Same Kind Of Different

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The second I bought the tickets to see this dude in concert I had a countdown going on my phone. So back in May. It’s not a very long time to wait for a concert, considering the sometimes year long wait we usually endure when booking big ticket gigs.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with Dean Lewis.

If you haven’t heard of Dean Lewis, as I usually say, now you have. If you haven’t heard of him, you’ve surely heard his song Waves. Here in Australia it reached No.12 on the ARIA Charts and it reached platinum by May. Pretty decent event considering it was released at the end of April. Since then he’s released Need You Now and Lose my mind, two more songs featured on his album, Same Kind of Different.




It was a great gig. 100% worth it. I went with one of my best friends, and after several painful, and bloody freezing, delays due to the public transport system we have here in Melbourne, we had some drinks and then headed to The Howler, which is very quickly becoming one of my favourite spots here in this city.

We got there just in time to see most of the last opening act, the PLGRMS, who were fantastic. Very different to the type of music we were expected to hear from Dean, but amazing all the same.

It was a shorter set than I expected. My best friend and I both expected a longer show, but that wasn’t to say Dean didn’t deliver.



The screaming as soon as he came on was deafening. But in such a pleasant way. Everyone was just so united in their excitement to see Lewis on stage after what ended up being a…late start. He sang at the piano first and moved between that and the guitar for the duration of the show. I loved whenever he sat at the piano. I feel like Dean’s voice was made for the piano, though there are several songs that show off just how amazing his guitar playing is, which I got to see first hand.

For me, hearing Let Go and Need You Now were the highlights for me. Obviously Waves was a crowd favourite, and my best friend was hanging out to hear Chemicals. The little gasps we let out at the start of all of those songs were like the intro bars to the amazing performances he gave for both. Dude was so smooth.



He brought out another guy, Ben, who joined him on a second piano, moving back ad forth between that and a few synths I’m pretty sure. Ben really added to the volume, or intensity I guess, of the songs he played with Dean. I think rarely, the band or the tech team or the other musicians that are brought out to make the headliner look as good as they do are rarely given the credit they are due. While Dean definitely thanked Ben and was obviously grateful to him, I’d probably pay to see Ben play just as much as hear Dean sing. He was amazing.

It was a different experience to Gretta’s concert, despite being in the exact same location. Of course, because of the train schedule’s mucking up our flow, we only made it during the last support act, PLGRMS, so we definitely were not at the front. That said, we weren’t at the back. We were probably at the start of the middle. I wasn’t craning to see him. It was a pretty great spot to be, amidst it all. Unlike Gretta Ray’s gig, I didn’t sing along to every song. I didn’t even try to. It was more a concert to listen and enjoy, 100% take in, and then sing along to the hits. While Gretta cracked jokes and covered up her awkwardness, Dean was eloquent and sure of himself as he explained the personal reasoning behind some of his songs, still somehow playing it off as light stuff that only made you want to listen to him even more.

“This is a song about the time I went through my then-girlfriend’s phone. It wasn’t a great thing to do, I know.”

Like I was wide awake. Firstly, why would you do that Dean? And secondly, why would you tell a 200 strong crowd that you did that Dean? Thirdly, I’m so keen to hear this song.

I loved it. I hope he releases it as a single. Far chance of it happening, but ya girl can hope. I do hope. It was probably one of the saddest songs I have ever heard performed live, and I’ve heard Moments by One Direction performed live. It was sad as heck.

But then, after announcing that he wouldn’t be doing an encore and then performing Waves, Dean dropped into the audience via the back door and just hung out having beers with everyone. Like what kind of celebrity? The best kind honestly.

I got so much more than my money’s worth, and I’m so much more excited about the musicians Australia is introducing to the world. I’m pumped.

Also…bit of a special post coming up in a few days. You’ll know which one I’m referring to when you read it ūüėČ



Importance Of The Hype

Everyone deserves a team of cheerleaders, following them around in their day to day life, cheering them on and hyping them up to get through the day, celebrating their successes and nursing their failures. We all deserve that. But unfortunately, not all of us have that. Not many of us do. Which is why the personal hype is so important.

Music plays a huge part in personal hype, which is why I create playlists very,¬†very¬†specifically. There are different types of hype, and I’ve created playlists on my Spotify (which by now, you¬†really should have checked out…priyafrancis one word, you’re welcome), for each one. So for this post, I’m going to take you through all the playlists I’ve created, specifically for your personal hype.



The first one, was one of the original hype playlists I ever made. I called it sing into a hairbrush, because like I mentioned before, I’m very specific in the naming of my playlists. These are songs that are made to be sung along to. They’re for head-banging, singing around your room, blasting while you laze about the house or jamming to when your friends are over. I have to admit, I do indulge in the second option far more frequently. Close to every day.








