What My Playlists Mean

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is one I may have done before, but I’ve been heavily inspired by Em from PerksOfEm, who you should definitely check out, to do another one!

Here’s the thing. Some could argue, and some very well have argued, that I have too many playlists. But here’s what I argue in response.

When it’s someone’s 21st and they’ve needed music for before the party really kicks off, who do they come to? Your girl. When we’re chilling for pre’s and someone’s playing some great tunes before we head out for the night, who’s playlist are they using? Your girl’s. When the gang’s on the road and just want a playlist to confidently shuffle through for the long drive to the beach, who’s phone is plugged into the AUX? Your girl’s.

Look, I try to remain humble. Humility is a prerequisite for me. But when it comes to my Spotify account and the playlists which inhabit it, I’ll gas that stuff up.

So today’s post, I’ll be taking you on a journey through my Spotify, going through my playlists, pitching their use and cause, and crossing my fingers that it’s enough for you to head on over to my page and find yourself a new favourite song on there, chuck a playlist or two a follow and maybe stick around for more!!

365 // 2019

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.51.36 pm
// running touch //

This playlist is the most recent in a series I started in 2017, where I add a song to the playlist every day of the year. Whether it’s a song that I sang at a gig, a particular song that relates to the events of the day or a song from an artist I saw in concert, all the songs on the playlist are relevant to the year and the order in which they’re added. The next two playlists are essentially the same, so I won’t explain them.

365 // 2018

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.51.46 pm
// bene //

356 // 2017

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.51.52 pm
// billie eilish //

before the uber comes

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.51.58 pm
// childish gambino //

This is one of my favourite playlists, and a lot of my friends end up throwing this on while we’re all gathered at one of our houses before we’re heading out for the night. It’s a great mix to get pumped up for a night out with your friends, and it’s got a good variety of absolute classics, mixed in with some bangers, some radio tunes, some guilty pleasures and unknown tunes.

songs you should probably hear

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.52.05 pm
// sabrina claudio //

I hope you’re all familiar with this playlist by now. It’s the playlist I used to create my Songs You Don’t Know But Should series, so if there’s ever a song you see on that post that you find particularly intriguing, 9 times out of 10, you’ll find it on that playlist. Because quite a few of the songs I first included in the playlist have finally gained some traction and popularity, I’m aiming to start cycling through that playlist a bit more, updating it and rotating new discoveries through a bit more often.

summer to end all summers

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.52.09 pm
// gang of youths //

This is my go to playlist once the sun starts shining reliably. It’s already started getting quite warm here in Melbourne, which is unheard of at the end of August/start of September, but I guess we can blame good old global warming for that. That said, once the sun comes out, life seems to get exponentially better. I see my friends more often, I’m at the beach more, I get a bit more tanned than usual, and I’m turning to this playlist more and more.

feel something

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.52.14 pm
// PLGRMS //

This is one of the first playlists I made, when I figured out there was a gaping space on the list of songs that just really hit you. This playlist will get you feeling all the feelings.

setting spray

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.52.19 pm
// rihanna //

This may be in the top 3 playlists in terms of how often I use them. Whether I’m getting ready to go to work, preparing for a gig or getting ready for a night out, I’ve formulated the perfect playlist for having on in the background while I put on makeup, get ready and chat with my sister who 9 times out of 10 ends up wandering into my room while I’m in the process. It’s got some of my personal favourites in there, so have a suss and see if suits you!

barely there

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.52.27 pm
// tim atlas //

There’s a special place in my heart for a good old acoustic ballad. Whether it’s a gentle little tune on the guitar or a gut-wrenching solo with vocals and a lone piano, I love it all. You’ll find plenty of John Mayer on here for those of you who are fans.

beep beep

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.52.33 pm
// gretta ray //

Another playlist that gets a regular workout. This playlist is made purely for putting on in the car. I don’t think I listen to it outside of the vehicle, ever. I’ve been trying to cull this one down, since it surpasses 500 songs a little while ago, and I’m working on rotating through some songs to get some fresher tunes in there.

jon bellion

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.52.38 pm
// jon bellion //

Yeah. It exists. I definitely do have a playlist purely consisting of Jon Bellion songs and collabs, and I stand by it. What of it?


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.52.43 pm
// calvin harris //

Look. Sometimes you need some heavy bangers. I’ve yet to really get good use out of this playlist, but one of my friends has it saved in his playlists, so I like to think that he’d be devastated if it were to suddenly disappear, so I keep it around for him. That said, there are some very good songs on this playlist, if you’re into that stuff.

girl gang

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.52.49 pm
// destiny’s child //

Sometimes you feel like all you want to listen to is a good old girl-group or gal pal type song. For those times, I present you with the girl gang playlist, filled to the brim with Destiny’s Child, Little Mix, Doja Cat, Sugababes, Salt-N-Pepa, Hannah Montana, The Veronicas, Fifth Harmony, The Cheetah Girls and plenty more.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.52.55 pm
// kehlani //

I have a very distinct emotion or way of suddenly feeling, that can only be described by roaming the street of New York late at night during the Winter, stumbling across a little jazz bar, and venturing in to find a man playing a piano in a corner, fancy people drinking fancy drinks and smoke from cigars and cigarettes lingering around the room, yet the lack of cigarette or cigar smells. I told you. It’s distinct. This is for when I’m feeling that type of way. I’m sure you can get yourself around some of the classics in this playlist.

