Herizen // Come Over To My House EP

You’re in for a treat.

We’re fans of the Netflix series, The Get Down around here. If you’re not, you’re about to learn.

I’ve been a huge fan of the series since it’s release, but more so, since the end of the show, I’ve been following the rise of Herizen Guardiola, the Cuban/Jamaican singer/songwriter from Miami who played Mylene Cruz on the Netflix show.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 6.20.56 pm

Not only did her songs and performances on The Get Down have me hooked, as in I have them on majority of my playlists and listen to them weeklybut now so does her EP, Come Over To My House, which was released in October. The EP has plenty of variety, with slower tunes that really get you in your feelings, like Fragile Mind and Do What You Want To and then some harder hitting songs like RugGet High and my personal favourite, the title track, Come Over To My House. 

The EP is the sonic representation of running through the jungle, as Herizen has mentioned in a few interviews. Considering she escaped to Oregon, away from the city and the bustle, to record the EP, it makes heaps of sense. That kinda hits the nail on the head.

I mean, it kinda summarises the music video for the second single.



Like I mentioned, Come Over To My House is hands-down my favourite track on the EP. It’s so rustic and tribal, in the sense that all the sounds are so raw and unlike anything I’ve heard before. The production on the song is insane, and the tiny nuances and unexpected pockets really bring the entire song together.

And then there’s that drop about a minute into the song, where the chorus just hits you in the gut and you’re grooving without realising it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 6.32.57 pm

 I physically smiled listening to Paradise, the second song on the EP. Lyrically, it flows like a river so well, it’s almost silly. All the songs on the EP have insane break-downs or bass lines that make the entire record one cohesive piece. The drops in each song are unique enough to differentiate and form specific opinions about, but each individual song sounds like it’s part of a much large sonic story.

Another favourite is the first single from the EP, Social Jungle, which is basically a huge call out to the toxic environment in places like Los Angeles and New York, where young people can be taken advantage of. It doesn’t take a lot, just keeping an ear out for the lyrics, and you really find the core of the song. Herizen captures a picture of the ‘social jungle’ that I’m sure many people are more than very familiar with.

That said, feel free to have a boogie, I know I did.



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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