The next playlist I made with the hype vibe intention was a playlist i called¬†rage. Don’t be fooled, they aren’t angry songs, though most of them would fit into that category. This playlist was named in loving memory of one of my favourite TV shows, rage. It started late on a Friday night, and ran through to Saturday morning, just before all the cartoons came on. rage was broadcasted purely for music videos. Like MTV, but better. In my opinion. It’s run by a government broadcaster (don’t you love how I’m studying this at uni?? like go music students) so there are no ads, meaning more time for music vids. And there’s no set genre of music. While most of the music on MTV is centered around the charts, with other genres featuring and filling in spots, rage doesn’t have any feature or more prominent genres of music, so you literally get all music, which you will find in this playlist. It is one playlist of massive throwback songs that I continue to add to regularly. These songs were all played every Saturday morning in my house, all thanks to rage. Thank you rage. Eternally grateful.













This playlist is a different type of hype. It’s the hype for your emotions. feel something is¬†all your feelings. Sometimes, you want to listen to sad music. You want to get in touch with your emotions. Listen to your heart. You want to feel it all. So I’ve made a playlist solely for that. You’re welcome.










It’s currently the middle of winter, but that hasn’t stopped me from adding to¬†the summer to end all summers. This playlist is a key part of any successfully summer I guarantee. All good stuff, the summer hype you need.







This playlist is fairly self explanatory. I can’t really describe the hype you feel when you go out of your way to listen to some amazing RnB music. But I experience this often so naturally I made my own¬†rnb playlist to assist me when I’m searching for my soul in Kendrick, Kehlani, Miss Elliot, Chris or even Soulja Boy. While writing this? I’m listening to this playlist. Even when I was learning you all a thing about the Australian icon that is rage, I was listening to this playlist.








You know when you feel like sitting in a hazed, fogged up bar, with some whiskey, maybe clicking along to the jazz band playing on stage? You know when you feel like putting one hand on your heart and the other in the air and just like…howling? Or when you want to imagine you were a backing dancer in the detention scene in Hairspray were Tracy shows Seaweed her ‘smooth moves’? Or even in the background of a Jackson 5 music video? Or when you want to…jive dance, even though all you know about jiving is what you’ve seen all your older aunties and uncles dance? Yeah?¬†smokey is the playlist for those specific hype moments.






I’m not sure how safe this is, but sometimes you need to hype yourself while driving, you need to listen to specific music? This is the music that I find myself wanting to listen to. Be aware, that I’m also a serial singing driver, and I generally sing along to all the songs I drive to. That’s where¬†i can’t drive yet comes in. It’s named so, because here in Australia, I don’t have the required hours to completely drive by myself, so until I reach my 120 hours of supervised driving, I’m driving with my mum or dad next to me at all times.












This is without a doubt, my favourite type of hype playlist. It’s also my most used, just because of how many of my friends play this playlist too. It’s called¬†before the uber comes. It’s for the hour or two before you head out when you’re either getting ready or¬†getting ready. If you know what I mean. I hope you know what I mean. Drinks are just really expensive at night clubs.

But these are songs meant to be sung with other people. Or into the end of a mascara wand. Or bobbed along to while a hair straightener has your head trapped.

Do be warned, there are a fair bit of RnB and hip hop songs on this playlist, just because that’s the general taste of most of my friends in these situations. But I¬†know there’s at least five songs you’ll appreciate should you put this playlist to use!








But yeah, this is another one of my playlists that’s a bit different. I hope you guys liked it, let me know what you thought! Drop your Spotify usernames if you have one in the comments and I’ll follow you and have a snoop at your playlists :))



Todrick x 4

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 8.14.27 pm.png

Along the same lines of my last post, I’m gonna be sending you to YouTube yet again. Have you heard of Todrick Hall? Hopefully you have. If not, you’re about to be enlightened.

Todrick was probably in his prime a few years ago, when he auditioned for the ninth season of American Idol, but he’s remained consistent and done nothing but grow since then. I’m not sure why I stopped seeing any of his covers up on Facebook for a while, but I’ve remained a subscriber to his YouTube channel religiously, and I nearly scream whenever he pops up in my ‘Recent Upload’s tab. Thank God it’s a ‘nearly’ otherwise those around me in the silent study area at the moment would definitely not have appreciated me shrieking when I noticed his new cover. Before I even begin, please watch this:


Now I may not have given Todrick the due credit he deserved in that last paragraph. You probably have heard one of his covers. It would be the 4 cover of Taylor Swift, which I’m pretty sure Taylor herself loved and shared. It too, was pretty great, though out of all the videos, this one is definitely my favourite. More notable is the fact that Hall also starred in Kinky Boots and performed on Broadway. I do also know that he made a few appearances as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, which I really only know about due to my friends. And the memes.

But yes. Todrick Hall. No one can say the guy doesn’t have an incredible voice after watching that. Did you hear it? Like, did you¬†hear it? He has an incredible crispness to his voice, and while I’m sure there is some editing involved to clean up the overall sound, you can’t deny how sharp and hard-hitting Todrick’s voice is. And the harmonies??? Like, come on. He creates harmonies that I couldn’t even think of, it’s like he’s creating notes that aren’t even there. It’s incredible.

