The Vinyl Records // Round Two

Hi friends!

Hope you’re all well and thriving. Today’s post is gonna be Round Two of my Vinyl Series!

The record I wanna share today is one of the first ones I actually bought for myself as soon as I got my record player, I mean after I got sick of my Jim Reeves op shop vinyl, and that is Rainbow Valley by old mate, Matt Corby.


This is honestly one of my all time favourite records I own, purely because of how incredibly beautiful this album sounds translated on vinyl.

As I did with Round One of the The Vinyl Records, which you can read HERE, I’m just gonna share a few of my favourite tracks from the record, instead of going on a bit of a ramble about every single track!

No Ordinary Life This song is sublime. The piano, the strings in the background, the layered harmonies, it all comes together so seamlessly, this song is genuinely such a trip to listen to. Add in the drums and how they just drive the song along with such a steady chug, and it’s so easy to get lost in this song. I find it ten times more beautiful when listening to it on vinyl. This album in my mind, was made to be listened to on vinyl. Hands down. This song is probably one of the best indicators of that.

All That I Say This song is such a groovy track. The vocals in this are a great mix of flowing and ebbing drawls and short, snappy backing vocals, and it all works together so nicely. The bass in this track is also probably my favourite part, it definitely carries the song for me.

Get With The Times I have to refrain from including literally every song on the album in this list, but I had to throw this one in there. This one is my favourite in terms of Matt Corby’s vocal performance. It’s another song that features a really tasteful electric guitar groove, nestled in amongst the piano and backing vocals, and the lead vocals are so sweet and beautiful.

All Fired Up Beautiful song. Beautiful arrangement, beautiful singing, I can’t say much else for this track.

Miracle Love  I always wait to reach this song when I’m making my way through the record. So much emotion packed into one song and I think for me, this is Corby’s best vocal performance on the entire track. So impactful and raw, and it truly shows off just how talented he is as a singer and musician.

That brings us to the end of our second Vinyl Records! Hopefully you enjoyed this post, I sure loved getting the opportunity to lay down in bed and listen to the vinyl on repeat while I wrote up this post.



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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