Nick Lopez // One To Keep An Eye On

Hello everyone! Today’s post is going to be dedicated to a singer/songwriter who genuinely excites me, Nick Lopez.

I’d initially heard of Nick through Justin Escalona’s Daily Docs, which is how I also came to discover Christian French, so when I was given the opportunity to chat to Nick about his latest single, Posters, a song that’s been over a year in the making, I couldn’t pass it up.

Posters Cover.JPG

Posters is a song that perfectly slips into that cruise-y, atmospheric pop sound, as does a lot of other songs Nick as released. The story behind the song, which features LA singer Dominique, is equally as beautiful. “It’s about missing someone important to you, and “making friends” with things that remind you of them”, according to Nick.

The song is the product of a completely new and fresh collaboration for Nick. “Me and Dominique were introduced at an event and we set up a writing session
with one of my favourite producers Midi Jones. The first time we ever worked
together we made this song!”

“It was a duet from the get go. I knew it felt right.”

Nick is no stranger to the music scene though. Having written for artists like Lady Gaga, ASTN, Annie LeBlanc and You Should Hear favourite, Christian French, it’s always a little different releasing music for himself. “Releasing my own music is great because I am in complete control and people are fully aware that it’s me who wrote the song, but I also love writing with up and comers like Chris and many others because they are so talented and bring their own unique abilities and vision into the session.”

Nick Press 1

However, his experience means he’s already a professional at pulling together these contagious songs that stick in your head, garnering himself fans all over the world.

His 2016 single Pink Champagne found huge success in China, and finally getting to go over there was an experience in itself for the LA artist. “Most insane experience of my life. Every teenager in the country knows that song. You walk around the mall and hear it playing, in restaurants, bars, on the radio, everyone knows it. They freak out when they realise it’s me haha. I can’t wait to go back.”

Posters is a step away from the upbeat pop track however, and Nick describes the sound perfectly. “It’s a lot more mature in my opinion, it’s also the first “moody” song I’ve ever
made, it’s slower, more emotional, less mainstream pop.” The maturity of the song really makes the lyrics stand out with this song, and it’s something Nick is excited for fans to hear.

Nick Press 2

You can stream Posters HERE, and make sure to follow Nick on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube!



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