Now his first video with this type of format was phenomenal. It was insane. And it was Beyonce. Talk about jumping into the deep end. To even bother covering Beyonce in general is pretty brave. Covering¬†all¬†of Beyonce, mashing them up together and then singing¬†all the parts by yourself? It’s insane. And it’s magical.



Like, how? Imagine the brainstorm, practice, filming, recording, mixing and editing that goes into one cover. Then multiply it by four! Then add in choreography!! It’s insane, and he makes it look so easy, all the while hitting notes as effortlessly as Bey. I have to admit, my favourite part is at 0:39. A moment.

After the release of the 4 Beyonce video, it was as if Todrick was churning out more and more of these fantastic videos. The next one he did was a video I particularly enjoyed, The Evolution of Disney. Which again, he nailed.



He uploaded this on YouTube two months later.¬†Two months. I still can’t wrap my head around how hard this guy worked and how hard he is still working. I’m pretty sure he has his own show on MTV, though I’m not positive if it’s still on air. But there was definitely a show. A well deserved TV special. But anyway, he included¬†He’s A Tramp from from Lady and The Tramp. For so long that was my favourite movie ever, and when he dances with that red boa singing like the little pup in the kennel I feel nostalgic as heck.

Then, three months later, amidst selling his tickets for a national tour, he released what would be one of his most famous videos ever, the Taylor Swift medley.



You definitely hear how amazing he works with harmonies in this one. As well as the harmonies, the backing track that he creates. It’s marvellous and not overtly obvious of the intended original song. And how quickly he dips in and out of songs? It’s amazing how subtly he manages to pick and choose mere sentences to mix with others. And then he released one that’s another favourite of mine, a Rihanna medley.



The whole build up to Rude Boy. The mashing of Disturbia, Pour It Up and What’s My Name. Did you hear it? Did you see it? It’s at 0:54. Please click.

I could post a couple more of my favourite videos, but I’m already having concerns on whether this post with come up properly content wise so I’ll leave it at that.

Please have a watch, and look at some more of his stuff (especially his Ariana Grande version), here’s the link to his YouTube channel:

There is so much work put into these four minute videos, it’s insane to try and fathom the genius that is Todrick Hall.

Oh well, you can try.



Following The Rules

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Have you seen the music video for Dua Lipa’s new song New Rules? Wrong question to start with.

Have you heard New Rules by Dua Lipa? Because you should. It’s amazing.

I hate to say this, but it was one of those songs that I used to skip past whenever it first came out as the single for her new album. I’m not sure why, but I don’t think I ever fully listened to the song entirely. And then I started seeing screenshots from the music video, which looked¬†amazing, all over the internet¬†and I kind of kept it away, in the back of my mind. Like I’d get around to it.


Yesterday, I got around to it. And it’s phenomenal. The first time I heard the whole song was the first time I saw the music video and I wanted to slap myself for each time I pressed next when it showed up. The video just adds that extra ‘holy moly’ factor to this tune.



How?? Like the song, based on production value alone, is something else. And then, acknowledging the obvious fact that she isn’t singing live, there’s a whole effortlessness to the whole way Dua Lipa delivers the song. And then the aesthetic of the video as a whole is beautiful. The girls are amazing, not just as dancers but as actresses too. It’s a beautiful music video, and I love the female empowerment and support that’s depicted. I’m all for that.

Song wise, it’s been in my head all day at university. Non-stop. Especially the pre chorus, the¬†rules you could say. Pro tip; the pre chorus is a great section, rhythm wise, to speed walk when the public transport system fails you yet again and you get off your train half an hour later than usual and need to get to class quick sticks.

And then the chorus! Headphones surely recommended, but I feel like this is just as effective played really, really loudly on my laptop after a long day, which is exactly what I did today. And what I will surely be doing tomorrow.

This is crazy stuff coming from an English chick who was signed to Warner Music Group in 2015 after being discovered on YouTube posting covers. She’s doing so well for herself. I can’t even find her original YouTube channel due to the huge amount of fan accounts, update accounts, international accounts, edit accounts, you get the deal.


In 2016, The Fader commissioned a documentary all about Dua , which you can watch¬†here. And then in January this year, she released her first album. The same month, she featured on Martin Garrix’s track, Scared To Be Lonely, which is another incredible song, you should definitely check it out, but I’m sure you’re familiar with it.

I’m also getting really excited listening to her music, knowing that in 2018, I’ll get to see her live as the opening act for Bruno Mars! Hopefully she decides to announce some side shows while she’s in Melbourne, because I would definitely love to see a whole live show from her. If her songs, and the overall feel of this music video is anything to go by, I’m positive it would be amazing!



