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Hello friends!

Hope you’re all well and thriving under the current conditions we’re dealing with at the moment.

Today’s post is a lil bit different, which I seem to find myself saying every second post, but this one genuinely is. I usually post music recommendations on here, but it’s called You Should Hear, and I’ve come to believe that not only are there quite a few songs you should hear, but there are also a few podcasts.

Yes, I am completely aware of how late I am to hop on the podcast train, but I’m here now so you can give me that.

In a different change of pace for me, I’ve only been dipping my toe in so far. Usually I’m all about diving in the deep end and throwing myself into my new ventures and interests, but podcasts have genuinely taken me years to get into. I tried having a listen when they first became a thing, and then every couple of months I give it another crack, but so far this has been the most successful attempt. I blame Tessa.

If you don’t know Tess, she’s one of my best friends, she’s been making a few appearances on the blog recently, and has introduced me to her little world of podcasts. Since joining her, there’s one podcast that has led to many a late night discussions and debates, and it’s this one.



I’ve always loved long conversations about topics that don’t manage to make it into every day conversations, topics that are kind of taboo, or not naturally brought up in my circle of general chatter, and it’s like there’s an episode from the Bobo And Flex series that touches on every single one of these topics and so much more.

For example, wanna talk about friendship, social media and constant need to be connected versus what you feel like you owe other people and what people expect from you? There’s a podcast for that.

Activism and in contrast toxic activism and performative activism? There’s a podcast episode for it.

There’s one about cheating, morality and secrets, there’s more about manifestation, safe spaces, hook-up culture, privilege and equality, body image, spirituality, break-up’s and platonic exes, girl code, climate change, Drake, friendship break-ups and such a plethora of other conversations between two woman who are clearly very tuned into their opinions, their inner selves and their beliefs.

// @flex.mami // @bobo.marjila //

Especially for Tessa and I, this podcast alone has opened up a whole new world of conversation. Add to the mix Flex Mami’s card game Reflexa conversation starting, reflective and introspective opportunity to ask yourself and your friends questions that you don’t naturally get to ask in everyday conversation, and these girls are genuinely the gift that keeps on giving. I highly recommend you buy either or both of the Reflex packs and strap yourself in for a ride.

However. Here’s where I think the most important aspect of podcast listening comes into play, especially when listening to podcasts like this, where people are passionately sharing opinions and beliefs about subjects that matter in every day life. While I was listening, I was super ready to be very enthusiastic and encouraging of every aspect of each episode, until I got to this particular episode:

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 11.45.36 am

Note how I finished the episode? That’s not to indicate that I thoroughly enjoyed it to be honest. Halfway through, I found myself getting so angry and frustrated with everything one of the gals was saying, and the way in which she was saying it.

The basic premise of the episode was on connecting to friends on social media, the need to respond to texts, what we owe others and what others owe us. One of the strongest opinions was that we owe people nothing when it comes to social media and responding to text messages or calls. I just found myself feeling uncomfortable with some of the ways one of the gals was talking, especially when it comes to her responding to her friends or her acquaintances when they reach out to her, and how aggressive she was in stating that a response wasn’t worth her time.

I’m very aware of how connected I am, and I’m a person who will respond if I can. It’s taken a while, but I don’t play the game of waiting a couple of hours before responded to come across as more aloof or cooler. If my phone is in my hand, and I’m on it, and a notification pops up, unless I have a problem with you…I’m gonna respond?

Tessa was the first person I messaged while I was listening, and it sparked a lil conversation about being an active listener vs a passive listener and why we both found ourselves disagreeing with some of the points being brought up, regardless of the fact that we both have very different styles of operating on social media. Like I said, I’m very connected, probably too connected, I’m quick on the reply and response unless I’m busy, where-as Tessa is a lot more grounded in her own moments, meaning while she’ll respond to you, it takes a little longer, out of nothing but purely having too much going on outside of her phone. Funnily enough, we both had similar opinions on this podcast episode.



Here’s the thing, that’s my opinion. If you happen to actually listen to this podcast, and get to this episode; I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I think I’m enjoying this podcast so much purely because there are so many opportunities for me to disagree and start my own conversations out of it, which I think is my listening style when it comes to podcasts.

If I had to recommend a podcast for literally anyone, boy or girl, this would make the list straight away. While the topics they talk about in detail come from a female’s point of view, they come from very a point of view that’s diverse and developed and the topics Bobo and Flex discuss are topics I believe everyone should be open to, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

I’m getting super into podcasts, clearly, so if you have any others you reckon I’d get around, please share them with me! I’d love to know about any podcasts you listen to as well!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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4 thoughts on “You Should Hear // This Podcast

  1. This is my all time favourite podcast, their conversations are soo thought provoking and great conversation starters as well and hilarious as well.
    I love all their episodes and i honestly can’t pick one i don’t like

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  2. Have screenshotted this, am definitely checking it out. I LOVE PODCASTS. I go through phases in which I listen to a ton and ones where I hardly find the time to listen to any. Right now we’re going through a heavy phase which is why I am taking all of the recommendations I can get! x

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