July Tunes

Hello friends. Hope you’re all well.

I’m not going to bore you with all the blab about how phenomenal the month of July was for new music discoveries, so let’s just get into what I was listening to and loving this month.

Cherry Hill – Russ: So I feel like I’ve heard this song before finding it this month, but I rediscovered it in On My Block, the Netflix series I binged. I’ve also heard of Russ before, but I never ever got around to actually listening to much of his music, however I’ve found a favourite in this song.

Just Friends (Sunny) – Musiq Soulchild: This is a song I’ve been meaning to get around to for a long long time. My friend Daniel has constantly suggested we perform a cover of it and I finally remembered to listen to it earlier this month. This song is everything good about RnB, it’s 2000s RnB in a nutshell and I’ve been bumping this song all through July.

Overdue – Ojikae: I discovered Ojikae in my email Inbox, and I instantly fell in love with this song from the Melbourne sing. He has another tune, Ex, which I’ve also been loving. Like the previous song, it’s everything I love about RnB. Also, this boys vocals? Insanity.

Would I Lie To You – Charles & Eddie: This song came on the radio while I was in the car with my Dad and I instantly recognised the chorus as a sample that’s used in one of my favourite songs for the gym, Would I Lie To You, but a remixed version by John Gibbons. If you need something to pump you up, I recommend that version, but if you’re a stickler for the originals, the Charles & Eddie version is just as good in my opinion, if not, better.

Love For Me – Empress Of: I discovered this song by an artist I already loved while watching the Netflix original, Trinkets, and it was this one. I shamzaam’d it so quick, but I wasn’t surprised in the slightest when I saw who it was by. She always delivers really subtle bangers.

D’Evils – SiR: My cousin introduced me to this song while we were driving to a concert and I immediately requested she add it to my yearly playlist, 365 /// 2019. As I’m writing this I’m realising there’s a lot of incredible RnB in this months favourite tunes, and I’m not mad in the slightest. This song definitely falls under that category.

Come Together – The Beatles: This song. This song. This song has been the bane of my existence this month. I have a upcoming gig that would have been over and done with by the time this is posted, either that or currently going on, and this song got the vote from all three other members of the band. It’s a classic, a favourite. However. The lyrics are absolute gibberish. Nonsense. I’ve had the hardest time learning these lyrics and memorising the words, but fingers crossed I’ve got there.

Mind Playing Tricks On Me – Geto Boys: Another song from another Netflix series, this time from Hip Hop Evolution. Admittedly, I did watch the series in the wrong order, hence by Texas rap came up in the first episode, but I’m glad I got to find this song. It sounds like something I would have heard when I was super young, and I’ve loved playing this song in the car all month long.

Back To Life – Fergus James: I heard this song on the odd occasion I didn’t have my Spotify connected in my car and was listening to the radio, Triple J, of course. The chorus in this song is so energetic and powerful, and I immediately had to find it. This is me foreshadowing that Fergus James ends up at some festivals within the next few years, with this song being the crowd favourite. It’s perfect moshing material. Have a listen if you don’t believe me.

Talk It Out – Matt Corby, Tash Sultana: Oh lordy. Two of Australia’s finest exports on one track? It’s such a lush tune. Both Matt and Tash have really incredible performances and musical choices on their independent records, so to have them collaborate is insane. Everyone went insane when they posted a photo together, and it was only a matter of time before we had this funky as heck tune.

OG Luv Kush pt.2 – Kaiit: I finally, finally got to see Kaiit live, with my boys Dan and James from my band. It was such a great night, and this song was the perfect way to end it. Not only did she leave this tune for the encore, but she also strode back on stage to perform it by throwing out four joints into the crowd while smoking on her own. If you haven’t read my wrap-up of the concert, you can read that HERE.

Me Myself And I – De La Soul: Another song from Hip Hop Evolution. De La Soul have been around for a long, long time, and by default, I’m not stranger to their name considering their affiliation with A Tribe Called Quest and the rest of the Native Tongues gang, however I’d never ventured into listening to their music. My mistake. I will repent. This song, this song never fails to make me smile. Have a listen.

How You Feel – Swsh: So I found this song on one of my favourite YouTube channels, COLORS. Boy. This song made my jaw drop. I watched the video another three seperate times after I first listened, and I’ve been playing this song all month since the video was released. I’ve never heard of Swsh, but now that I have, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on them.

IV. sweatpants – Childish Gambino: I don’t think I can quantify how pumped I got when Gambino pulled this song out for his encore. Mia might be able to because she was there for me to grab onto when the intro came over the speakers at Rod Laver Arena, but she was just as amped as I was so she could be biased. This is the song that Mia and I jammed to and rapped together in the car on the way to Falls Festival last year, so we both lost our shit. Childish Gambino made all my dreams come true when he performed this.

Adore – gem: I have a special place in my heart for this beautiful song, because gem is my beautiful friend from university who I’ve shared the last three years with. Please got have a listen, she literally did everything on her own, and I’m so bloody proud.

Gonna Love Me – Teyanna Taylor: Teyanna, boy. She’s somehow another artist who I never really got around to listening to and I’m glad I finally did. I was compiling a playlist of smooth RnB, which you can listen to HERE, and this song came up as a recommendation and I’m very grateful it did.

Cocoon – Catfish and the Bottlemen: So I got to see Catfish in concert for the magazine I write for, and holy moly. These dudes put on such a show. I took one of my best friends Jess as my plus one, and it was such a throwback to Falls Festival again, and we were the last ones left from our group in the mosh for midnight on New Year’s Eve and these guys rang in 2019 for us.

Momma I Hit A Lick – 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar: I’ve been hearing this song everywhere, especially in a bunch of dance videos recently, and I made a mental note to listen to the full thing. I can’t say I’m a huge 2 Chainz fan, but I am a huge Kendrick Lamar fan, which automatically makes me a fan of this song. Such a hard-hitting song. Obviously I added it to my gym playlist. Perfection.

So that’s what I was listening to in July. I’m sure some of you made some amazing discoveries this month toolet me know in the comments!



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