My Top 5 Most Listened To Playlists

Hello boys and girls!

You know the drill, I hope you’re all well and thriving!

For today’s post I just wanted to be annoying again and plug my own Spotify – but more specifically, my most listened to playlists, my favourite curations, the Top 5 playlists that get a real good rinse.

I have way too many playlists at this point, and I’ve given up on the idea of deleting playlists, because sooner or later, I find myself in a scenario where I know I used to have a playlist that was relevant for the moment, but because of my self-consciousness, I don’t. I know, it’s a total first world problem, but the point is – I’m a playlist snob, a playlist hoarder, and I’m not afraid of it anymore.

That said, like I mentioned, I have several playlists that just get a real good rinse. Just a few that I’m constantly returning to time and time again, whether with a purpose or just to have in the background. I present them to you below.


356 // 2020

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.26.15 pm

I think I listen to this playlist the most because it’s the most accurate representation of all the songs I’m loving at the moment in one place. It’s currently the fourth installment in my collection of 365 playlists. For those of you who’ve just joined us, my 365 playlists are my annual playlists that I create right at the start of the new year, where I add a song every single day of the year. Usually the song I add is a song I’ve heard during the day,  a song a friend has shown me while we’re hanging out, a new discovery or a song that’s relevant to whatever happened on that day. Listen to 365 // 2020 HERE.


Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.26.33 pm

If you missed the post where I first referenced this playlist while talking about one of my favourite Netflix original shows, Outer Banks, you can read that HERE, but otherwise, you can listen to DUCK DIVE HERE. DUCK DIVE serves as my little mix-up of blues, roots, some psychedelic jazz and a good dose of reggae, building on the structure provided by the exquisite Outer Banks soundtrack. It’s been one of my favourite playlists ever since I made it, it’s got a handful of followers too, even my Dad has been spinning this one.


Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.26.45 pm

VIBE OR DIE is my ride or die. It’s immaculate, if I do say so myself. It’s an essential part of my nightly vibe routine, which I’ve had the time to perfect since isolation started. I’m one of those people who bought LED strip lights for their room, and I finally got new globes for my salt rock lamps when I realised how much time I was spending in my room. With all those on, and the main lights off, my room is the definition of ‘vibe or die’ and this playlist is perfect for it. It’s find it really fitting for relaxing car rides when I don’t necessarily feel like singing (yelling) along and just driving. It’s also currently what I’m listening to while writing now. You can listen to VIBE OR DIE HERE.


Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.26.56 pm

My love for old school rap has never left since growing up and expanding my music taste, but it’s resurfaces a ton more now than ever, and it’s my go to music when I’m doing anything like drawing or making collages and wallpapers. If I know that I’m going for a longer drive, I’ll sometimes throw this on as well, and it’s another playlist that gets a good spin when I’m just hanging out in my room. As well as some of the old rap that I grew up hearing, it’s also highly influenced by shows like The Evolution of Hip Hop and The Last Dance, both of which are incredible Netflix shows if you ever want something to watch. Check out my WRAP playlist HERE.


Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.27.06 pm

This is a playlist that was desperately needed, and I was super happy with myself for recognising that and getting it done. This playlist is one of my most played playlists, especially for when I’m either a) at work or b) in my feels. It’s perfect to throw on at work because I just need something that’s good to have in the background, but I also love having it play because all the songs are so beautiful and impressive theoretically, technically or vocally, that it makes it such a treat to listen to. Plus, working in a shop that serves musicians, it’s always great to have people appreciating some YEBBA, Eloise or Bruno Major. It’s got a bunch of my favourite artists featured and it genuinely sounds like a warm hug. If you wanna literally transcend, you can check out the BETTER YOURSELF playlist HERE.



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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