March Tunes

Hello hello everyone and welcome to another monthly tunes!! These are one of my favourite posts to write because I get to listen back to my 365//2019 playlist and see what additions I’ve made over the month, what songs I’ve been enjoying most and share them all with you!

I also should give you all some updates!

  • Uni has definitely kicked into gear and is lighting a bit of a fire under me, so I’m currently moving into second gear to make my third year worth it and get some things done.
  • Hoping to release some new music as well! My friend who produces my music is also at uni, so finding time between out schedules has been the biggest hurdle this semester, but we’re hoping to get some solid work done soon – if you’re not following my personal Instagram (@priya_francis) which is linked below, definitely do so you can hear when anything new comes out!
  • I’m starting my placement!! I managed to secure an internship at Beat Magazine, an amazing music magazine here in Melbourne that I’ve literally been reading for years! I actually start that tomorrow so fingers crossed it goes well!

But anyway, this post is about the tunes I was listening to during March. It was a great month for music for me personally, so there are some great songs on this list!

So let’s begin!

Sucker – Jonas Brothers: Clearly everyone and their mum heard about this. The time the world collectively lost their minds at the reunion of the Jonas Brothers. That too, a reunion marked with the release of this absolute tune of a song. It’s such a strong entry back into the charts and the music industry for the trio, they’ve definitely put the right foot forward. Partnered with the insane music video that came out with it featuring the respective wives of each brother, it was the best thing to come out of the month for me. I was instantly thrown back to going to the cinema and watching The Jonas Brothers Live tour movie in 3D as a lil gal.

Everyday – Elijah Blake: This song is something. Elijah has such a great voice, but the ambience and the tension within this song had me hooked instantly. Then the chorus kicks in and it’s so minimal but incredibly strong and I could just listen to this, everyday.

Belief (Live At Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles) – John Mayer: A new addition to the 365//2019 playlist, was definitely more John Mayer in preparation for seeing him this month! Expect the blog post to come soon, because you all know how hyped up I’ve been for this concert. I’m actually writing this post the day before I go, so I can only hope it’ll be amazing. Fingers crossed.

dear marie, i’d love to meet your mum – Cody Simpson: My friend Amy recommended me this song and I gave it a listen while we were away in Rye last month. Make sure you check out the blog post for that trip HERE. Cody Simpson has done some growing, my friends. I remember all the music he released around five or six years ago, because I used to listen to it with my friends, but it didn’t last long for me. Now he’s released this new stuff and I can confidently get around it. This song in particular was perfect for driving down the road next to the beach on the way to some rock-pools. So calming and ethereal. Some major John Mayer vibes here as well.

Confidently Lost – Sabrina Claudio: I added this song after one of my close friends told me he thought I’d enjoy it and I got super excited that someone else I knew was listening to Sabrina finally, and more than that, thought of me???? There’s nothing I love more than when people think of me while listening to music and let me know. It’s happened with Summer Walker, Bruno Major,  Kehlani, and Declan McKenna, but Sabrina Claudio has definitely been one of the best. Especially because this is one of my favourite songs by her.

MIDDLE CHILD – J. Cole: This. Song. I don’t know how anyone can have anything bad to say about Cole. He sticks to himself, absolutely kills the game, no features, he just produces and delivers time after time and this time is no different. Whoever the producers are working with him, deserve mad props. I actually looked it up, and it’s a duo of J. Cole and T-Minus on this track, T-Minus who’s worked with the likes of Drake, Kendrick, Nicki, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Big Sean and heaps more. Explains a lot.

Glory – Dermot Kennedy: Still on my Dermot grind. Such a soulful, strong, powerful voice. I can’t get over it. I’ve genuinely never heard a voice like his, it’s so distinct and his songs are all beautiful, especially this one. I saw him live at Falls Fest, which you can read about HERE, and featured one of his songs on my January Tunes, so safe to say, three months later I’m still loving the man.

