Wonder // A Shawn Mendes Special

He really knows how to make a return right?

Of course, I’m taking about Shawn Mendes, and the absolute scene he’s made with his latest single, Wonder.

The song itself, is beautiful. It’s so cinematic and full, with so many different elements that bring it all together. Absolutely perfect driving through a tunnel kind of music if you ask me. The music, combined with genuinely emotionally weighted lyrics, come together to create, what I believe to be one of Shawn’s greatest songs to date.

That said, the true gift here, obviously aside from the existence of the song itself, is the music video. I never thought I’d ever see Shawn Mendes do choreography in my life, yet here we are, and it just fits so perfectly .The scenery, the story-telling, the movement and flow and how everything seems to blend together in this cinematic universe he’s created. You’ve got Polar Express, he’s giving you Harry Potter, there’s some Twilight.

It all fits.

I’m just super impressed. I’ve always enjoyed Shawn’s music, his concert was a highlight of mine last year, and if this is any sort of hint towards the things he’s set to deliver us in the future, I’m hyped.

Have you watched the music video or heard the song? I’d love to know your thoughts! Let me know in the comments.



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3 thoughts on “Wonder // A Shawn Mendes Special

  1. I feel like this MV is single handedly the one thing I’ve been wanting to do all my life (and especially quarantine) – just running and running and swimming in the rain. To watch it is so calming and freeing and I feel like sometimes I have this feeling but I don’t know what it is, and now I do. It’s THIS .xx

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