Artists Who Raised Me

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a lil sentimental one. I’m going to be touching on a few of the artists who helped raise me. These are artists I was exposed to as a young child, artists I listened to and learned from growing up, singers who inspired me and shaped the way I listen and interact with music today! Hopefully you enjoy it 🙂

Michael Jackson: I feel like I’ve droned on and on and on about how much of an impact Michael Jackson has had in my life. I was fed a healthy dose of MJ tunes and music videos, nearly every weekend my dad and I would watch a DVD with a collection of all his best music videos, and regardless of the fact that I’d hide behind the kitchen counter for when Thriller came on the screen, he’s been one of the most influential musicians in my life. I can pinpoint exact moments and memories for particular songs within his catalogue, songs like The Way You Make Me Feel, Bad, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, PYT and plenty, plenty more.

Alicia Keys: Alicia Keys was one of the first vocalists I turned to when I began singing. I was infamous for singing her songs and my dad only encouraged this, burning backing tracks for songs like Karma, No One and If I Ain’t Got You onto CD’s for me to sing along to. I can’t find it in my heart to skip any of this woman’s songs when they come on shuffle and her voice is still one of my favourites to listen to. I could listen to Alicia Keys all day.

Norah Jones: I think there’s only so much I can go on about Norah Jones. I think she was a pivotal person in me branching out with the music I listened to as a little kid, and my mum played a huge part in introducing me to her songs.

Stevie Wonder: Sometimes you might read my blogs and think, ‘man, Priya really over uses the words ‘funky’ and ‘groovy’ and it’s all down to this guy. Any single soulful fibre in in my body is thanks to the literal hours I’ve accumulated listening to his music.

Bob Marley: My family, both immediate and extended, have a deep rooted love for reggae, and the king of reggae, Bob Marley, is a sure fire way to get us all up and dancing or bopping. I can’t recall a single family party or event that didn’t end with all of us on the dance floor screaming/singing Buffalo Soldier or Could You Be Loved.

Ne-Yo: Ne-Yo. He’s an artist who seems like he’s been around for every year of my life in some form. Whether he was on MTV Hits, releasing RnB tunes that hit every heart string perfectly, dancing in Stomp The Yard or more recently, judging on World of Dance, he’s always been around. He’s one of the singers I regularly cover when I play gigs, purely cos we’re guaranteed to have people singing along. He’s such a loved musician and singer, and to me, Ne-Yo is absolutely timeless. Like, listen to So Sick, Miss Independent or All Because of You, and tell me they don’t hit just as hard as they did when they first came out? You can’t.

Rihanna: Take everything I said about Ne-Yo. Now apply it to this woman and multiply it infinitely. From her music, which assisted in really getting me into RnB and pop RnB, her business/es to her influence over popular culture, you have the recipe for one of the most successful women of the decade. I literally wrote one of my second year final assignments on Rihanna and her influence, and I don’t regret a single thing. Her music has developed and shifted so much over her career, she’s really done it all and she’s done it so well.

Whitney Houston: So, low-key, when I was a youngin, I was a belter. Like sang ballads, big numbers, long and high notes. And that’s partially thanks to Whitney Houston. Such a timeless, classic woman. Very little to say about this woman.

Christina Aguilera: Okay, so when I said ‘partially’, above, for Whitney, it’s because a large majority of my influence when I was a young kid was Christina Aguilera. Her singing is off the charts. To this day, she is one of the greatest singers of the last two decades and I’ll fight anyone on that. I mean, look at TikTok. We still have 15 and 16 year old’s trynna nail the crazy run in Show Me How You Burlesque, and as perfect as some of them may be pulling it off, it’s just not the same as the queen herself. I’ll throw hands for this woman. No lie.

Mariah Carey: I can’t say Mariah Carey was a big of an influence as Christina, but, she’s definitely up there. She was one of the singers I’d listen to over and over again, painstakingly going over every line she sang, in attempts to achieve those levels of greatness. Tbh, we’re still giving it a crack. It’s an everlasting challenge. Such a legend.

There you go!! Hopefully you guys found that interesting? I really pulled this out of the archives, from right at the bottom of my drafts, and I don’t know why I never finished it! I really enjoyed reflecting on each of these artists and how much they impacted me not only as a little gal wanting to be a singer, but as a general music fan as well! Obviously, my taste and what I listen to and draw inspiration from now has vastly shifted, maybe I’ll do a post on that soon, but these artists got me to where I am now.

Which artists raised you? I’d love to know, leave me a comment! 



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2 thoughts on “Artists Who Raised Me

  1. Aw, I love how supportive your Dad is of you, making your backing tracks and all that… so lovely!!! 😍😍😍😍 Rihanna is awesome, and I do love Bob Marley too though I don’t know so many of his songs, just the most popular ones I guess… I haven’t even thought about which artists I grew up with really, I’d say The Beach Boys are very dear to me, however I wouldn’t say I grew up with their music as such… I don’t think I have any!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Both my parents have always been super supportive of my music which is such a blessing!! I think being so involved and enveloped by music at such a young age is what led to me having such specific inspirations, so totally understandable how you might struggle to think of any, but I’m sure there’s a few haha! Beach Boys are a great one!! x

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