Skeletons – Yeah Yeah Yeahs: I don’t know man, this song just does it for me. Ever since I heard it for the first time two years ago in the Before I Fall soundtrack, I’ve been completely and utterly obsessed with it. I mean, Yeah Yeah Yeahs release an absolute banger like Heads Will Roll, but then deliver such atmospheric beauty and transcendence with a song like this. This song genuinely leaves me feeling like I’m floating while listening to it. It’s the most calming song to listen to ever, and I’ve found myself doing so a ton this month, often while driving, or at the end of the day, just laying on my bed.

Freaking Out – Spencer Sutherland: Spencer Sutherland has been on my radar for a little while. His videos pop up on my YouTube suggestions often, and they’re all really good, the directive style is really quirky and different to anything I’ve seen. I’d definitely recommend watching the Sweater music video. Song wise, this song in particular is right up my alley and I went and added it to my Spotify playlist straight after hearing it. Spencer has an incredible voice, he’s sure to pick up some attention and gain some traction soon. Just wait.

Just Friends – Hayden James, Boy Matthews: This song has been a favourite this entire year. Can’t count the times I’m mentioned it or featured it in a playlist of some sort. It’s just a completely different type of vibe for me, Hayden James nails it with this song. The contrast between the verses and the chorus are so distinct yet it leaves you waiting to vamp and amp the song up yourself. Couldn’t recommend this song more.

BITCH (takes one to know one) – Lennon Stella: Lennon Stella is quickly becoming one of the biggest young voices in the music industry, I’m telling you now. She’s making huge moves continuously, and this is no different. The tone of this song, the punch in production value, the music video, her voice, everything about this song is so spot on. She hyped this one heaps on social media, I’m very close to buying a pair of BITCH socks my dudes.

Love Language – Kehlani: Kehlani’s While We Wait mixtape has been nothing but blessing after blessing and I’m really taking my time going through and picking it apart. At the moment this is the one I’m really loving. It’s so interesting in terms of musicality and sounds but I love it a lot, it seems perfect for where Kehlani is at this point in time, with a baby on the way, taking it a bit slow, sharing her spirituality and pregnancy journey with her fans, it all just seems to work.

Barbie Dreams – Nicki Minaj: My cousin requested this song on a drive to the beach this month and holy moly we went off. There’s something about this song that makes you feel so powerful. I think it’s in that guitar sample that just runs throughout the entire thing. Add to it that she literally comes for everyone in this song, calls out whoever she wants with no remorse or regret, it’s hard to feel weak or sensitive while listening to this song. Changed the dynamic of the car ride completely for the better.

GIRL – Maren Morris: Loved watching Maren Morris live when she opened for Niall Horan last year, and I’ve been keeping my eye on her all this time, she’s obviously killing it with the success of The Middle in the charts still and with award circuit, but I was waiting for some of her own music and she definitely delivered. This song comes from her album by the same name, and I felt like adding this song in particular to the 365 playlist specifically because it’s the title track and it definitely encompasses the entire mood of the album for me. I also really enjoy the country vibe of it that melts really well into the commercial pop sound she’s sprinkled in there. This is a great song.

Just A Girl – No Doubt: I included this song purely because of the Captain Marvel soundtrack and losing my cool in the cinema when this song came on. It was the perfect song for the movie and fit perfectly into the scene. Kate and I got super excited when it came on, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it came out, in the car, in my room, in the kitchen, at the gym, on the way to uni. It’s been a definite soundtrack for this month.


So there we have it! That’s what I was listening to in the month of March. What were you listening to? I’d love to know so let me know in the comments! Also make sure to check out my Spotify, heaps of playlists to keep you busy.



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10 thoughts on “March Tunes

  1. Sucker is SUCH a good song, I also still can’t believe you’re seeing Mr Mayer live, I’m so jealous. The Nokia Theatre lives will always be some of my favourites, I always end up going back to them! Spencer was on the UK X Factor which is how I got into him, I liked his music straight from the get go!

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    • HOW GOOD??? Hahahaha omg no girl, hype it all you want, so deserved that man is an absolute master-mind!! Imagine a gambino and cole collab tho??? xx


  2. Being in uni is no easy feet …congratulations on your placement i hope you have an amazing time there …you could do a post on it …*wink wink*
    And so true about going back to 365 playlist for the year to share what you’ve been jamming to

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