Very Specific Pt. 19

Hello hello and welcome back!

So today’s post is another Very Specific post!

I had a goal for 2019, which was to read 50 books. Looking back, it was pretty ambitious, and I’m nowhere near even 20. What made me think that in my third year of uni, the busiest year of life in terms of work, studies and music, I’d be able to smash out 50 books?

My to-be-read piles continue growing, and I say ‘piles’ as in plural because it’s gotten to the point where I’ve run out of surfaces to put my books and am now stacking new ones on the floor, much to my mother’s dismay.

So with that in mind, this very specific playlist, is a playlist for having in the background, while you’re reading. I’ve done one for studying before, and I will argue that they’re two very different things. The music I listen to when I study and the music I listen to when I read, do not in any way come from the same playlist.

Hopefully you find some tunes to throw on in the background when you pick your next book up – I’d also love to know what you’re reading at the moment! Let me know in the comments! 

tick tock – Nohidea
slow it down – Guru Griff
Journey – Flavors, Two Sleepy
coco – Oatmello
Hello, Is This Your House? – Explosions In The Sky, David Wingo
Flowers – The Deli
You – Petit Biscuit
Keep On – Alfa Mist
Amsterdam in the Spring – Simon Jefferis
Man Like You – Tom Misch
Affection – Jinsang
Intro (Santa Barbara) – Box Dreams
tuscano – tides.
Recovery – Jon Hopkins
Again – Wun Two
When Sunny Gets Blue – McCoy Tyner
by my side – Flavors, Two Sleepy



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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7 thoughts on “Very Specific Pt. 19

  1. Ooh I’ve never thought to have music on in the background whilst reading before, but I can imagine with the right playlist it can be quite chilled, I’ll have to check out some of the songs you’ve mentioned here definitely!! This is a great idea!

    I’m running out of space for my books too, I think I’ll need a new bookshelf soon! Are you reading anything at the moment?

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    • I have to have it on super softly, but you’re right, with the right playlist it’s super calming and chilled out! Haha I wish my room had space for a bookshelf, that would help me out immensely! And at the moment I’m reading Someone Knows by Lisa Scottoline, could not recommend it enough if you like contemporary suspense and thrillers x


  2. Oh my god, this is the playlist for meeeee! If I’m not doing things for uni (which is pretty much all I do right now….ugh I hate January exams) then I will almost always have a book in my hand. I find it incredibly hard to find music that actually doesn’t distract me from reading, so I will definitely be giving this a listen! And also, I soooo get you on the whole “setting your reading goal to high” thing.. This is my last year of uni and I set my Goodreads reading challenge to 35 books, after finishing 37 in 2019 (I was feeling a little ambitious). But now I have no clue how I am going to manage with uni 😂😂xx

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