folklore // embodied

Honestly, I think I’m in love with Taylor Swift.

I don’t know if she set out to release arguably the best album of her career, but in my opinion, that’s just what she did.

I also don’t know if I’m the best person to be making statements like that because aside from her singles and a few tracks here and there I’ve rarely been an active Taylor Swift listener in the past, but damn, she did a good thing with folklore.

I think more than just her music, I’ve been super invested in her career. The shit show she went through with Kanye that kind of ruined one of the best moments of her life, which also subsequently spiraled into this whirlwind of a series of episodes that just plagued a huge portion of her career, then losing ownership of all of her masters and essentially having to start from scratch, the girls been through it. I think there’s so much she’s had to deal with, and she’s still managed to have a long, successful career. Gal must be tired.


Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 10.09.23 am

But on to folklore.

Like I said, I think I’m in love. This entire record is just so beautifully nostalgic and haunting, I genuinely wish I could go back to the moment I listened to the entire album for the first time so I could experience those feelings again.

I’m sure you’ve read one hundred and one reviews of this album already, because in keeping with my character I’m a little behind on this, so I’m just gonna share with you some of my favourite tracks from the record.



the 1
Come on. This song. So beautiful. The words, which are obviously just as strong throughout the entire album, just make it so simple and powerful. It’s so gentle, but there’s so much emotion in this one song.

my tears ricochet
My favourite song. Hands down. There’s so much anger and authenticity in this one song alone. Side note; I highly suggest you do not listen to this song for the first time while going on your daily walk because you will end up crying in public and it’s not a good look. ‘And if I’m dead to you, why are you at the wake?’ ‘You know I didn’t have to, want to haunt you, but what a ghostly scene.’ ‘You wear the same jewels, that I gave you, when you bury me.’ Come. On. Come. On. My jaw visibly dropped several times throughout this song just listening to the words Taylor was singing. Shivers every time.

If I had my way, this song would be the main title motif for a modern gothic YA film, and the big build up would be playing while the main protagonist is running through the woods, with this huge looming countryside mansion in the background, after they come to a mad realisation. That’s if I had my way. That’s all I’m saying.

mad woman
Imagine thinking Taylor Swift would allow anyone to have the last word when it came to losing her masters and being taken advantage of by music industry heavy-weights. I feel like this song is Taylor’s response to that entire situation, and even the way she consistently gets portrayed in the media. It’s just so hauntingly cathartic and emotional. ‘Every time you call me crazy, I get more crazy, what about that?’. I think this is my second favourite song on the album. It’s so strong, so forceful in it’s tone, but so gentle and alluring at the same time.

So many layers to this record. I saw so many people talking about how this song was maybe a nod to healthcare workers and front-liners during COVID and I could find no better meaning for such a beautiful song. It’s so melancholy, but suitably so.



This entire record sounds like you’re listening to the old Taylor Swift after she’s lived a life and experienced a million things, which I guess it is and you are. Sonically, it’s what I feel Taylor Swift was meant to be making, not that her past albums or singles have been bad in the slightest, rather that she embodies this record far more naturally in my opinion.


Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 10.10.27 am


I could listen to this album for days. Not gonna lie, I have been.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the album – what’s your favourite track?



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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4 thoughts on “folklore // embodied

  1. You described this so perfectly. Nostalgic really is the word for it – I literally felt like I was transported back to when I was 12 or 13, but now with the added heaviness of experience and time. Folklore is so beautiful.

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