September Tunes

Holy moly, we have 4 months left in the year?? I feel like the shock should start wearing off at some point, but it never does.

That said, I think musically, 2019 has been ridiculously good. There’s just so much happening and so many new artists and songs to discover! Hence why my September Tunes are considerably hefty this month.

LOVE AGAIN – Daniel Caesar, Brandy: No-one can complain about a bit of monthly Daniel Caesar. I’ve cooled off from my phase of blasting Daniel Caesar and only D. Caesar, however that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped appreciating his music and how beautiful it is. Throw Brandy into the mix and you’ve got a happy Priya.

The Sun Comes Up – Mako Road: I can’t recall how I came across this band, but now that I’ve found them, I’m obsessed. If you’re a fan of Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley or any other bands with a similar sound, I’d highly recommend you check out Mako Road. I’ve applied to review their show when they’re in town later this year, so fingers crossed I get to go and catch them live.

Chill Bill – Rob $tone, J. Davi$, Spooks: This is an old favourite. It’s also a random favourite of mine. I don’t listen to any of the artists on this track, yet somehow I’m slightly obsessed with this song?

I Just Need Love – Mac Ayres: Good ol’ Mac. If you haven’t already, check out my post all about Mac Ayres, you can read it HERE. He’s released some new music, and this is probably my favourite at the moment. So many good moments within this song and the instrumentation feeds my funk and groove appetite.

Glitter – Bene: I count myself lucky for getting to see Bene when I did, cos she’s suddenly blowing up around Australia and the rest of the world, and for good reason. She’s got such a unique sound, and this song really exemplifies that. It’s such a boppy song, perfect for the upcoming Spring months. I’ve been hyping Bene for a while, she was one of the first artist profiles I did on the blog, so I’m super happy she’s getting some attention.

My Love Is Gone – SAFIA: I got to see SAFIA live for a second time when I reviewed their show for Beat Magazine, which if you don’t know by now, is a Melbourne music magazine I write for, and they were just as good live at the Forum Theatre as they were when I saw them two summers ago at Let Go Fest.

Ballin Flossin – Chance The Rapper, Shawn Mendes: I have a bone to pick with the internet. For some reason, Chance’s latest album, The Big Day, copped so much flack, especially on Twitter, and the reception was overwhelmingly negative, so much so that Chance had to address how it was making him feel in a Tweet. I never listened to the album, until the start of this month, and I was so confused/shook/concerned. The album is so. good. And this song??? I couldn’t care less about Senorita at the moment, the Shawn Mendes collaboration everyone needs to be talking about, is this one.

Catching Feelings – Draxs Project, Six60: We love when two NZ favourite’s get together to create the cutest little bop to exist. This song is so sweet, all the vocals in it are sugar and I have nothing to fault with this song.

False God – Taylor Swift: Trust me, I expected to see Taylor Swift on one of my playlists, even less than you did. But that saxophone in the intro hit and I was hooked. This song is really atmospheric and ambient and I love the phrasing and the lyrics. It’s my favourite song from this album and I’ll admit that I only listened to every other song once. This however, has been on repeat.

RNP – YBN Cordae, Anderson. Paak:  I don’t listen to much YBN Cordae, but I do listen to my fair share of Ando Paak, so when my friend James told me to put this song on during a drive to a gig, I was shooketh. The beat, the rhythm, the rap, the groove. Everything about this song makes me so hyped up.

Heaven – Julia Michaels: If you didn’t catch my post about seeing Julia live, you can read that HERE. Sunshine, flowers, all things nice. The cutest, most wholesome concert I’ve ever been to, and it reminded me of this particular song, which was one of my favourites of 2018.

Murder She Wrote – Chaka Demus and Pliers: This song just reminds me of my family, and how insane we get when a bit of reggae comes on. I also recently played it for one of my friends and he didn’t get it at all, which really got me fired up. This song is such a classic, and I could be six feet under and I’d still dance to this song.

What You Did – Mahlia, Ella Mai: Look, I know I said I was keen, if you’re not sure what I’m referring to, read THIS post, but I haven’t had a moment to listen to this album in full. I have however, had some time to appreciate this beautiful collab. Two queens. Two RnB kings. I love this song. So much. I’m gonna finally get to see Mahalia in February for the Laneway festival, so considering I missed her set entirely when I went to Falls Festival at the end of last year, I’m super keen to finally see this queen live.

