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Once again, we’ve reached that time of the month where I freak out about how little time is left within the year and how fast 2018 has gone by. It’s also the time when I get to waste some time listening to even more music that I’ve already been obsessing over this month and share what I was particularly enjoying in November.

Here’s the songs that were on repeat this month.

THE ENTIRE ‘GLORY SOUND PREP’ ALBUM – Jon Bellion: Kids. Boys and girls. Gather around. I feel like I was more annoying than usual this month, purely because Jon Bellion released his album, Glory Sound Prep, on the 9th. The entire album is magical. I’ve heard some mixed reviews from people who are dedicated to the last few albums, but I love it. I woke up and listened to the entire album the morning it was released in my living room and was a crying mess by the end of it. The entire album is such a plethora of emotions and topics and nuances, it’s taken me several listens still, to try and wrap my head around it.

Crush Culture – Conan Gray: If ever there was a song to accurately describe my state of mind at any given time, it would be this song. I’ve spoken about Conan Gray before, he was one of the first artists I featured here on You Should Hear, so I’ve been keeping a steady eye on the pulse when it comes to Conan and his music. Crush Culture may be my favourite song from him yet. It’s such an anthem, and the music  video is ridiculously funny and beautifully shot at the same time. Conan’s entire aesthetic is so warm and soft and I reckon everyone should listen to this song.

Suncity – Khalid, Empress Of: This song from Khalid’s recent album in particular, caught my ear. You may or may not recall seeing Empress Of’s name on my blog a few times in the past, because I’m in love with her song Water Water. This song is also the exact vibe I was really loving this month, and I love this song. It’s great to listen to in the car, definitely recommend.

For How Long – RINI: Since seeing RINI live, I’ve only listened to his EP and his music even more. This song was one of my favourites after the EP launch, purely because of how involved he managed to get the audience, and it’s one of my favourite memories from the gig.

I Wish I Missed My Ex – Mahalia: I’ll admit, as much as I like Mahalia, I don’t generally go out of my way to listen to her music everyday as I do with some other artists, however, this song has been on repeat for me this month. It’s just the overall joyous nature of the song, the anthem-ic kind of refrain and chorus section.

Tints – Anderson. Paak, Kendrick Lamar: I can’t do this song justice without telling you to go watch the music video. So. Many. Layers. It’s like an onion. There’s so much more to this song that just listening to it, and .Paak’s done an incredible job unraveling it all, pairing the music video with the song and the lyrics, allowing you to really unpack this song visually. That too, the song is so funky.

thank u, next – Ariana Grande: Talk about a bounce back.

Somebody To Love – Queen: I saw Bohemian Rhapsody with my family at the start of the month, and while I’ve always loved this song, it’s never been at the top of my list of Queen songs, until now. For some reason, much like the pre and post-concert favourites, this song has been stuck in my head, played around the house and practically obsessed over, for the entire month. My family are starting to get sick of it while I can’t get enough. I question you as a person if you can stop yourself from singing along to this song.

Aphrodite – RINI: Another song I’ve been loving, but this has been one of my favourites since the EP was released late last month. The chorus just gets me in this one.

Another One Bites The Dust – Queen: Another favourite from the movie. It was one of the songs to fit into the film, obviously after the Live Aid performance. Rami Malek is next level in this film and this song really showcases it for me. It’s also a generally good song to sing/scream along to.

Caramelo Duro – Miguel, Kali Uchis: I definitely feel like I was a bit slow with the Miguel take-off, but every now and then I listen to one of his songs and find myself becoming obsessed with it. For a while it was Pineapple Skies, then it was Banana Clip, now it’s Caramelo Duro. Plus Kali Uchis features on it, and her voice is like velvet on this track, meaning she manages to keep up with Miguel perfectly.

Fake It – JOY. : Check out JOY. She’s insane. She’s got such a unique voice, and all her songs are this great balance of delicate and powerful all in one.

Navajo – Masego: I think I came across this song as I began my preparations for seeing Masego live in February. This song is ridiculously catchy. I love Masego’s production and use of samples, it always adds this extra texture to all of his songs, plus is voice is insanely smooth.

Bad Feeling – Joy Crookes : If you didn’t catch my post all about Joy Crookes, read up HERE, to find out how much I love this song and this singer.

Let It Happen – Tame Impala, Soulwax Remix: I think I found this remix after watching a Strawberry Fields after-movie from last year somewhere on YouTube. Since then it’s been a go to. I play it in the car. I used it to test out my new studio monitors. I play it at work. It’s a good one. Check it out, even the original is worth your time.

What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out – Gang Of Youths: God damn, this band. This band put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever been to, again, check out my post all about the concert for the full rundown.

Good Intentions – RINI: Just another RINI song. No big deal. By now, surely you’ve listened to some of his music? It’s honestly the best decision you’ll make. This song is fighting for it’s way to the top of my list of favourite RINI songs, might just get there.

Anywhere – Anderson. Paak, Snoop Dogg, The Last Artful, Dodgr: I had to Shazaam this song when it came on at work, because while I knew the artists straight away, I was so lost on the name of it. Probably not professional if a customer caught me dashing across the print music department with my phone outstretched towards the ancient radio to catch the song before it ended, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

That’s what I was loving this month! Let me know what you listened to in November, I’d love to know!



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5 thoughts on “November Tunes

    • YAY FOR CONAN! I was the exact same, seeing his EP on Spotify was such a moment for me just knowing how far he’s come and it’s such a beautiful record! x


  1. Omg I literally included I Wish I Missed My Ex in one of my music posts MONTHS ago. Our taste in music is so similar it’s scary sometimes, it’s like you’re in my brain – this is an amazing list! xx

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    • Dudeee I know!! I remember seeing it on there a little while back, I’ve been blasting it non-stop, such a good tune – and yes??? Our music taste is so similar despite how varied it is?? xx

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