I have news! This time tomorrow I will be on my way to see Dean Lewis live! If you haven’t heard of Dean, he’s an amazing Australia singer who’s song Waves literally blew up all over the country, and got pretty famous over in the UK. Hopefully he gets to tour the US soon too, because this guys voice is scary good. I’m so excited to see him live, back at The Howler, where I saw Gretta Ray back in April.

I’m so ready for another pulled pork burger.

But yes. I’m seeing Dean lived tomorrow, and I will definitely be taking some photos to share with you guys, and I’ll be writing a whole post all about the experience!

Let me know what you think of Dua Lipa in the comments below!






I’m so happy right now. So a few days ago, ¬†I was trolling through YouTube, and stumbled across this niche little corner of the internet, where absolute LEGENDS, are taking popular, current songs from the radio,¬†and creating 80s versions of them. Like someone say genius. Genius.

I picked a few of my favourites, you’re welcome. Let me know which ones you enjoyed in the comments! Also, can we just appreciated the amazing covers?


Closer – The Marlboro Smokers – we all know who actually released this song, but the name is probably the best part, besides the actually amazing guitar solo that features in this remix.














What Do You Mean It’s 1985








Focus – Ariana Grande¬†– I feel like Ariana’s voice was literally made for the 80s.













Childish Gambino РRedbone (70s Remix) Рokay, this is the outlier that is a 70s remix, but it cannot be left off this list.







Wrecking Ball 80s Version










Katy Perry РI Kissed A Girl 80s РKaty is driving me up the wall recently, but had she released this version, rather than the original, I would have loved it so much.









Rihanna – 90s Bitch Better My Money¬†– again, this one isn’t exactly the 80s, but I’m a 90s baby and I love this remix so much, nostalgic as heck.















80s Remix: Selena Gomez РBad Liar Рso good. So, so good.












Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang¬†– um so if there’s anything better than this remix, it’s the video the producer made to go along with it.











80s Remix: Arian Grande – One Last Time – again, Ariana’s voice was made for the 80s.



80s Remix: Cool For The Summer¬†– they’ve completely changed the rhythm of the chorus, and I really don’t mind, I’m not mad at all. And¬†that sax.





80s Remix: Into you РAriana Grande Рthis. This is the song that got me hooked.






80s Remix: Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You¬†– play. this. at. the. club. This is my favourite. Hands down. No competition, no question. The best one. Which is why it’s last. Those of you who persevered through all of these, deserve this absolute gem.





I hope you liked this post. I liked putting it together because it gave me an excuse to scour YouTube for the best ones. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Let me know what you think!


July Tunes

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.05.39 pm

Ah it’s that time of the month. The end. Meaning; you folks get your monthly fill of tunes that I was listening to throughout July. Be warned: there are repeats.

Firefly – Mura Masa:¬†Hopefully you’ve heard of Mura Masa, but if you haven’t, you have now. This song is amazing. It’s really a feel-good type of song, and it was a great tune to listen to while on the long bus trip I was on, which I’m sure you guys are over hearing about by now. Whatever synth they’ve used that carry on throughout the song is definitely my favourite part of the song, apart from the drops that happen when you least expect them to.

Simplify –¬†Siroj ft Jalise Romy:¬†This was definitely a new song for me. I think the first time I heard it I added it to my travel playlist as well as my tunes for the month. It’s great song to dance to. Also wouldn’t be too bad at the gym.

You Can Count On Me РAnsel Elgort ft Logic: I reckon Ansel Elgort should receive so much more than he does for his music. Not only is he a great DJ and producer, but the guy has amazing pipes. I was fist-pumping so hard when James Corden did the Sing Off and he was able to show everyone how amazing his voice is.

Same Same – Waax:¬†I feel like if I was ever really really mad this is the song I’d want to play in the movie soundtrack about my life. It’s such a tune. Also, the lead singer sounds so nostalgic, her voice is killer on this track. It’s a great song to sing along to, which I was nearly caught doing, several times. Jump on your bed, listen with headphones.

Alaska – Maggie Rogers:¬†Maggie has a voice of magic. This song is incredible. Hopefully you’ve heard of it. It’s like butter. The transitions between the different parts of the song are so smooth, and the percussion that lies beneath it is so consistent throughout, 10/10. There’s also an acoustic version, if you really want to truly appreciate this girls voice.

You Make It Real – James Morrison:¬†Just like your mum, I have a deep appreciation for James Morrison. I don’t know if its the really soft humming he pulls off right at the beginning of the track, or just the general contrast between how smooth, yet raspy and husky his voice is, but this song is definitely one of my faves by Morrison.

Just For You – Deach ft Ria and Ezra James:¬†Oh my goodness. Holy moly. This song. At first, when it’s just Ria and the guitar I thought I’d be diving way back to my childhood, with some old school rnb, but then the piano and the drums come in, and it’s like J Boog jumped on this track and sprinkled some island magic throughout it. If you don’t know, I’m a huge reggae fan, and the vibe Deach brings to the song, combined with Ria and Ezra’s smooth as heck vocal performance make it the perfect combination of reggae, hip hop, rnb and soul for me. It’s amazing. Probably my favourite on this list. If you listen to any of these songs, please listen to this one.

