Need You, A Statement By Feather Touch

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Sometimes I’m ever so fortunate to get an interview with an incredible artist or band. I’ve done a few really interesting interviews, and recently I was given the opportunity to chat with Lachie David aka Feather Touch, about his recent single Need You.


Need You’s been out for a little over a month, how do you feel about having it out, now that everyone’s hearing it, how’s the response been?

Yeah, it’s been just over a month so it’s pretty new, but it’s been awesome. I’ve been really excited about how many people have been interested in it. Most importantly though it’s always most exciting to get friends and family to hear it and to finally be able to play it after telling them about it and playing them snippets for so long. It’s been really exciting to finally be able to show them the finished product. I’ve been really, really ecstatic with just how far it’s gone and all the different places that it’s turned up.

Where have you found it?

Overseas blogs, it’s been played on a whole bunch of radio stations across the country, which is just awesome and people who’ve supported me before like Joy FM in Melbourne, they’ve gotten back on board with my stuff which is always great.

The River, which you released last year did pretty well. They’re pretty different songs I guess, between The River and Need You. You’ve put your vocals on this recent track compared to when you had a feature singer on The River, what led you to make that decision?

Well, I wanted to be more confident. Aeora, who I had on The River has an amazing voice and it’s easy not to be over confident when you’re sitting next to someone with such an good voice, but I think the intent for Feather Touch has always been to be able to do songs off my own bat as well as well as featuring people so I figured it was really time to step out and own that. With Need You it’s the most I’ve ever really tried to embody being that leading pop singer on a dance song, so it was the one that felt right to me to kind put it out and showcase what I can do. Yeah, I think I’m really happy with it! It’s always a nervous moment when you put it out to the world.

Was it something that made you nervous, being the first time?

Yeah I think I was more nervous after The River because I used to sing and play in bands a lot back in the day, but I’d never sung over an electronic production, so you just have to be able to pitch your voice differently and you can’t rely on other things to cover up for it as much. So I think I was a bit more nervous after The River and this one I just really tried to own it and approach it with a bit of confidence. I definitely do a lot more with my voice in Need You than I do in The River.

I also wanna talk about the genre, ‘tropicalpyso’ disco? I’m so intrigued by it because I’ve never heard of it before but it kind sums up the sound so perfectly, but I don’t know what it is, so please tell me about it!

So effectively I didn’t kinda describe my sound for a long time and my cousin had his 21st birthday and he decided to have a ‘tropicalpyso disco’ theme, and I finally had a word to describe the way my music sounds so that’s where it comes from. So yeah, I really try and make sure I have a really summer feel to my music, it’s important to me that you can move to it. Even before, a lot of my older music, there’s always been a real tropical feel and theme to all of it, I think it’s just a beautiful couple of genres of music and you can’t go wrong.

Along that vein, you mentioned that you were pretty surprised by how much of a pop song this release turned into, were you initially feeling a different vibe or direction or did you just let it pan out the way it did during the production process

I think I always kinda get surprised by any song that I write that ends up being really really poppy, just because it doesn’t always come naturally, but I’m in no way disappointed that it happened. I’m always someone who doesn’t really think about what I want to make when I’m making a song, I just start doing things and see what happens. So that’s why I think I’m always surprised when it comes out like a pop song, because with that approach, you’re kind just putting things together, pop is so structured, there so many elements that you kinda have to think about it ahead of time and sometimes when you’re just pulling things together as you go it doesn’t always come through, but it was by no means disappointing, I mean I love pop music, so that was really cool. I think I’m just someone who feels when I’m writing a song I’m as much trying to do justice to the song that I can hear, I don’t really feel I’m trying to pull it to a genre, I don’t really know where it’s coming from.

I feel like, especially Need You, since that is the song of the moment, you’ve got great songs to perform live, not just from an audience point of view but from your point of view also, have you got any live performances lined up any time soon to get that going?

Yeah absolutely, I’m currently hosting a live space in my studio so towards the end of the year I’m gonna do another show through that, and that’s basically intimate gigs that are also live-streamed gigs. Because it’s been so busy, I haven’t had much time to line up as many shows as I’d have liked, but definitely planning to take this on the road, I have a few more songs up my sleeve so keen to get them out. I definitely plan to take it to as much of Australia as possible.

I was doing some digging, and you shared a song on tripleJ Unearthed a few years ago called Jisas, it’s got a really cool Rudimental, Duke Dumont type of vibe to it. How much personally, do you reckon your style and sound have chance from Jisas to Need You?

A lot haha. I think the thing that ties it all together is that genre, which you can still feel present there. And I think when I pulled together Jisas there was also another song, Anything Goes that also got picked up on tripleJ Unearthed, and I really love where those songs headed but I was still surprised again that they came from a sample based state so I’ve kinda had that avalanche of pulling a story together from different samples and it’s not something I’d expected to write, but I love that it happened. With Feather Touch I’ve always wanted to get it to a place where I was doing the lyrics myself and doing the vocals and that sort of thing, so I think there’s a lot tying it together but I think the big difference between them is the support I had from Haxx who’s doing the production, it just makes everything a lot more polished in terms of the production. The other stuff I was putting out was definitely a lot more DIY and I really enjoyed being able to kinda take my vision to where I’d have liked it to go!

You managed to combine a really great commercial sound with that heavy dark bass which I guess drives the song into the club-based dance type of genre, so was that intentional or was it something that came out of the collaboration with Haxx?

Yeah it definitely, you’ve got elements of music that he does and fortunately for me I happen to love all the music that he works on. I really love that ability that he’s got to make sure that it’s got the elements you need to ensure that dance feel to it, but also the genre bending stuff that he’s able to do, which makes things more interesting than having a 120bmp dance song and being able to switch it up and do things differently. That really suits the music that I like to make, and you can hear it coming through. I’d been looking for someone to be my other half in the music sense, and it really feels like working with him I’ve been able to find that.

You mentioned that you’ve got some new songs up your sleeve. Can we expect any more in the coming months or you working on an EP?

At this stage I’ve still working out if they’re gonna be individual releases or an EP, so I can’t give too much away on that front! But I definitely have a couple of songs already ready to go. Early next year there’ll be plenty of music to dive into.

So I have one last question, You Should Hear is all about sharing music that deserves to be heard, so what’s one song you think everyone should hear, that doesn’t necessarily get the recognition it deserves?

That’s a great question. I’d love to say Over and Out by Sparrows which is currently killing it all over the place so unfortunately I don’t think I can say that because it’s definitely getting the recognition it deserves. There’s actually an old song from when I play in band days by a band called Young Lovers, called Talking In French. That song was the soundtrack for a lot of summers for me and I don’t think I saw it pop up anywhere outside of my playlist but I think it definitely deserves it!

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 6.22.08 pm

I love chatting to new artists, and this was a super fun interview with Lachie! Hope you all got to know him a little better, let me know what you thought in the comments!

Make sure to follow Feather Touch on all the socials, and keep up to date so you’re as ready as I am for the new music.




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