Gum Body – Burna Boy, Jorja Smith: Remember when I said last month that 2019 was shaping up to be the year of Burna Boy. I’d like to second my own comment. This song is so funky. Jorja Smith is absolutely beautiful as per usual, and Burna Boy is steadily make a real space for himself.

Wave – Meghan Trainor, Mike Sabath: Hear me out. We all know there have been some… hiccups with Meghan Trainor since she started making music, and as far is it goes, I don’t usually get around her music. However, someone you should all know, is Mike Sabath. This is one of the first tracks with his voice on it, and I was super excited to hear it because he’s one of my favourite producers and composers ever. He’s literally only 21 too, way to make me feel inadequate, but he’s produced, composed, written or been a part of putting together some absolute smashes. I’m talking Cuz I Love You by Lizzo, Aurora by Bea Miller, Familiar by J Balvin and Liam Payne, Happiness Begins by The Jonas Brothers and a handful more. He’s a gun. If you listen to this song for any reason, make it Mike.

Sleep On The Floor – The Lumineers: Boy, I was just in a mood this month. This song made it’s way back into my daily life, and when I said daily, I mean daily. Like this song honestly changed my life. I couldn’t begin to describe how or why, but it did, as dramatic as that sounds. It’s hard for me to listen to this song without becoming emotional.

Rock Witchu – PRETTYMUCH: It’s been a hot minute since I’ve included any PRETTYMUCH on my playlists, but this song came on shuffle for the first time in ages while I was driving with my sister and we both lost it in the middle of the shopping centre carpark. I’ll admit, I never listened to it in it’s entirety because I haven’t listened to much PRETTYMUCH in a while, and I have regrets. So. Damn. Groovy.

Green Light – Milan Ring: Please, check out Milan Ring. She’s a killer singer/songwriter/producer, such a unique sound, and this song has been on repeat since I first listened to it. Such an interesting song.

Trick Of The Light – Matt Corby: You’re probably getting sick of this. This song appears again and again, and that’s because my soul can never get enough of this song.

Cautionary Tales – Jon Bellion: Refer to the description for the previous song.

Gloria – The Lumineers: If you haven’t already, you can read my post about The Lumineers’ latest album III HERE, but this song has become a staple since it’s release. Such a good song. So much energy, but such beautifully sad and emotional lyrics.

Yellow Mellow – Ocean Alley: I saw a gal singing this at a beer garden I’m usually gigging at on a Wednesday night! She and her guitarist were after us and they absolutely smashed this song, so much so that I’ve actually learnt to play it on the guitar now, and it’s one of my favourite songs to just play along to at the moment.

Nothing – Bruno Major: I actually got to see Bruno Major live at the end of the month, and it was such a beautiful concert. He’s so technically talented as well as just incredibly musically gifted, and it was one of the most serene concerts ever. My friend Amy and I were in absolute awe the entire time – stay tuned for a blog post.

Sunny Days – Allen Stone: My man Allen. I was super excited when he released this, the live video that goes along with it is like a ray of sunshine. Such a good song, and it’s been stuck in my head since it’s been out! Very happy with new music from Allen Stone and he did not disappoint.

My My My! – Troye Sivan: I also got to see Troye when he played in Melbourne for a review I had to write, and it was one of the most energetic, flamboyant, beautifully welcoming concerts I’ve ever been to. I think Troye summed it up perfectly, when he said that if he could strut around stage as confidently as Naomi Campbell, we all could have a little dance, and this song in particular absolutely popped off. It was the perfect way to end the show, and it’s been my go to Troye song since then.

Rushing Back – Flume, Vera Blue: Unpopular opinion? Maybe popular opinion? I’m not a fan of Flume’s new stuff. Just, the noise. I don’t know, man, I gave it a red hot crack, I really did, but I can’t get around it. This song however, is the exception, and as much as Flume’s music is actually so great in this song and reminds me of his older stuff a little bit, I feel like I my girl Vera is the reason I love this song so much.



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5 thoughts on “September Tunes

  1. I LOVE THE WAY YOU TALK ABOUT MUSIC ahh I wish I could do songs justice in the same way you do. Also I agree, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone !! It’s nearly over already, crazy. Great playlist as always – so many good songs on here !! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my god, that’s such a lovely compliment Chloe!! No-one’s ever said that, thank you so much! The end of the year approaching as fast as it is makes me so nervous but very excited for next year, but so bloody shocked at how quickly 2019 has happened and thank you as always, glad you liked it girl x

      Liked by 1 person

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