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Today’s post is one that hasn’t been shared in a little while, which kinda makes it all the more better. Today I’ll be sharing ten songs, courtesy of the lovely dynamic duo from London that make up aboutagirl, Tom Mann and Lostboy.

Early last month aboutagirl released their third single, Deep Sea Diving, which features an absolute throwback vocalist for me, Emir Taha. If you paid attention, you may have caught it featuring in my last monthly tunes post for October, because as soon as I got sent the link, I was in love. In all honesty, if I get music sent to me, I only share it if it’s something I’m super psyched and enthusiastic about, and I don’t know what’s more enthusiastic than adding this song to most of my personal playlists and sharing it with all my friends. I also have been loving their first two singles, Forest Fire and KaMiKaZe. 

I would definitely recommend taking some time out to give Deep Sea Diving a listen. You can find it on Spotify HERE.

However, today’s post is a courtesy of, and I was lucky enough to have Tom and Lostboy send over their top ten favourite songs at the moment. Check it out!

King's Dead - Jay Rock, Kendrick, Future Big Fish - Vince Staples Gold Coast - 88 Rising Personal - Emotional Orange MICHUUL - Duckworth Newno - Lophiile, Moss Kena Sugar - Brockhampton Georgia - Kevin Abstract Charl

Make sure you checkout aboutagirl on Spotify, you can follow them on Instagram HERE, and on Twitter HERE. I’d love to know what you think of Deep Sea Diving and the amazing pick the guys sent through! Let me know 🙂



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