Courtesy Of: Local Legend Tessa

Hello friends! I hope you’re all well and good, looking after yourself and the few around you.

Today’s post is one that we haven’t had in a while. I love sharing the music I listen to and want more people to hear, but a lot of the time the music I share is so skewed to my listening tastes and styles that so much goes unnoticed or missed. Thus, I began this post where I ask my friends and family who’s music taste I admire or who’s music taste is different from mine, to share their top ten songs at the moment!

I’ve done my entire family, my cousins, and a few of my friends, I’ve even done a few of the blogging gals like Mia, Fiona and Chloe. I’ve shared influencer’s favourite picks like Yasmin Suteja and other musicians like Will Heard and ABOUTAGIRL. However, today’s post comes to you, courtesy of local legend and one of my best friends, Tessa.

You may remember Tess from a few of my blog posts, such as my wrap-up from Laneway, but you should also know that Tessa has hands down, impeccable taste. She’s one of the only people who I can sit with and talk for literal hours about music with, so in the middle of our podcast debriefing and existential ranting I cheekily asked her to send through her favourite songs at the moment, and gal delivered.

Hope you like it!

big fat mouth – Airlie: I was definitely expecting this one. Tessa showed me this song last month on a lil road-trip and it was like listening to a song that was the audible embodiment of the girl herself. This song is so quintessentially Tessa, and it’s one of my favourite songs at the moment.

Futile Devices – Sujan Stevens: Such a good song. Make sure you’re listening to the original. While a remix of this tune was used for the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack, I feel like this one hits the mark a little bit better for me personally. I’ve not listened to these songs before writing out their little bits, so hearing them for the first time has been a bit of a trip. If I had to pick which of my close friends this song belonged to, I’d say Tessa hands down. It’s so gentle, and you’ve really got to listen for all the little nuances and the lyrics.

Shadow – Wild Nothing: So much of the music Tessa listens to is super light and nostalgic, and whenever she talks about music to me it’s like I’m listening to the soundtrack for a super beautiful indie teen movie. This song is probably the epitome of that to be honest.

Dopamine – DIIV: Again, super light and perfect for summer. Refer to the point above, that’s all.

Hot Rod – Dayglow: This is probably one of my favourite discoveries from this list, just because of how it mixes a lot of lo-fi sounds with typical indie guitar riffs and drum pockets. Plus the lyrics are super funky and interesting when you really listen to them.

Come On – Mikhael Paskalev: I love the tone of the guitar in this song so much. Like if Daniel Caesar’s guitar tone was one end of the spectrum for guitar tones that make me cry, this would be at the opposite end, and they both hit just as hard. Plus, the harmonies in this song are so airy and perfectly fitting. I don’t know why but this song makes me wish someone put it in an episode of Black Mirror??

Rocketman – Elton John: An absolute classic. I don’t necessarily trust anyone who doesn’t like this song. Something’s wrong with you.

Stonecutters – DOPE LEMON: There’s something about the banjo in this, mixed with the super reverb-y guitar and the singing that make this song so atmospheric. I reckon it would be perfect for running to as well.

Down the Line – Beach Fossils: I remember listening to Beach Fossils when I was a bit younger, and they still hit the same all this time later. Hitting indie rock bang on the head to be honest.

Paint Me Silver – Pond: I definitely remember Tessa showing me this song as well. I actually added it as my song for the day to my 365///2020 playlist on Spotify. It’s just a super light song, but there’s this synth line that goes on throughout it, entirely hypnotic and perfect the vibe. Plus, it feels like the song just grows and grows until you’ve not really realised how big the song really is and I love it.



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5 thoughts on “Courtesy Of: Local Legend Tessa

  1. Please please please never stop doing this series, Priya, I think it may be one of my favourites on your blog!

    Tessa has great taste, I screamed a little when I saw that she included Pond – such a great band and SO underrated! Sufjan Stevens and Beach Fossils are also favourites of mine. I also got to know quite a few songs / artists who I hadn’t previously heard of so I am truly L I V I N G for this post!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg Fiona bless you!! I definitely think I need to do them more often cos they’re just as fun for me!

      And I know right?? I always come away with a brand new bunch of songs to add to playlists after hanging out with Tessa if she hasn’t already done it herself haha. I’m so grateful she introduced me to Pond because it’s all I’ve been listening to since writing this post, thank you for your lovely comment gal, hope you and yours are well during this weird time xx

      Liked by 1 person

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