Ellie Grab Your Gun – Matt Willis:¬†Am I allowed to have two favourites on this list? Because, they’re two completely different songs, like polar opposites. This song, is to date, one of the saddest songs I have ever listened to, yet I still put myself through the experience whenever I hear this song, and I never have any regrets. It’s so beautiful.

Telepathy – Christina Aguilera:¬†Not only was The Get Down an amazing TV show, (that never deserved the injustice Netflix stupidly served it) but it also had a killer soundtrack, including this amazing song by the queen. This is one of the singers I looked up to as a kid. It didn’t matter if it was impossible to sing, Lady Marmalade was my jam, and anything Christina touched was next on my list to learn. Eighteen years old and nothing has changed. This song is my favourite from the whole soundtrack, (sorry Zayn). But this song is golden. Like it sounds like actual gold.

Lights Down Low – MAX:¬†You may know him as Max Schneider from YouTube, popular with his brother Hugo, or his short appearance in an original Disney Channel movie, but I love MAX for this song. This song is beautifully sad, but do yourself a favour, and listen to the Not Your Dope Remix. It completely changes the song, but so respectfully. Which is incredibly important for me. It’s a tune.

Father,¬†Father – Jay Prince:¬†I love gospel music. Some of my closest friends are gospel singers and I hold my breath whenever they sing. If I could sing gospel and do it justice, I probably wouldn’t do anything else. This song brings that all out of me, specifically for the sample of the gospel choir Jay has used to lay underneath the whole song. That, combined with a really¬†sick beat and a great rap over the top, ¬†is why this song makes the cut on my monthly favourites.

Do What You Want – High¬†Tyde:¬†This is another song that requires jumping on a bed with your headphones on. The drums on this song are amazing, but it’s the guitar through the chorus that really carries this song for me. Listen and you’ll agree. No doubt.

Pleaser РWallows: Love 13 Reasons Why? Appreciate amazing music? Read my post all about this song, here.

I Built A Friend РAlec Benjamin: Do not, and I mean do not, listen to this song while driving on the road, looking out the window. Unless you want to become a sobbing mess like I was so close to, I would highly advise against it.

Get Low – Zedd, Liam Payne:¬†I’m a huge fan of Zedd. And I’m ever so proud that he reached out to my boy Liam for this song, because his vocals match Zedd’s vibe incredibly well. This song is quite risqu√©, obviously something to expect from Payne now, and I love it.

iSpy РKyle: Initially, Doubt It was my favourite by the Kyle, but this one has overtaken it. I desperately need someone to duo the first part with though.

Kissing¬†Strangers – DNCE, Nicki Minaj:¬†We already know that I love this song, I’m pretty sure it was in my May Tunes, one of my first posts ever on this blog, so it’s ability to last so long on my radar is something to go by.

Home – Johnnyswim:¬†I’m not too sure what’s up with this stage name, but I don’t really care if he produces songs like this. Driving through the midwest, with this song on repeat? Killer.

Bloom – The Paper Kites:¬†This is an online bonus track for The Paper Kites, and I’m glad I stumbled upon it. The vocals are so soft and crisp, but it’s the guitar that does it for me.

Get You – Daniel Caesar:¬†I take it all back. This has been the song for the whole month. It has been all that I’ve sung. I listen to it everyday guaranteed on the bus and train to university, I sing it in the shower, I sing it in my bedroom, I’m¬†so close to recording a cover of this song. It’s such a tune. If you’d also really like an experience check out Ian Eastwood, one of my favourite dancers, and his amazing freestyle to this song. Will not regret.

Violet – Bad Suns:¬†This song is hands down one of my favourites of the year, and I desperately wish it was summer, but I don’t doubt it’ll stick around for me for another few months. It’s on my summer playlist so I’m not too worried. But, you should definitely check out my post I wrote, all about Bad Suns and why I bloody love this song. It’s a fun time.

Kiwi – Harry Styles:¬†Surely we don’t need to go over this,¬†again.

Bellyache – Billie Eilish:¬†I have one of my close friends to thank for this, after she recommended it as a song for me to sing. I’ve tried. And it’s fantastic. Even just listening to this song gets me hyped up. Billie’s coming to Australia, but unfortunately your girl can’t make to her concert due to insufficient funds. One like = one prayer.

Because I Love You – Montaigne:¬†This killer Australian singer is amazing and I’m kicking myself for not looking into her as soon as she stepped on the scene. This song reminds me of the show Carrie, where AnnaSophia Robb walked down the streets of New York with her freshly splattered nail polish hand bag. It’s a vibe.


And that’s it, let’s see what August (my favourite month) provides! What were you listening to in July?



