Joy Crookes

Let’s talk about Joy Crookes.

I discovered the South London singer earlier this year on YouTube, while watching videos shared on the popular music channel, COLORS.

Have a watch for yourself.




Surely I don’t need to say this, but any fan of Amy Winehouse will find themselves a fan of Joy Crookes, because I sure as heck did. Not only is she stunning, I mean, how slick can one gal look, but her voice is ridiculous. It’s like the audible sound of honey. And remember that guitar sound I’m ever so fond of? Catch my dude in the back delivering the goods.

As is the ever-obvious next move, I headed over to Joy’s Spotify. Good move. Joy released an EP in July this year, Influence, and it’s another package of tunes. As well as a studio version of the song in the video above, Mother May I Sleep With Danger?, finessed with a really nice jazz kit, the EP has four other songs, all of which are equally as tasty.

Mother May I Sleep With Danger? is a great song, it’s definitely up there, but we all know I’m partial to a good groove, and that comes in the form of the second track on the record, Bad Feeling. The groove in that song is so deep, and the lyrical flow is so catchy to listen to because she takes it to places you don’t expect straight away.


Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 2.17.48 pm

New Manhattan is a really haunting ballad, major Lana Del Ray vibes, so I know a few of you are Lana fans, meaning you’d definitely enjoy this song. The lyrics are very realistic and critical, but incredibly beautiful. Joy’s able to paint a really poignant picture with New Manhattan, and while it doesn’t have the same type of uplifting, upbeat groove of Bad Feeling, it makes you feeling something else it a different way.

Influence is definitely an EP you need to listen to a couple of times to truly appreciate it. Through the process of writing up this blog post, editing it, proofreading, quickly making that header and taking a break to have lunch in between it all, I listened to the EP completely through, two and a half times. And it was only during the second listening that I started really listening to it, paying attention to the smart lyrics, the groove behind every single line, how good the percussion pockets are and how seamlessly Joy’s combined that old-time classic ballad feel with a very current sound.


Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 2.23.32 pm

Make sure you check out Joy Crookes. Since really have a listen to some of her music, I’ve added most of the songs on the Influence EP to my personal playlists, and shared some of the songs with my friends. Another power woman making big moves. Can’t wait for more from Joy Crookes. Let me know if you listened to any of her songs in the comments below, I’d love to know what you think!!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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4 thoughts on “Joy Crookes

  1. I’ve seen her live three times now. I came across her by accident and just fell in love with her music strait away. I can usually tell if I like something after 30 seconds. . She is just as good live – excellent stage presence. A real star!

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