A Very Late Spotify Wrapped 2020

Hello friends! Hope you’re all well and enjoying the holiday season, whatever it is you’re doing! I thought I’d pop back in and remind y’all I very much exist, by sharing my Spotify Wrapped for 2020. I’m well aware that Christmas as very literally come and gone and there’s mere days left of 2020, but I’m gonna squeeze this in here because I feel bad.

I’ve done a Spotify Wrapped post, ever since Spotify Wrapped existed. I’m all over it. I genuinely think about it year round.

Here’s my 2017 Wrapped, here’s my 2018 Spotify Wrapped and here’s my Spotify Wrapped: 2019. Just so you can catch up if you want to!

If you’ve been keeping up with my sporadic posting throughout 2020, you’ll know that music got me through a lot of lockdown, I discovered a bunch of music that I was keen to share when I could, and I listened to a whole lot of new artists with all the time I was finding myself with. Hence, I was super excited for my Spotify Wrapped this year.

This year there were a few additions and fun tidbits as there is every year. I was super intrigued with the stats on genres and new artists listened, and I like how they made it a lot more simple than last year. I’ll admit, last year seemed like…a lot, but the 2020 Wrapped gave you everything you needed and wanted to know, and I genuinely spent the entire day it came out, asking my friends about their Wrapped, comparing and sharing.

I did see the memes that held the general sentiment of ‘we don’t care about your Spotify Wrapped’, which seemed to be in excess this year, but I personally, love seeing everyone’s wrap-up. It was such a fun day to see everyone sharing their results, whether their top songs were plucked right from TikTok or rain music that they played year round to help them fall asleep. It’s always super wholesome for me.

So with all of that said, I’m obviously gonna be sharing the results of my 2020 Spotify Wrapped, not that I’m assuming you all were holding your breaths for it, but because in a super shitty year, it’s something that I’ve been looking forward to, something that made everyone a little excited to talk about and something that got people talking. I’m also warning those of you who have been here since the first Wrapped, prepare yourself for a complete lack of Jon Bellion that honestly threw me off as much as it might throw you off.

Here ya go.

Very much not surprising if I’m being honest.

This just makes me very happy to look at.

I think this year’s Spotify Wrapped may have been my favourite so far. I saw so many more people sharing their result and everyone really got into it. There is that little niggling thought in my head that Spotify Wrapped is great publicity for everyone to mindlessly promote the platform while it refuses to properly pay the artists who are streamed on, but in the words of Flex Mami, I am capitalism’s handmaiden and if I can enjoy something as much as I enjoy receiving my Spotify Wrapped…I’m gonna do it.

How did you year on Spotify pan out?



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