So let’s dive into what’s happened this year for me…gig wise.

So this is a funny story. I really like Adele. She’s fantastic. I enjoy her music. But not to the point where I was about to sit in front of my laptop minutes before her concert tickets went on sale. Then one Saturday I was at work, when my family group chat went off. My aunt literally offered to buy my cousin and I Adele tickets so she’d have someone to go with. She’s a legend. Obviously we offered to pay her back, but it ended up being an early birthday present for the year. I was pretty chuffed with that. In the end, my aunty, three of my cousins and my mum and I all ended up seeing Adele in March, and I’m really thankful to my aunty for paying for those tickets, because she was amazing. We basically bought tickets for a concert and a comedy show because that woman was hilarious.

Ahhh April. It was a fun month. I saw Gretta. Like, delicious burger, amazing cider, front row for Gretta Ray. It was such an amazing show, but you already know about that. If you don’t, you should probably read my post all about Gretta and how amazing the experience was.

I’m so excited for the upcoming month. It’s so close. In August I get to see one of my favourite female singers¬†ever,¬†Kehlani. I am in awe of that woman and how much she kills it. She can do no wrong. But, kicking off the month on the 5th, is another gig at my beloved Howler here in Melbourne, to see Dean Lewis. I cannot wait. You can bet you’ll be getting a post about that as well! Plus, peep ya gal’s 19th birthday ūüėČ

I know this makes no sense to include since this is meant to be a yearly overview and these are very much next year, but I booked them this year so…surely they count?

Bruno Mars! I’ve been waiting to see him, and my dad managed to snag a bunch of general access floor tickets from work. I had already bought two with my own money, up in the stands which I promptly sold to some lovely sisters a few hours away from me. I’m so excited though.

Ed Sheeran. Ever since I saw him in 2015, I vowed that I would definitely be at his concert the next time he came. And I honestly thought we’d missed out on tickets when my two best friends and I all failed to bring up tickets. But then he announced another concert and each of us were able to secure single tickets in the general admission (mosh) section, so all was good and I was chuffed.

Harry Styles. Yup. After the pain that was his one night, 1500-seating concert announcement, which failed to provide tickets for the rest of the Melbourne population wanting to go, the man thankfully announced another tour later in the year. I had that ticket page open for three days I tell you. And I got two tickets straight away…that TIMED OUT. I don’t even know what happened, but I had pressed purchase, and in the ten seconds that it took for my internet to load through the purchase, the website timed out. Somehow,¬†somehow, I managed to wait in the queue for literally thirty seconds, before I was able to get another two tickets up in the stands, which I promptly bought while screeching over the phone to my best friend who was on speaker throughout the ordeal.


So that’s what I have planned so far.¬†So far. I unfortunately was not able to make it to Splendour In The Grass in Byron…due to insufficient funds. But I’m not too mad about that. I’m definitely looking forward to all these shows and maybe a few more? We’ll see.



Shuffle Beautiful Shuffle

So I decided to fall victim to the age old game of pressing shuffle and seeing what comes up, then letting you funky people know. Hopefully you find me interesting as a result!

The music that I’ll be shuffling through is from one of my favourite playlists on my Spotify account, my 365 playlist where I attempt to add a song each day for a year, in accordance with what happened that day, ¬†a song I loved that day, a film I watched, something that impacted me during those 24 hours etc.¬†Attempt is the key word. There have been days where I’ve had to add up to seven or eight songs in one night to make up for forgetfulness or the overall lazy ¬†attitude to starting something and rarely ever finishing it properly.

But, ramblings aside, here’s a shuffle. *pretends to shuffle deck of cards for artistic flair*

1. The City – The 1975: I was pretty late to The 1975 party, but here I am, admittedly thoroughly enjoying their tunes.

2. I Wanna Get Lost With You – Stereophonics:¬†I couldn’t really tell you why this song is here, but I guess it is.

3. Swalla – Jason Derulo ft Nicki¬†Minaj:¬†We already know how much I love this song, I will never be too mad to hear it, it’s such a track, and I’ll dance to this at my funeral.

4. u and ur smile Рbig wave + carter: for a short time, I got really, really, heavily into jazz hop which is like, really funky jazz with a dope hip hop beat. For four days straight it was all I listened to. Now I dabble and appreciate, but this song is so cool.

5. Uber – Litek, Tom Zanetti, Curtis Clacey:¬†Interesting origins this one. The British Olympian Nile Wilson has a YouTube channel, it’s fantastic and you should definitely check it out, if not for the athleticism but for the banter and his hilarious family. But he made an intro with one of Tom’s songs, so I went and had a look at his Spotify page and found this banger.

6. Man Like You – Patrick Watson:¬†I had heard this song before, but I watched Tom Misch do a cover of it on the Colours YouTube page, and he killed it, so I had to find the original again. It’s such a beautiful song. Beautiful.

