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Hello friends and welcome to another post!

These last few weeks have been absolutely fab and they’re about to get fab-ber. The incredible Mia has been in my city for a few weeks now and we’ve been having a great time. A sesh or two, saving each other from boring social outings and spending money on online stores in preparation for music festivals, it’s all been happening.

Through all the stuff that’s been going on, I managed to grab her top ten favourite songs at the moment, which she was more than happy to send to me, so here they are!


thank u, next – Ariana Grande: What a big, fat, yes. This song has been everything these past few weeks, and I’m loving how much support and appreciation it’s received since it’s release, and I’m very thankful to Mia for including this song as No. 1 on her list.

Someone New – Hozier: Anyone who doesn’t think Hozier is out here writing bops, hasn’t heard this song. I feel like I’m driving in the middle of the American middle east with the gal pals on a road trip across the country in a montage of a coming of age Netflix movie.

Deadcrush – alt-J: Now I listen to a little bit of alt-J. But not enough that I knew this song when I read it on Mia’s list that she texted me. I’d like to send Mia a huge flying kiss of thanks for introducing it to me. It’s super climactic while not doing all that much and I definitely appreciate it. Great for driving or even running if for some you reason you choose to run.

Big God – Florence + The Machine: If you didn’t know that Mia loves Florence + The Machine by now, now you know. I can’t say I wasn’t expecting a Florence + The Machines song, but I wasn’t sure which one I’d get. This is definitely a great one. It’s typical F+TM, takes a little while to build up arc, but once it does it’s truly cinematic.

Forever and Ever More – Nothing But Thieves: I’ve never listened to a song by Nothing But Thieves until I listened to this one, and I’m a bit peeved off, because this is incredible.

Don’t Touch My Hair – Solange Knowles: This. Song. Slaps. I will forever be an advocate for Solange Knowles and the masterpiece of an album that received not even a quarter of the recognition or admiration it deserved. Although after a particular conversation with Mia about her a hair and a backpacker’s opening remarks about her hair, the title of this song makes me giggle.

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters: Holy moly this song violently throws me back to my childhood. This song is such a great song to have a guilty pleasure boogie to, if you’ve somehow never heard it, definitely get around it. If happiness was an audible sound, it would probably sound like this song.

There Goes Our Love Again – White Lies: Again, another song I have to admit I’ve never heard. Super grateful to Mia for introducing me to a few new incredible songs, this being one of them. Such a good summer song, definitely adding it to the road-trip playlist. I can understand why Mia included this one on her list.

Hold My Hand – Jess Glynne: Another song that is just audible happiness. Such a cute song. The chorus just forces you to kind of bop along, even sing a few lines. Jess Glynne is a super star.




And there you have it!! Another Courtesy Of, this time courtesy of the one and only, Mia! Make sure you check out here incredible blog HERE, she’s everything I want to be when I grow up.

Let me know if you love any of the songs or what your favourite songs are at the moment!



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6 thoughts on “Courtesy Of: Supergal Mia

  1. Oh my god, two of my favourites!! How did I not see this sooner. I seriously need to get my shit together in 2019, I’ve been so behind on reading posts. Anyway, this is a great selection of songs, I love that Hoizer and Alt-j is in there. If you still want to feature me in this series, I’d be happy to send you ten of my favorite songs at the moment. (hehehe) Anyway, wishing you all the best for the next year! I hope you know I’ve been in love with your content this past year and can’t wait to read everything you come up with in the future xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of course I want to feature your songs Fiona!! Thank you so much for the support in 2018, Same to you, your blog has been and will continue to be one of my favourites! Xxx


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