Nitecaller // Space Memories

Hello boys and girls, hope you’re well.

It’s always a pleasure sharing brand new music that you thoroughly enjoy, but when it’s one of your own friends? Ten times better.

Today we’re gonna be talking about Space Memories, a surprise album drop by Melbourne producer and musician, Nitecaller.

Drawing on inspiration from artists like Flying Lotus, Jon Hopkins and Bonobo, Nitecaller’s sound is constantly shifting and evolving and adapting to meet the new levels of experimentation and discovery he’s constantly reaching with his music.

Jarrod Hambleton, the name behind Nitecaller, has already been making his own moves as a musician, playing guitar and bass in numerous bands, working as a producer for other musicians (including your gal) and making beautiful soundscapes for the art installations he’s been a part of creating.


Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 7.37.23 pm


Space Memories was dropped at the end of June with essentially no promotion or marketing, and it’s humble release is what, in my opinion, made the record so beautiful and that much more appreciated.

The 10-track instrumental album brings together a blend of ethereal lo-fi guitar tones and ambient synths. For me, it was like a new wave version of Albatross by Fleetwood Mac, one of my favourite songs, mixed with the synth-y sounds and tones that I’ve come to find synonymous with Jarrod’s music and his releases as Nitecaller.

It’s incredibly minimal, but each sound has it’s own intention and place within each song, which makes everything you hear that much more beautiful and purposeful.

12:55 is undoubtedly my favourite track, as I’ve let him know, for how rhythmically melodic the way it flows is, and the way Nitecaller manages to create a innate sense of movement in a little under 3 minutes. 12:35 is also a favourite, just for how much the melody and the guitar tone lends itself to the indie lo-fi genre, but also builds upon itself as the song progresses.

If you’re on the lookout for some new music to meditate to or put on in the background as you go about your business on a quiet Sunday morning, Space Memories is the move, I promise you.

You can find Nitecaller’s Spotify page HERE and you can listen to the album HERE.




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8 thoughts on “Nitecaller // Space Memories

  1. I just heard the first song on the album, and I have a feeling I’m going to return to it very often. I love this sound- ethereal really is the way to describe it. Thank you so much for sharing, Priya!

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  2. Just had a quick listen and already, I love Space Memories! It emits such a serene & peaceful vibe. I could see myself listening to this album at the end of a long day or while I’m relaxing in the bath with a glass of wine – just me, my thoughts, the wine and some good music to keep me company.

    Thank you for always featuring such amazing music on your beautiful blog, Priya! It’s always such a treat to find new, incredibly underrated music through your posts. xx

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! I had to share it, didn’t even tell Jarrod I was doing it until the post was entirely written, purely because of how much I love the album! I’ve thrown it on while I’ve been reading before bed a few times, as well as just when I want a relaxing drive back from work, and no matter what I’m doing this album just makes it so serene and peaceful x

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  3. […] 12:55 – Nitecaller: Just another plug here for my insanely talented friend and producer, Jarrod aka Nitecaller, for releasing one of my favourite albums of the year so far! Space Memories is honestly played a minimum of three times a week in my house these days, and 12:55 has been my favourite track from the start! So calming and ethereal, hopefully you guys give it a listen! […]


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