘milky’ but ‘smooth’, ‘warm’ and ‘toasty’ also suffice enough to even try describing this guy’s voice. It’s insane. That too, majority of his songs feature that really sweet, vintage guitar tone that you all know I love talking on and on about. It’s a ‘Daniel Caesar-type’ mood, so if you’re a fan of Daniel Caesar, Sabrina Claudio, Omar Apollo or boy pablo, definitely check Mac Ayres out.

Water on the Bridge – Chelsea Cutler: I discovered this artist through another artist I’ve been loving for a while, Christian French. You can read the post I did about Christian HERE. Christian is currently on tour, and he’s supporting Chelsea Cutler, so while I was writing up his post, I decided to have a listen to some of her music, and while I had heard a one of her songs before, I’d never really listened to anything else or done any further investigating. Boy do I regret that. Chelsea has some incredible songs, but this song is by far my favourite. It’s so ethereal and the lyrics are so sad and angry at the same time and I love it. Have a listen.

Girls Need Love – Summer Walker: I was introduced to this artist by a friend from uni who, get this, ‘heard it and thought I’d really like it’. That’s one of my favourite things in the world, when people hear a song and think you’d appreciate it and go out of their way to let you know you should listen to it. Love that. Anyway. Summer Walker. Wait for that post to come, because trust me, it’s coming. This song is a bop. A smooth, RnB bop. SZA, Kehlani, H.E.R type bop. Get around it.

If Tomorrow Never Comes – Swiss, Etana: Okay. If Tomorrow Never Comes by Ronan Keating is one of my favourite songs. It’s a family favourite. On the other hand, reggae is one of my favourite genres. Island music? All over it, as is my family. A reggae, island cover of If Tomorrow Never Comes? I’m done. This song made my jaw drop, and it’s nothing spectacular in terms of how they switch it up or anything, because you know what song it is immediately, the singers are all just gorgeous and inject that island quality singing into the song, and this song just makes me feel all warm and toasty inside.

Where Did I Go? – Jorja Smith: Jorja Smith needs no introduction here on the blog so I’m not gonna give it. All I’ve going to say, is her album is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s like each song is tailored to be a single all on it’s own, released at just the right moment, when in reality, every single song is just a hit. Where Did I Go is my latest obsession from the Lost & Found album.

MICHUUL. – Duckwrth: I overheard this song while I was at the gym. The somewhat dancehall, beat, layered vocals and simple synths somehow reached me over my own music, so much so that I pulled out my headphones and shazaam’d the song. It’s such a ridiculously good, groovy tribute to Michael Jackson, without going out of it’s way to be over sentimental. As a huge Michael Jackson fan, I love this song.

THUG LIFE – BROCKHAMPTON: It took me a while to get through the recent BROCKHAMPTON album, but when I did I was easily able to pick THUG LIFE as my favourite song from it. I just really love the vocals on it and the production on a whole.

Hocus Pocus – Clark Beckham: I discovered Clark through my favourite musician on the planet, Jon Bellion. If you missed my post all about Clark Beckham, had a read of that, it’s all you need to understand how much I love this artist. This song in particular, is my absolute favourite and I get shivers every time I hear it.

For How Long – RINI: DUDES. I’ve shared some of RINI’s music on here before, but next month, I’m going to his EP Launch concert!! I didn’t really know anyone else who listened to his music, and so told one of my friends at work, the same friend who plays guitar for me, and mentioned that he was on a list of musicians and songs I had given my friend to listen to, and he recognised the name, mentioned that he actually loved him, and we basically bought out tickets at my desk at work, so now I’m super, duper keen.

I Don’t Lack Imagination – E^ST: This song was a Triple J discovery for me personally. I’m starting to think I need to seriously look into E^ST and the rest of her songs, because so far of the two that have made their way onto the radio and become somewhat popular, she’s been two for two and they’ve both been amazing. This one especially.

Wonderful – Mullaly: This is one of my favourite pre pre-game songs. Pre pre-game, as in, getting ready for the pre-game. Like doing your makeup with your friends or by yourself. I have an entire playlist dedicated to that specific mood, check it out on my Spotify. It’s a really up-beat, percussive song, and I love how bouncy it is, that said, it’s incredibly easy to sing along to. It’s a very happy song.

Tadow – Masego, FKJ: cannot wait to see Masego at Laneway Festival in February next year (with Mia???). Tadow was one of the first songs I ever heard from Masego, and it’s one of my favourites. I heard it playing at a bar I was doing a gig at before we got on stage and made a mental note to add it to some of my playlists, and ever since then I’ve been loving it even more.

Beautiful – Bazzi: This particular song makes the cut because of my little sister. Somehow she managed to get the lyrics oh so incredibly wrong, yet sing them with all the confidence she had, so because of how many times I spent correcting her, I ended up listening to the song over and over again and adding it to playlists, then listening to it in the car, on the way to work and university, and that’s how it’s on this list.

Dangerous – Kaien Cruz: I have not a single clue how I came across this song, but I have, and no one I’ve asked knows it. If you do know this song, please leave me a comment because I need someone to obsess over it with. This song is incredible. It’s an injustice that more people haven’t heard it.

Social Jungle – Herizen: After recently following Herizen on Instagram after my The Get Down binge, I’ve been keeping tabs on her music career. This song, is amazing. This song has such an slinky, underground vibe, and Herizen’s voice fits the style perfectly. She has another song, Come Over To My House, that’s equally as fitting, I recommend you have a listen to both of the songs!

Bad – Lennon Stella: Lennon Stella. 1/2 of the duo, Lennon and Maisy, who I’ve been in love with for quite a few years now. I’ve always loved both their voices, but it seems Lennon, the eldest, is making her moves musically right now, and I’m loving it. She recently featured on a song with Liam Payne and Jonas Blue, but I don’t love it half as much as I love this song. This song is beautiful. It’s so sweet sonically, but the lyrics are a really strong contrast to the music, and I’m all about it.

when the party’s over – billie eilish: I feel like this song kind of shut down the world. For the first couple of days after it was released, I couldn’t look through my Instagram stories without seeing someone sharing it. The first time I heard it gave me major nostalgia. Billie actually sang this song back in April at her concert, and she sang it so beautifully, and as soon as I heard it I messaged my friends who I went with to see if they realised it was the same song we heard all those months ago. This is one of my favourite Billie Eilish songs to date.

So that’s what I was listening to in October! If you loved any of these songs, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear what you were listening to this month!



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12 thoughts on “October Tunes

  1. Girl WHAT the hell?! Dangerous is literally on my October music post that I’m posting later this week…I swear you’re psychic?! How many times have I said that now omg. I discovered the song through a vlog I watched on Youtube, they played it over a time lapse and I was like omg I love this what is it, looked in the description (shoutout to Youtubers that put the music in the description) and found it – it’s been on repeat ever since! xx

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  2. I haven’t heard many songs on this post, but I’ll definitely go give them a listen because you make them sound all very good! Lovely post love ♡♡

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  3. UM OKAY… Girl now I’m taking all these hour long train journeys extra music is a big hell yes. Will be adding these all to the “must listen” pile because I’ve literally only heard one. ALSO CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THANK U, NEXT ?!?!?! IVE NEVER BEEN AN ARI FAN BUT HER RECENT RELEASES ARE A FUCKING VIBE! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my god nah that’s perfect because then you can give me your opinions at the end of the train rides when you see me??? Also YES PLS!! I love it so much, like sweetener was great but thank u, next is such a good song, I’ve had it on repeat Mia!! xxx


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