Songs You Don’t Know But Should Pt. 24

Hello friends! Welcome back to a beautifully lazy post, one of my favourites, songs you don’t know but should. For those of you just joining us, it’s a small lil baby post, where I just dump a bunch of new songs I’ve discovered, onto the page and call it a day. I get some quick content out for you all, you guys discover some new tunes, it’s a win/win.

That said, there’s always more tunes to discover, and where better place than on the aptly named songs you should probably hear playlist?? You can follow me on Spotify HERE, and you can find the playlist HERE.

Here’s the latest pickings from the playlist, enjoy!

One Time – Antoine
Catharsis – Gareth Donkin
Let You Know – a2k, Noah Vernon, Kobe White
Henny in the Hamptons – Bren Joy
Lola – A.GIRL
Hiatus – King Sis
Sarah – c a n d i d !
Good Fit – Billy Reeves
Only You – Taka Perry, Gia Vorne
Growing – Szn’s
facetime (4g LTE) – Paul Russell, Kuwada
Vibrate – Jerome Farah
there’s something going on – Hearteyes
Dino – Payday

Let me know if you found a new fave OR, even better, throw me some suggestions of songs to listen to, I’m always in the market for new additions.



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