Some Film & Some Tunes

Hello friends 🙂

I hope you’re all well! Today’s post is one that I hope you don’t mind me sharing. We’re branching out a little bit here, sharing something a bit different.

I touched on this a little in my blog post about my trip to Sri Lanka which you can read HERE, but I’ve been taking film photos for quite a few months now, and while I share some of them over on my Instagram … which you can follow if you want … I’m gonna start a little series where I share some photos from my film dumps each time I get a few rolls developed, as well as some songs in a little playlist!

This roll is a bit harder for me to find enough to share just because I took heaps of photos of my friends and family over the two rolls I last got developed, and while I love all the photos I got, I don’t necessarily want to share all of those photos on here, however you can check them out on my Instagram like I mentioned above! That said, I still have quite a few that I really loved that I think you guys might enjoy as well! Plus, of course, a couple of tunes sprinkled throughout as well.

Hope you enjoy!


Back Pocket – Vulfpeck
Autumn’s Song – Stephen Day
Have Mercy – Eryn Allen Kane
Don’t Let Me Down – Joy Crookes
Loved By You – KIRBY
Lost Love – Yuto.


The Key – Madison Ryann Ward
Where Do You Go – Yebba
Evergreen – Yebba
Morning Dew – Matt Quentin
Add The Bassline – Jordan Rakei
In My Room – Jacob Collier


Down Time – Aaradhna
love – DEAN, Syd
Don’t Forget Your Roots – Six60
Maybe – Mae Muller
Satellite – STRFKR
Doing Me – RAY BLK


Light and Shade – Guy Sebastian, Sage The Gemini
Dirty Harry – SAYGRACE
Missing The Mark – Paris Youth Foundation
Hear This – Jarami
So Good – Omar Apollo
Simple Pleasures – AUGUST 08


Love No More – ASTN
The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home – Declan McKenna
Let It Pass – Jakob Ogawa
Is That Enough – Sons of Zion, Aaradhna
Eye for an Eye – SiDizen King, The Strike
Shadows – Slip-On Stereo, TRQS


I Don’t Wanna Be Okay Without You – Charlie Burg
My Favourite Clothes – RINI
Never Knock – Kevin Garrett
I’ll Find You – Lecrae, Tori Kelly
Attention – Olivia Escuyos
Bad 4 U – Imad Royal


Hush – Morgan Bain
Red Rental Car – Jack Gray
All The Snow Is Gone – Sniffle Party
Invincible – Amine
Ornament – Kiah Victoria
Simplify – SIROJ, Jalise Romy




Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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8 thoughts on “Some Film & Some Tunes

  1. Jeeez I love film photos so much, I could look at them for hours. Loved the idea for this post, The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home is one of my favourite Declan McKenna songs, it’s so good! Also I was meaning to ask, have you heard SAYGRACE’s latest EP yet? Thought of you the second I got around to listening to it as I know you also like her !! X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you angel!! And yess how good is film?? And yes!! I’ve been making my way through it and I’m so in love with it! Such an amazing singer and songwriter – hope you enjoyed as much as I am!! xx

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  2. I love love love film photos and these are gorgeous. Film photography started to really stand out to me when I got into street photography a couple of years ago. I would really like to invest in a good camera + lens in the next few years and try my hand but decided to ease myself into film photography by starting to experiment with disposable cameras. What camera and lens do you use? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same girl and thank you!! I only got into film photography in late 2018 when I started using disposables again at parties and festivals. I got my current film camera on FB marketplace for about $50 because the place I get my rolls developed gives you a free roll for every one you bring in, so it ends up being super cost effective compared to buying a new disposable every time + paying for the film development! I genuinely use a super basic Pentax point and shoot because I just know working with lenses and stuff would overwhelm me haha!! I’m halfway through about four rolls of film, and I can’t wait to get these ones developed!! xx

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