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Hello boys and girls, welcome to another post!

Today’s post, as you can tell by the title is a Courtesy Of, a favourite around these parts. I get family, friends, musicians and creators to share their top ten favourite songs of the moment, and we all get to discover some new music together!

Today’s delivery of music is brought to you courtesy of Christchurch-based producer, Antzz. Remember a little while back when I said New Zealand had some of the best undiscovered music in the world?

Keep that in mind.

Before we get into Antzz’s top ten songs at the moment, let’s dive into his own music, more specifically, his debut EP,  Get to You, which he released at the start of this month. Y’all know how I feel about RnB, pop-RnB and everything in between, and Antzz brings all of that and more into his own blend of synthesizers, beautifully nostalgic harmonies, smooth vocals and elite production value. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve listened to the first single, Player 1 since I first heard it. The rest of the EP is just as nostalgic and filled to the brim with beautiful lyrics that match the production perfectly.


IMG_4867 2

You can find Antzz on Spotify HERE. Player 1 is definitely one of my favourites from the EP. I mean, once you listen to the song, I’m sure all of you who know me will know while I’m so excited about the single! If you’ve kept up with my 365//2020 playlist, you’ll most definitely find it has a spot on there…

That said, this is a courtesy of post, and just as exciting is getting into some of Antzz’s inspirations and favourite songs right now!

So. many. favourites. 

I was super excited when Antzz’s sent me his list, because as you’ll see soon enough, there’s so of my favourite artists on here and a bunch that I’m sure you’ll recognise from seeing them appear time and time again on the blog!



Let me know what you think!

Tevin Campbell – Can We Talk: Old school R&B will always be my favourite genre. Authentic, soulful rhythm and blues. This song has those elements of R&B all through it. And not to mention Tevin Campbell’s voice…next level!

Earth, Wind and Fire – After The Love Has Gone: One of my favourite singers ever Maurice White. Does a great job and singing that smooth iconic sound that is Earth, Wind and Fire in After the Love Has Gone. Plus, there is no hiding behind production/mixing in these songs. It’s all talent and authentic music played by the best musicians ever.

Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees

Johnny Gill – My, My, My: Love the chords, beat and vocals in the song. I will almost always refer to this song I ever hit writers block. So many different and creative elements in this song whilst being so minimal.

Kirk Franklin – Love Theory: Although I don’t come from a religious background, Love Theory is no doubt a really well written piece of music. From the gospel choir to the piano progression, the groove to the synths, Love Theory just makes you wanna dance!

Maurice Moore – Little More: Great mix of old school with new school music. So undercover, but so good at the same time. Vocals are mixed in really nice and you can imagine a whole band playing the song as opposed to an over engineered sound in it. Lyrics are great and fit well with the melody.

Mac Ayres – Better: Fun upbeat song made by my favourite artist of this decade.

Mac Ayres – Summertime: So chill and relaxed. It’s so nice and isn’t over produced which seems to be prominent in every song on the radio. It also shocks me that this song is performed live. Crazy talented

Matt Corby – Miracle Love: Matt Corby, the most diverse and talented singer in the world (in my opinion of course). This song really shows how amazing his vocals are. So minimal and raw.

Allen Stone – Sunny Days: Another one of my favourite singers. This song took a different sound compared to what we’re used to hearing from Allen Stone. Has a nice beat and you can never go wrong when adding Allen Stone’s voice to anything.



Make sure you show Antzz some support – you know I’ll be getting around his music as soon as he releases some more! You can find him on Instagram, FaceBook and SoudCloud!




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  1. […] Player 1 – Antzz: If you missed the blog post featuring Antzzz I shared a little while back, I highly recommend you give it a read, check it out HERE. The guy shared some bangers for a Courtesy Of post, which I was super grateful for. I also shared his debut EP, of which, this single, Player 1 is my all time favourite track. As much as I love getting sent new music from up and coming artists, I really hold back on just throwing them all at you guys, unless I really, genuinely like them, which is why I was so excited when I heard Antzzz’s record and this track in particular! […]


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