Get It Done At Home // A Playlist

Hello friends!

Hope you’re all well and healthy. Today’s post is an opportunity for me to share some more music with you.

So far on the blog I’ve done a few workout playlists, from the original workout playlist, to the new updated one, and now we have a home workout playlist!!

I don’t know about you guys, but the gym withdrawals have taken a second to kick in considering the whole social distancing and isolation situation the world has found itself in, and when my gym finally shut it’s doors, I realised I was gonna have to find an alternative.

So home workouts it has been. It’s different. Clearly. The one thing I’ve remained faithfully to, is I’ve become a walker. Something I never considered I’d find myself doing. I’ve been pretty  consistent in making an hour long walk one of the first things I get done during the day and it’s actually kinda fun?? Some days my sister joins me and other days it’s just me, myself and I, but I make it a priority to get out of the house for an hour minimum for some fresh air. ‘Working out’, however is a bit of a different story.

Some days I just won’t and because I’m meant to be working out at home, just not doing anything, is a whole lot easier. That’s meant I’ve have to find some fun videos to work out along, I’ve ended up getting my sister to work out with me, and I’ve also learnt that the best way I get it done, is by bringing my bluetooth speaker out into the backyard with me, blasting some tunes and just getting it done.

What do I listen to?? Glad you asked! Check out the playlist – PLUS I’ve also linked a couple of my favourite fitness YouTuber’s who have a bunch of at home workouts to help you get through this weird social distancing time!


F E M A L E - Sampa the Great Got It - Jaden Remind Me - Eminem Blow - Beyonce Fire Sale (Church & AP Remix) - Dera Meelan, deadforest, Church & AP Forever & Ever More - Nothing But Thieves Machika - J Balvin, Jeon,


Whitney Simmons

Grace Beverly

Chloe Ting

Krissy Cela

Ajahzi Gardner

How have you been getting your workouts in during this period of social distancing? What are you listening to? Let me know in the comments!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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3 thoughts on “Get It Done At Home // A Playlist

  1. I love Chloe Ting’s videos! And as weird or random as this may sound, I do end up listening to Vivaldi’s concerto while working out because ahhh the intensity of the violin! Either that or I just end up with my guilty pleasures; Sabrina Carpenter’s songs, big oof.

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