Some Film & Some Tunes

I’ve been waiting to share this post for some time. I’ve already done one of these before, you can find it HERE, but for some reason I decided to sit on four completed rolls of film for a little while, and then the coronavirus pandemic hit, and I was unable to get into the city to have them developed. Finally, I have them developed, and I love these rolls so much.

Absolutely cherish every single photo – all 146 of them.

I don’t know if it’s because the photos are that cute, or just because I had to wait so long to have them done, like I’m talking months, but I love them and that’s all that matters.

Here’s some film photos, and some tunes to go along with them.


Priya shared a sketch with you 3


Hands – Brandt Orange
nursery – bbno$, Lentra
Glimmer – Mako Road
Switch Off – Milan Ring
Broken – Lund
Searching For A Feeling – Thirdstory


Priya shared a sketch with you 2


Bridges – Johnnyswim
The Land – Hoodzy
Be Like You – Whethan, Broods
Doing Better – Jamie Isaac
Your Favourite Song – Eighty Ninety
Philospher – Iris Temple
By Myself – Christian French, Triegy
Thirteen Sad Farewells – Stu Larsen



Priya shared a sketch with you


Ms Understood – Vintage Slims
Alladat – Church & AP
things change – Arno Faraji
Junk Food Forever – The Amazons
Brighter Than the Sun – Reuben Stone




Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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4 thoughts on “Some Film & Some Tunes

  1. I have been waiting for this!! I LOVED your first one of these, so I was hoping it wouldn’t stop at that! Music and visuals are something that can speak volumes when put together, it can create a specific feeling, a vibe, something to immerse yourself into fully. I do hope you make more of these, Priya! Saved this post immediately, I think this is one I will find myself coming back to xx

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    • I was waiting for these rolls for months Fiona, it was so frustrating!! I knew there were so many pictures on them too, and not being able to see them for so long did my head in haha. Hopefully the next one isn’t too far away, but with my city in another lockdown I haven’t had the chance to even start my new rolls :((( I’m so glad you this one though gal!! x

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