Thank You Lennon Stella

Hello boys and girls, hope you’re well and thriving!

The time has finally arrived for Lennon Stella to share with us an album that I feel like I’ve spent years waiting for. Lennon was amongst the first few musicians I included in my playlists I shared on here, she featured quite a few times, and it’s been so fun to watch her grow, touring with The Chainsmokers, featuring on songs with artists like Liam Payne, touring and just over all killing it.

She’s come a long way from singing Happy Birthday to Harry Styles and using empty butter containers to perform The Cup Song with her little sister Maisy (who’s also a brilliant artist in her own right, and features on the album).

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 9.47.55 pm

This album, Three. Two. One. is like a culmination of all the work Lennon’s put in over the last few years. The opening track, ‘Much Too Much’ is such a great introduction to the rest of the record, welcoming the synth heavy production, mixed in with her angelic, atmospheric vocals that she’s become know for.

Through tracks like ‘Pretty Boy’, ‘Older Than I Am’, ‘Weakness’, which features her little sister Maisy, and ‘Goodnight’, this record covers so much ground. It’s like Lennon’s stretched herself as much as she can to encapsulate as many aspects of her life into this one record, while remaining so authentic and true to the nature of all these songs and how beautifully they’re constructed.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 9.49.47 pm

So any favourites?

Personally, Golf On TV makes me want to spontaneously combust in to flames, while also dissolving into a puddle of tears, so there’s that. There’s so much, lyrically, in this album that makes. my. heart. sing. The writer’s on this song did a phenomenal job, and the chorus consistently gets stuck in my head for hours on end, which is really not a problem.

Then there’s Older Than I Am, which they had no right putting right after GOTV, because it’s equally as beautiful but so emotionally charged and heavy. Again, the lyrics on this album are just another level, they take you to outer space in the best way possible.

There’s so much light and shade in this album, and having Lennon’s ethereal vocals laced throughout each song just brings them all together on this record and everything just makes sense. Everything fits, and the album as a whole feels like one big puzzle, with all the songs being the little pieces if that makes sense??

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 9.52.05 pm

I don’t know man, I’m just so happy this album is finally here. 13 beautiful tracks, I can’t really fault this album at all, though I’m not really one to share an album if I can fault it. If you’re a Lennon Stella fan, you’ll love this through and through because it’s everything that makes Lennon’s music so unique and enjoyable to listen to wrapped up in one record, and if you’ve never listened to Lennon before, this is the perfect first listen.



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5 thoughts on “Thank You Lennon Stella

  1. Love this !! I’ve loved Lennon & Maisy ever since Harry started talking about them in what, 2013? To see how they’ve both grown and become so successful yet humble really warms my heart and Lennon is just the most insane person, SO beautiful. It really is so nice to see how well she’s doing and this album is so good, I’ve fallen in love with it .xx

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