7. Take It Easy – Eagles:¬†This is a cute story. My best friend and I were in Hawaii in January as like a ‘schoolies’ trip after finishing high school and in the middle of the mall this group were singing the song, and me and this guy walked past each other singing it then both freaked out that someone else our age was singing it and turned around and yelled it back to each other.

8. September РEarth, Wind & Fire: Surely you expected this?

9. do re mi –¬†blackbear:¬†Slowly coming to regret not buying his $60 tickets when I had the chance, because now I’m broke.

10. Way Back – TLC, Snoop Dogg:¬†I’m still not sure how I feel about this ‘comeback’. It’s a cool enough song, but I haven’t listened to it properly enough to form a good opinion on it. I can groove with it though.

11. Escalate – Tsar B:¬†This is such a unique song, and I’ve vibe’d with it ever since Alexander from Millennium Dance Studio choreographed a killer combo to it.

12. Have¬†You Ever¬†Really Loved A Woman – Bryan Adams:¬†I have a secret love for Bryan Adams, and this is probably my favourite song by the dude, ever. The guitar, the words, the harmonies. It’s so beautiful.

13. Strip That Down РLiam Payne ft Quavo: MA BOY.

14. 10K Hours РJames TW: This kid is so underrated, have a listen to his stuff.

15. All Night РChance The Rapper: This song is ultimately my favourite Chance song, by far. Just because the groovy tamborine and how chill he sounds in it.

16. Don’t You Worry About A Thing – Tori Kelly:¬†Despite how friggin fantASTIC Tori Kelly is, I definitely added this song the day I watched Sing! – the most amazing animated movie about a tale quest with animals ever!!!

17. Bad Liar –¬†Selena Gomez:¬†This song is fantastic. Like, my dad told me to listen to this song when it was released, unaware that I was already eagerly awaiting it. Such a tune. I’m loving Selena’s sound.

18. Clean Up Woman РBetty Wright: I do enjoy myself some throwbacks. Like throw-way-backs. This is one of them,

19. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See – Busta Rhymes:¬†Every time I go out with my friends I hold off on playing it at our pre’s because I know none of my friends mess with this music. Then we go to a nightclub. I grab a drink and wait through all the ‘filler’ music until some really heavy music comes up. And the whole night, I wait in anticipation. Maybe. Maybe tonight will be the night. This DJ might be the one. Maybe he’ll play me my Busta.

19. How Far I’ll Go – Alessia Cara:¬†Now you’d probably guess. ‘Oh girl. You watched the movie and added it to your playlist straight away right?’. Wrong. I literally only watched the film this month on the plane ride home but I’ve had this song in my playlist since February. Specifically the Alessia version.

20. Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis:¬†Boy, oh boy, oh boy. This song. This song does it for me. If you don’t sing along to the intro, you probably do and you’re just unaware of your mouth moving along to the words. It’s fine.

I feel like 20 is a final enough number to finish on, so I hoped you enjoyed this post, a bit of a personal one, a delve into my shuffles I guess. If you like any of these songs let me know and we can totally chat in the comments! Even better, give me a few of your shuffles.




A Soundtrack? What?

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 8.31.30 pm.png


So for the first time, I’m going to be featuring a soundtrack! To be specific, the soundtrack for the film, Before I Fall, which I watched on the 14 hour plane ride back from the USA to Australia. It was a fantastic movie, music aside. If you have not watched it, I would definitely recommend it.

Besides the amazing cinematography, acting, location (TAKE ME THERE) and overall aesthetic of the movie, what really did capture me, was the soundtrack. It was beautiful. It was funky. It was really diverse and eclectic. Very 80’s. After looking it up, I was really interested in the numerous artists featured, as out of all of them, due to no fault other than my own, I really was only familiar with one, Grimes. Other than that, it was all brand new stuff.

The music in my opinion, was picked perfectly for the film and the feel it was going for. Whoever was in charge of sourcing music, choosing the tracks and pitching for these songs did an amazing job, because the music in the film creates half the story for me. It’s a very dark film, and I think, a totally different soundtrack, it could really change the face of it. I was left with this really, I want to say uplifted feeling, but I know it’s probably not the right word. I felt very light. Like I’d be enlightened. Like my eyes had kind of been open and the whole two hours made so much more sense for me, and I feel like the music contributed to that overall feeling so much. Had it have been a different soundtrack, there is the possibility that it could have turned into a much, much darker film, with a bit more of a morbid final ending. I don’t want to ruin it for you.


That said, my favourite song from this soundtrack, is Skeletons, by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It’s beautiful, and it’s totally fitting for one of the most crucial parts of the film. A scene that could be so frantic and energetic and somewhat critical, comes off as ethereal, and magical and almost dream-like because of this music.

That said, Water Water by Empress Of is a stark contrast to Skeletons, yet it’s played in an almost exact same situation. It flips the vibe on its head, but somehow manages to retain that dream-like state of the scene. The music in this film amazed me, have a listen.

