Moneylover // A Bold Entrance from Supergold

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A little while back I was put in contact with a relatively new Florida band, Supergold, who formed in December of 2017. Running their ship out of lead singer Alex Alston’s garage, the band is made up of Alex, Kyle Santiago, Tanner Collins, Dana Miral, Pablo Falcon and Christian Ballon. With the band playing 10-13 shows a month according to their website, they really run themselves hard, and it’s definitely a long awaited arrival to see a single come from the group.

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The single comes in the form of their debut song, Moneylover, which was released in late September this year, almost a year after the band’s formation. If you head to the press section of their website, their’s a quote at the top that kind of summarises their sound, or what we can hear of it so far, perfectly.

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When I first heard the single, the bass line and the smooth guitar definitely got me hooked. I won’t lie and say that the style of vocal performance is one I listen to all that commonly, but it seems to fit perfectly and Alex does a great job of tying the entire sonic into one great package. It’s this perfect blend of possibly The Strokes, David Bowie as mentioned before and the essential elements pulled from current and evolving indie rock bands at the moment.

I try not to share music that I don’t genuinely love, or give reviews for the sake of promoting music I don’t genuinely care about or enjoy, and I’ve found myself listening to Moneylover more and more since being sent the single. Fair enough, it took me a little while to click with it, but once you click, you’ve clicked for good.

Supergold seem like they’d be a great act to see live, which you can bet I’m gonna do if they ever head down to Australia. You can feel the energy that drives Moneylover, and if the rest of their set is anything like it, I’m sure it would be incredible. It’s not a song you could stand still to, it’s got this great driving beat that just requires you to dance. You can find Moneylover on my ‘summer to end all summers‘ playlist on Spotify.

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If there’s one thing that I love about up and coming bands, it’s the hard-work they put in, on and off the stage. While I was doing some research, I couldn’t help but notice how ridiculously good their website is, the sick merchandise, the constant roll of reviews and several radio features.

I was lucky enough to speak to Alex, the lead singer of Supergold and he was kind enough to answer some questions for me, hope you enjoy!!

How does it feel, finally having music out since forming a year ago?
It’s a huge weight off our shoulders, we put off the recording process for a few months after the band had started because we wanted to see if anyone would even enjoy the songs and after playing some shows we felt confident enough to step into the studio. Although we’ve been playing for 10 months, I consider us only a month old because, that’s how long the song has been out and the time spent previous was us just learning how to be a band together. When ‘Moneylover’ went live, I was nervous, it was our first impression and I wanted to make sure that we got it right.

I really love that comparison on your website from Wolfe Guitars, ‘If David Bowie and The 1975 had a baby, Supergold would be it’. How would you guys personally describe your sound?
We get asked that sometimes and I never really know how to answer, and it’s tough to answer when your in the band, because the sound comes out naturally (which I get is a total cop out answer haha). I will say that when we approach writing a song, there isn’t a specific sound in mind, or a certain sound or audience that we are trying to please. The only question we ask ourselves when a song is being written is ‘is this authentic and are we being honest?’ Whether that comes in the form of a more electronic song or an acoustic guitar tune or whatever, it just has to be real to us & what comes out is Supergold.

Are there any particular bands or artists your draw inspiration from?
I listen to tons and tons of bands. I’ve been listening to this one band out of England called ‘Sports Team’ I found them one day on Noisey & I listen to them almost every day. Whitney is another band I love, I named my dog after them. My biggest influence if probably Bowie, his stage presence, and how he never stuck to one sound and was constantly evolving his sound is something I hope we can emulate.

Alex, you spent some time playing in a few bands before Supergold came along, what made this particular band and this group of people work so well?
This project works so well because we are all trying to make this band our careers, we all have the same focus and we are all hard workers. There is hardly ever a dull moment with group everyone just had so much fun together, we’ve quickly become a family.

You guys a planning a tour, are there any dream gig venues you want to play either this time round or in the future?
We are planning on touring the west coast of the U.S. & will announce dates hopefully sooner than later. A dream gig for me is Terminal 5 in New York City. NYC is my favorite place in the world and if we played there, I’d melt.

When can we expect to hear Alligator, which you’ve been teasing recently?
So after the release of ‘Moneylover’ we realized, that the next single would have to come out pretty quickly, but we couldn’t decide on a date. So we decided that once we hit 250 Spotify followers, we’d release the song. It’s a little unorthodox but, I thought it would be fun to have everyone feel like they had a hand in when we released the song, and so far the response had been really great!

You guys seem to be performing back to back, you’ve got three more gigs left this month, how do you find the time to sit down to work on a song, get it recorded, perfect all the little details and still put on what seem to be such killer live shows?
I love every part of this band from doing the booking, to writing, to playing that I don’t even really think about trying to find the time to do things because it’s what I want to be doing all the time. I’m really happy when I’ve got thirty band-related things on my plate because there is nothing else I’d rather be doing with my time.

So there you go! Hopefully if not my huge push at the beginning of this post, then at least Alex’s amazing answers will convince you to go have a listen to Moneylover and check out Supergold. If you’re in the Florida area, they’ve got heaps of shows planned already.

Check out their upcoming shows HERE.

You can also find Supergold on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



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