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Hello friends! Today’s post is another Courtesy Of. I’ve been really trying to get as many people as I can included in these posts, because as much as I love rambling about my own musical tastes and interests of the month/week/day/minute, it’s always good to get a fresh perspective, and discover some new music myself.

So today’s Courtesy Of, is brought to you, courtesy of, Chloe Luna. Chloe is one of my most favourite people here on WordPress, and if you have yet to check out her blog, you’re missing out on some of the most beautiful, heartfelt, honest writing I’ve read in a long time. Definitely have a read.

get well soon – Ariana Grande: I have to admit. I didn’t listen to this song the most from the album, it was one of the songs I kinda skimmed over. But Goddamn do I regret that. I can’t believe I neglected this beautiful song. It’s such a cute song, and I am ever so grateful towards Chloe for including it on her list and putting me in check.

Fools – Madison Beer: I love me some Madison Beer. Love it. We’re huge Madison fans around here, and we can have a chat if you’d like to say anything negative towards her or her music. I’m always down. This song though. This song is one of her best in my opinion. In my opinion, the entire As She Pleases record is some of Madison’s best work.

134340 – BTS: Okay. This is where we divide slightly. I’ve never found myself on the K-Pop train. It’s difficult for me. But that said, I can totally understand why Chloe included this on her list. It’s a straight bop. Like everything I kinda look for in a song. Definitely check this song out.

Butterflies – Kacey Musgraves: Again, I feel like I should have listened to at least one Kasey Musgraves song, but alas, I’ve not, until I had a listen to this song. I totally understand the vibe though. I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to her music, but I can’t deny it’s good. Female Hunter Hayes in my mind.

Same Ol’ Mistakes – Rihanna: Rihanna does no wrong for me, and this song is no different. This song is so fluorescent, I love the entire vibe of this song, and while it’s not my favourite from the album, it’s definitely up there.

My Love Is Like A Star – Demi Lovato: No-one, on this earth, can say that Demi Lovato can’t sing. Because the girl can sing. Chloe and I have somewhat bonded over our love and adoration for Demi, especially when we were younger in high school. This song is so emotional, and her voice shines it this one.

Strings – Shawn Mendes: Ah we love some Handwritten Shawn Mendes. I remember listening to this song on repeat when this album came out. I’d love to see current Shawn sing this song again, I reckon he’d do it so well now. Super grateful, huge thanks to Chloe for including this song because I’ve re-added it to so many playlists.

The Palisades – Childish Gambino (& Christian Rich): Another artist Chloe and I have loved together, bonded over, spoken at lengths about, is Childish Gambino, so I can’t say I didn’t expect this artist on her list. She definitely chose a good song too.

MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) – BTS: Okay, holy shit this remix. Always a huge fan of Steve Aoki. Like I mentioned before, never listen to BTS, but I can totally see why this song is an absolute tune.

Monster Among Men – 5SOS: Okay, so the only songs from this album I’ve heard have been the ones I’ve heard from my sisters room, and I have slight regrets now. This song is good. Not my favourite 5SOS song, that’s reserved for 2014 5SOS, but I can get around this.

Clearly – Grace VanderWaal: Okay. So I only listened to this after seeing it on one of Chloe’s monthly roundups of music, and ever since, I have been obsessed. I obviously knew who Grace was before hearing the song, I mean it was hard to escape her for a little while last year, even here in Australia, but I haven’t exactly kept tabs on her music since then. So I was super interested to here her cover of this song and I was incredibly surprised and impressed. The song is beautiful. Grace’s voice is amazing and it’s the perfect song to lift your spirits and empower you, all the while feeling like this really magical, ethereal piece of music that Grace fronts perfectly. Definitely give this one a listen, it’s one of my favourites on this list.



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9 thoughts on “Courtesy Of: Chloe Luna

  1. Ahhhh this made me SO excited omg, I love hearing your opinions on things !! Also, thank you so much for the lovely words you ANGEL 💞 you know you’re one of my favourite people here too.

    Fools is probably my favourite Madison song, there’s just something about it that’s so…summery yet dark at the same time? I don’t know, when you first play it and the tune kicks in I’m like hell yes I’m here for it.

    Kacey Musgraves is someone I got into because her and Harry did a duet of “You’re Still The One” by Shania Twain at one of his shows (one of my favourite ‘older’ songs EVER) and it was weird because I’d been wanting to hear him sing that song for a while and then suddenly he did and I was like ????? Anyway I discovered her through him because she was the support act for his tour, and once I began listening to her album I fell in love. It was Summer at the time and everything she sings is just so summery and dreamy – so calming and beautiful, I was like wow. She definitely is like the female version of Hunter Hayes, I’ve really began giving a lot more time to country music this year because it reduces my anxiety so much and it really is beautiful when you take the time to actually appreciate it.

    Strings is my favourite Shawn song EVER and Same Ol’ Mistakes is my second favourite from ANTI after Consideration, which is probably my favourite song of all time in terms of actual musical sound (with no emotional meaning).

    The best 5SOS song from Youngblood is either Talk Fast or Moving Along (probably Talk Fast) so try those if you the best of the best from that album.

    KPOP is a weird one for me, I only started getting into it at the beginning of this year because like so many others I thought it was just this weird obsession 14 year olds had with bubblegum pop music, but once I actually began looking into it I was so wrong. I literally fell in love with it straight away, there was no stopping it. I think above everything else (though of course I really love the music) it’s the people, they make me so, so happy. It’s different from our culture and I don’t know, these KPOP idols just bring me so much happiness and the groups as a whole just make me smile so much, they’re the loveliest people with the best humour and they’re all just so….I don’t know. Pure? Nice? Wonderful? But never fake. It’s not fake, it’s just how it is. It’s a hard one to describe but I feel like once you get it and the penny drops then there’s no escaping it, it might sound silly but I’m so glad I found KPOP (or that KPOP found me as I sometimes put it) because it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me in terms of mental health and my happiness, because the people in it truly are some of the most wonderful in the world.

    I LOVED THIS POST and thank you so much for asking me to take part!!! xxxx

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it – thank you SO MUCH for sharing your favourites with my Chloe!!! I can’t begin to tell you how long this post took me to write, purely because of the rabbit hole I found myself falling down each time I went to listen to a new song, whether I already knew it or not. It was one of my favourite Courtesy Of’s, thank you thank you thank!! xx

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