I continued to listen to this track list after I returned home, and it stuck in my head for ages. That said, the film overall stayed with me for a long time after getting off the plane, so it makes sense that the soundtrack is one I’ve saved for myself. Songs from the soundtrack have also managed to make it onto my own personal playlists, especially my driving playlist, which is ironic, and I won’t say why because I don’t want to be attacked for spoiling it. If you¬†have¬†seen the film, you know why putting any of these songs onto that playlist is…an interesting choice. But I can honestly imagine myself driving to these songs at any time of any day. Winter, summer, autumn, spring. Daytime, night-time, by the beach or in the middle of the city. These aren’t conventional, stereotypical ‘driving’ songs, they aren’t what you’d expect, but they work. Boy, do they work.

I think it’s a beautiful soundtrack. There are so many movies out there, like Before I Fall, that feature such amazing works of music. Music can ultimately make or break a scene. Music contributes to some of the most iconic cinematic moments we know and love, and I really honestly believe that cinema soundtracks deserve so much more recognition, especially the artists who contribute their music to the screen. It’s definitely a big risk to take, and a lot of the time these films would fall flat on their face without the songs behind them.

But, that’s my opinion.


I Still Haven’t Watched 13 Reasons Why

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 7.55.48 pm

If you’re anywhere right now, you’ve heard of 13 Reasons Why, a TV show on Netflix that became ridiculously popular. Like my stellar Netflix track record proves with Game Of Thrones, Orange Is The New Black, House Of Cards or Stranger Things, I haven’t watched a single episode of the show. Yet due to it’s popularity and a vague familiarity with the book, I could give you the general overview of the show. It’s everywhere. But you know what’s also worth talking about? You know what I use to replace the void where 13 Reasons Why should sit?



I still get a dose of Dylan Minnette, but unlike the vast majority, I couldn’t really care for the TV show, though I do suspect that I’ll cave soon and binge watch the entire season. I’m listening to the dude. As well as his band members, Cole Preston, Zach Mendenhall and Braeden Lemasters. You should too.

I can’t remember how I stumbled across the song Pleaser, it may have been on Spotify somewhere. But thank God I did.

Here; not only can you listen to the song, but you can¬†watch them¬†perform the song. Raw as heck, bum chords and all. It’s fantastic.

At first I was shocked. Dylan sings the first verse, and his voice is beyond decent. And then Braeden starts singing, and to be honest, in my opinion…his voice is dope. Especially for the type of style Pleaser goes for. It’s a pretty indie/pop/rock kind of sound, and Braeden’s voice is a killer on this track, it matches perfectly. That said, Dylan’s voice is so strong and I 100% believe that its an incredible track based on merit and performance alone, and not on the fact that Dylan is…very much a big deal at the current moment.

It’s definitely a summer song. I listened to it quite a lot while I was travelling on the road in the USA on a huge tour bus. Snagged myself a window seat and I was good to go. You kind of need a window seat to experience this song to it’s fullest. Or, if you’re into it (????) go for a run with this song. The snare in the drum recording is so present throughout the whole song, and it really drives the whole mix in my opinion. When I first heard the chorus I was a bit confused because there’s this odd fill part that goes out of what is a typical rhythm progression or what you expect it to be, but after a few listens, it’s totally normal to me now. It fits perfectly, and it contributes to the totally raw, energetic sound the Wallows try to achieve.

Thankfully, the dudes are touring a little bit, although they only have this song, and one other, Sun Tan, which I’m not that obsessed about. I’m not making any bets on them coming down to Australia any time soon, but honestly, Pleaser can keep me occupied until then.

The words are pretty sad. Like, this dude is basically contributing to his own rejection and then having to deal with not making the cut. Some real, angsty, emotional stuff. But then…the chorus makes you want to reenact the typical montage in any 90’s-early 2000’s teen movie where the young-in comes home and just raves in their room, jumps on their bed, sings into a hairbrush, the whole shebang.


Or even better, when the main character does the routine of getting ready for school,grabbing some measly breakfast because of course they slept in, and then head to school, which they¬†hate, and there’s a bunch of dudes skating through the gates on boards, and hoards of cliques, and flip phones and then our protagonist gives the camera one final look before heading into homeroom. It’s a pretty cool song.

It makes me think of a mix of the indie pop bands I listen to now, meeting the old bands from when I was a kid like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte and The All American Rejects. It’s a splendid mix I tell you.

Here’s a link to their Bandcamp, where you can literally download¬†Pleaser¬†for free. Or, you could buy it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify, which I’m a huge advocate for.

It’s made it onto my summer playlist, as well as my playlist of music that people should hear. It’s also made it onto my driving playlist, though I’m not too sure that’s a good idea considering how carried away into the music I get when driving sometimes. It’s on there though, and that should tell you something.

Hopefully you give this song a go. I reckon you should. You’d be doing yourself a favour.