June Tunes

Hello friends. I hope you’ve all had a great month. I know I had a pretty decent June. I finished up uni for the semester, submitted my last assignment, wrote a bunch of new songs (released a new one too) got to hang out with my friends, PLUS, discovered a bunch of new songs obviously.

Here’s what I was listening to in June.

Never Say Die – CHVRCHES: So I’m only slightly sorry for getting in the mosh pit and passionately yelling out this band’s name, pronouncing the ‘V’ clear as day at Falls Festival at the start of the year/end of last year. Since getting to hear them at the festival I’ve been hearing them around more and more, and this song stuck out to me this month as I got to hear it heaps on the radio at work.

The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala: I had a 21st this month, where the playlist included some of the grooviest tunes ever, including this one. I’ve always known Tame Impala, purely because Kevin is a genius, but up until now I’ve never had a favourite song. This song is forever stuck in my head since hearing it at the party. It’s such a good tune.

Sally -Thundamentals, Mataya: This is another song I heard at work, as soon as I heard it I had to find out what it was, and I was only slightly surprised that it was Thundamentals. It’s such a groovy tune, very old school, which is what hooked me in straight away.

Confidence – Ocean Alley: For the last six or seven months now, my friend Daniel and I have been performing acoustic covers as well as a couple of originals at a bar and beer garden in our area where a bunch of uni students hang out, and this was added to the list this month. It’s proved popular, for obvious reasons. It was No. 1 on the Triple J Hottest 100 for 2018, so there’s that.

The Maze – Manchester Orchestra: I’d like to proclaim this song my discovery of the month. It’s been a long, long time since a song has moved me as much as this song did. Think Sleep On The Ground by The Lumineers, or I Need You by M83, but super raw and rustic in the best way possible. I’d like to thank The Society for bringing this song into my life.

Parachute – AM!R: Speaking of Netflix shows that deliver amazing music, On My Block gave me this absolute stellar. It’s definitely on the smoother, RnB side of things, but it’s perfect for the show, and it really hits you in the gut when it gets into the swing of it.

Compromise. – Phony Ppl: I found this song while watching the NPR Tiny Desk episode this band did. Such a funky band, this song has Earth, Wind & Fire potential, I’m telling you. Watch out.

Washed Out – The Grogans: I got to interview these dudes to a magazine I write for, and they were the coolest guys ever. Literally like talking to some mates from high school. Funnily enough, we discovered that I actually did a class with one of them at their school where I attended an extra class in 2014-2015. This song is keeping me going until Summer, and if you’re looking for some incredible surf-rock, infused with a decent dose of reggae and blues, check out The Grogans.

Window To The Sky – Kim Churchill: Again, I got to see Kim Churchill live to review the show for the magazine, and despite not being too familiar with him before picking up the piece, I left the show totally in love. He literally sat on stage playing the harmonica, the guitar, a kick drum and a tambourine pedal all on his own. Oh, and singing like an angel.

Hold Me Back – Hayden James, Boy Matthew: Hayden James finally dropped his album, and he did not disappoint. He’s featured Boy Matthew on heaps of his songs, and I love the guys vocals, so this one was sure to deliver, and deliver it did. Such a great tune, I’ve been blasting this while getting ready for a night out, or while cleaning my room, while making breakfast, really I’ve just been playing this song nonstop.

Want Me Back – BENEE: Another favourite here on the blog, BENEE released this in preparation for her EP which is finally, finally coming out. I’ve literally been waiting for this since she released Tough Guy last year. This song is such a step away from her bass heavy, alternative RnB/pop singles she’s released, and I’m loving it. It’s still cohesive with the rest of the songs she has out, but it’s very different and I’m obsessed.

Better – Mac Ayres: Again, the favourites really pulling through this month. Mac Ayres released Better, and I’m even more in love with his voice than I already was. That’s about it.

Rolling Into One – Jordan Rakei: Jordan Rakei. Jordan, Jordan, Jordan. Rakei also released an album, after much waiting, and he’s really pulled through. Jordan’s one of the most talented musicians I can think of, and this entire album is like all of his talent and skill and funk rolled into one. Definitely check out Jordan and his album, Origins. It’s filled with amazing songs, but Rolling into One is my personal favourite.

Baby, Baby, Baby – Aretha Franklin: A classic. An absolute gem. I rediscovered this song again, through The Society. I love this song so much. Such a smooth track, and Aretha’s voice plus the harmonies in the back can do no wrong. Continuously in awe of this woman.


It’s not really part of the favourites cos while I’m a narcissist, I can read a situation, but I thought I’d include a special lil tune that came out this month…mine!

SAME WINE (1).png

My second single for the year, Same Wine, came out in June on the 21st, and I’ve been so grateful for all the friends, especially those of you gems from my blogging family, who’ve shared the song, passed on their love for it and been so supportive towards me. If you’d like to listen to Same Wine, you can stream it on Spotify, SoundCloud and literally everywhere else!!

That’s my June Tunes!! I hope you enjoyed this post – let me know if you discovered any new faves from the list!



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6 thoughts on “June Tunes

  1. Wow, you’ve had such a fulfilling month and all that new music plus your own! And omg, I just listened to your song, you are so freaking talented! I can’t wait to see your name in headlights one day! 😊

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  2. How did I NOT know you had a new single out this month?! Just had a listen and I’m absolutely obsessed, I swear you just get better and better. Guess what’s going to be making an appearance in July’s music post… (since I just posted my June one which is so annoying). I always get such a proud and happy feeling when I’m driving to work or somewhere and you come on shuffle, you are SO amazing. Also, I haven’t heard many of these songs so I’ll deffo be checking them out !! Great post as always Priya xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tame Impala are fucking brill! The less I know the better is such a great tune 😀 also, gonna repeat myself here but only just got a chance to give same wine a proper listen and IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD!!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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