a mood

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.53.00 pm
// rex orange county //

Another mood I have, is when I wanna feel like a soft little bean, and just sit in my room listening to the audible sound of sunshine. Rex Orange County, Mac DeMarco – that type of stuff. This playlist is for that mood.

that vid

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 3.06.48 pm.png
// zayn //

I have quite the obsession with travel videos, anything shot on a GoPro, smooth transitions paired with incredible scenery and adventures. Because of this, every chance I get, whether it’s a weekend away with my friends or a big international trip with my family, I bring along plenty of gear to document it all and put together a little video for myself. It also means that I spend way too long sifting through music to find the perfect song for the video, which has resulted in this playlist. Here you’ll find a huge variety of songs, perfectly for all vibes of travel video and montage.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.53.04 pm
// zak abel //

As I’ve shared on this blog before, I love mornings where I can get up a little bit earlier, have a lazy breakfast and enjoy the house to myself. Those mornings are paired perfectly with this playlist in particular, that I generally throw on right as I start making breakfast. It’s got everything from old classics and new radio songs to Broadway tunes and dance tunes.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.53.09 pm
// michael jackson //

This playlist gets the vast majority of its workouts when I’m hanging out with my family , immediate and extended, and we require some music. It’s got some of the old classics, some reggae favourites that set my family off and the party tunes that we all love to dance to. It’s a pretty great selection and it’s one of my favourite playlists, purely because of the great memories connected to it.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.53.15 pm
// pretty much //

Here’s a playlist that has a blog post that goes along with it. I use this particular playlist, at the gym and only at the gym. This playlist is curated with cardio and running in mind, so all the songs have a steady pace or a good beat to really get you into the zone of running.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.53.19 pm
// j dilla //

This playlist is dedicated to my love of artists like J Dilla, Mujo, Alfa Mist and Floreyyy, all of who excel in the lo-fi hip hop, steady beat department. All of these songs just remind me of sitting by a fire with a warm cup of coffee during the winter, regardless of the fact that I don’t have a fire and I’m trying to cut back on the coffee. They’re just such warm and cozy tunes, it’s hard to not feel toasty and relaxed while listening to them.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 3.10.16 pm.png
// six60 //

My honey playlist is curated with reggae and mellow tunes in mind specifically. Bands like NZ’s Six60 or Sydney’s Ocean Alley, all of whom have really chill reggae infused rhythms, and smooth, smooth vocals.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.53.41 pm
// mac ayres //

This is probably one of the smoothest playlists I have on record. Every song on this playlist sounds like velvet, hence the name. I’m talking Kehlani, Miguel, Brent Faiyaz, The Internet, Ella Mai, Mac Ayres, Daniel Caesar, Summer Walker, Teyana Taylor, I reckon you get it by now. If you’re looking for something smooth and velvety, I highly recommend this playlist.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.53.46 pm
// fleetwood mac //

I made this playlist during my final year of high school back in 2016, and since then it’s received a giant makeover. At one point, it was entirely classical music. I used to play classical music and only classical music while studying. However as my interest in music production started to increase, really mellow, low-fi instrumentals as well as gentle instrumentals from some of my favourite artists like Fleetwood Mac became my go to while studying in university, and that’s the type of stuff that’s currently on this playlist right now.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.53.51 pm
// j cole //

Another playlist that gets regulated to use solely within the confines of the gym. I know I had the inhaler playlist a little bit earlier, but when you’re switching from cardio to weight training and lifting, those tunes don’t cut it. This playlist has a bunch of heavier songs, an abundance of rap and hip hop, and everything with a steady drive to it to give you that extra burst of strength.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.56.07 pm
// de la soul //

I don’t think I mentioned it on the blog before, but as of now, I’ve watched Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix a total of four times. I love it. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for old school hip hop, so it was only naturally after being inundated with a complete history of the birth and the progression of the genre, that I compiled a playlist of some of my favourites. You’ll find plenty of A Tribe Called Quest, Geto Boys, Wu-Tang Clan, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, KRS-One, Ice Cube and heaps more. To be fair, this playlist and the pump playlist mentioned previously are highly interchangeable.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.54.11 pm
// the fugees //

This one is for my Australian readers – the iconic music TV show rage, which plays on the ABC channel every Saturday morning inspired this playlist completely. All the songs on this playlist are songs that I remember watching the music videos to early on Saturday mornings while eating breakfast with my family.


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.54.16 pm
// kendrick lamar //

This one’s pretty self explanatory. One of the oldest playlists on my Spotify account, but one I hold close to my heart. Everything and anything RnB, you’ll find on this playlist. Whether it’s old school RnB, modern, contemporary RnB, party RnB or undiscovered gems, you’ll find it on this playlist.

There you go! Those are all my playlists. I know, it’s excessive, but I promise I love them all dearly. No-one get’s left behind. That said, make sure you check out my Spotify, it’s linked down below, and let me know what you’re listening to!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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  1. Reading this just reminded me of all the reasons why I love you HAHAHA. Fab post, Priya. All of my playlists are so specific and every song I want to save on Spotify HAS to go into one of them, I can’t just simply have songs floating around not belonging anywhere. My playlists would probably look so messy to other people but at least they make sense to me !! xx

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