Hey Billie Eilish … Calm Down Please x

So we’ve had some time to marinate in the absolute sauce that is WHEN WE ALL FOR ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? and I feel like I can confidently say we’re all just basking in how amazing it is?

Like Billie said she’d deliver, and she came through. Sorry, Billie and Finneas came through and delivered one of the most streamed albums of the year so far. Literally, nearly every single song on that album was charting the week it was released.

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The fact that !!!!!!! (boy you do not know how hard it was counting those exclamation points) is only 13 seconds long? Love that. Love it. It confused me at first, but now I can basically quote the 13 second Invisalign monologue by heart. And I love how it just jumps straight into bad guy, which is one of my favourite songs off the entire album.

This song had me hooked from the second it started. It had my jaw on the floor and my head bopping up and down the entire time. It’s such a bop but it’s an intricate bop. There’s so many layers to this song, especially vocally, and all of it combines to create this really unique sound that I haven’t really heard before, which is what I think contributes to how much this album exploded.

xanny is another one of my favourites. I kinda overlooked it at first, but one of my friends mentioned that it was her favourite of the album, so I returned to it and now I’m loving it so much. Every time I listen to it I pick up on something new in the lyrics to be amazed at. I can imagine this absolutely blowing the lid of a stadium when she takes this on tour. She better.

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you should see me in a crown doesn’t even need a bit. A banger. A bop. A hard, hitting, slap.

all the good girls go to hell is another song I kinda shamefully overlooked, cos I felt like I’d heard it before. The piano really threw me off for some stupid reason, but it literally only took one more listen for me to restore my senses. Her vocals in this song are so clean and crisp.

wish you were gay is a great song. Not my favourite, but it’s definitely not a bad song by any means. I love the backing vocals in this song and the nursery rhyme kinda of vibe they have, especially during the verses. The chorus is also one I can imagine going off during an arena tour.

when the party’s over makes me emo. I don’t know what it is about this album, but again, I didn’t really grasp the emotion or the intent behind the song until a second listen. I think it was because I was so caught up in listening to her vocal performance and the production when I first listened to it, that I never really took in the lyrics, which for me are the best part of the entire song. They’re so beautiful and vulnerable and I love how open it is.


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I really like 8. It’s so simple and sweet but it’s such a sad song. The vocal mixing and the production is so perfect and it works really well with the lyrics.

my strange addiction made me scream, purely hearing The Office being sampled throughout it. It’s got a really groovy synth bass line that’s super bouncy and I can definitely get around it. The melody in the chorus is also insanely catchy, and this song was stuck in my head hours after listening to the album.

Obviously you then have bury friend which kinda kicked the whole aesthetic of the album into second gear. I think the more and more I listen to the album, the more I’ll be able to bring some of the other songs up to this level. At the moment this song and bad guy are so far up on my favourites list, it’s not even funny, it’s kinda disrespectful.

ilomilo is an interesting one. Probably my least favourite song out of the album. Again, not a bad song at all, it just doesn’t stick in my mind as distinctly as the other songs do.

listen before i go nearly made me cry when I first heard it. The first line is so ridiculously sad, and it’s hard to fathom that someone so young could pen these type of lyrics. I desperately want to do a cover of this song.


Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 10.53.19 pm.png

Another tear-jerker. i love you is another beautiful song, but one of my favourite parts is undeniably how distinct Finneas’ voice is in it. Their voices gel and blend so well together and this song is a great example of it.

goodbye gave me shivers the first time I heard the vocal harmonies. Such a fitting song for the last track of the album. I love how she managed to weave the rest of the songs from the album into the final song, I got major Jon Bellion, Hand Of God – Outro vibes from it because he does it in that song as well. It’s something I’ve always admired and I love when artists mesh their songs into one another. She’s done it before when she references Ocean Eyes, one of her first songs, in you should see me in a crown so goodbye just seems like the perfect way to wrap up the album.



But I’m not done. I think one of the most crucial parts, one of the biggest assets to the entire album, one of the reasons the album is as good as it is, is Finneas. If you aren’t aware of Finneas, Billie’s older brother, he’s the other half of the team that’s really built this artist and all these songs from the ground up. I probably can’t really do Finneas justice or explain his process or his thoughts, so I highly recommend watching the video below. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the album. Let me know in the comments below!



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