Songs You Don’t Know But Should Pt. 17

Hey team! Hope you’re all enjoying the first few weeks of 2020! I know I am, though we’ve mainly been working and trying to find some spare time to…chill? I haven’t done these in a while and December was a huge month of discovery for me in terms of music, so I thought it was fitting that I started the year off with some more new music for you to discover too!! Hopefully you find something you like within this list, let me know if you do! 

Subside – Eloise
Once Upon A Time – Jeff Bernat
Cigar – Tamino
Knowledge of Selfie – Jay Daniel
Bad Guy – Niykee Heaton
Good Company – KYE

Sweet Soul – alayna
Goldchains – Tyde Levi
Me & You – HONNE, Tom Misch
You Ain’t The Problem – Michael Kiwanuka
Under Your Skin – Sasha Keable
Wild Girl – Kito, Empress Of
Summa – Peach Tree Rascals
I Don’t Wanna Be Okay Without You – Charlie Burg
Add The Bassline – Jordan Rakei
Where Do You Go – Yebba
Simple Love – Lindsey Lomis
Have Mercy – Eryn Allen Kane 
Try A Little Tenderness – Pip Milett
Rocket – Elli Ingram
Livid – ELIZA 

There you go! What do you think? There are some super beautiful songs on this list, and I’ve had most of these on replay since the end of November, so hopefully you find a few to add to your playlists.



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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2 thoughts on “Songs You Don’t Know But Should Pt. 17

    • I haven’t actually listened to it yet!! I only listen to his songs when they pop up so there’s only a few that are really on my radar, but it’s definitely something on my to-do list haha x

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