A Star Is Born

This post is long overdue. Like, very long overdue.

But we’re here now, and that’s what counts, right?

Also – I know what you’re thinking. New look? How do we feel?? What do we think??? What are our thoughts??

Anyways, I have a decent enough excuse as to why I’ve yet to write this post. Well for one, Mia’s here. She’s finally in my city, and we’ve been hanging out, buying too many clothes, indulging in a sesh or two, and it’s be a fab time. As well as that, I’ve started working a bit more considering I also just finished my second year of university at the end of October. It’s been a hectic few weeks, but now that they’re over, I’m excited to get into Spring and Summer and do things.

Excuses aside, let’s talk about the actual topic of this post.

A Star Is Born.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.36.54 am

I’m definitely not the first, and I probably won’t be the last to come at you with a post about this incredible movie, so while you’re here, try and enjoy it.

It was a pretty split second decision to go and watch A Star Is Born at the cinemas with my mum, my sister and my cousin, but thank God we did.

I will admit, it was a slow to start type of film. There’s no action sequence, no wild musical numbers and no evil villain. However, what the film does have? Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

I promise, I would never have been able to pick those two together even if you spelt their names out in front of me, but somehow it worked, so well. All of their scenes together were absolute magic, whether they were singing to each other across a stage, yelling in each other’s faces in the middle of the bathroom or simply sending the other a look from across a room. It was all so magical, at times I forgot who they were outside of the movie.

The clean-cut, crisp-suit, Hollywood actor version of Bradley Cooper, and the international pop star Lady Gaga, seized to exist within the time period I was in that cinema.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.43.45 am

However, I’m here to talk to you about the music.

The music, got me.

I’d heard one of the main motif type of songs, Shallows, on the radio before I saw the film, (it’s currently still sitting at No. 1 here in Australia on the charts) and I was more than impressed. While I knew it was something Lady Gaga was capable of, it wasn’t necessarily something I expected, and I found myself waiting for the songs little moment within the film. Don’t worry, there are plenty.

On another note…Bradley Cooper??? Bradley Cooper’s voice??? Like their voices sound completely different when they sing together, for obvious reasons, but they complimented each other so well, especially in that smash song, Shallows.

Black Eyes, is one of the first songs you hear in the film, and it’s basically Bradley Cooper, opening the movie, guns blazing up on a stage. It took me a little while to realise that it was genuinely Cooper singing throughout the entire movie, and once you do acknowledge it, it kinda makes you wonder why he never sang before? It’s one of those ‘Emma Stone in La La Land’ type moments I guess.

Lady Gaga performs a shiver-inducing cabaret version of La Vie En Rose, a favourite, and it’s definitely one of the standout performances throughout the entire film for me, regardless of how short and minuscule that scene appears to be in comparison to the rest of the film. This film definitely shines a very deserving light on Lady Gaga and her very, very legit talent. That woman delivers some of the best vocals I’ve heard in so long, and it’s like each song is written just for her.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.53.29 am

Always Remember Us This Way is another huge song performed by Gaga, and it’s another standout moment for me. While she’s joined on stage by Cooper, who she’s assisting on tour, she sings the song by herself, and she follows through with this perfect knack for making any sound she touches sound powerful, compelling and ridiculously moving, regardless of the context.

If you somehow haven’t already, watch A Star Is Born. Please. If not for the ridiculously good acting from Bradley and Lady Gaga, if not for the award-worthy directing from Cooper, then at least for the music. It’s well worth the money, I promise.



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