February Tunes

Hello friends. I hope you’re all well! Once again I’m left apologising for the lack of posts that I produced this month – however, as per usual, I’m attempting to pull through and make up for it with a deluge of music that I was loving.

Somehow, despite being the shortest month of the year, February decided to pull up with some amazing music. Some of the songs on this list are new releases, others are old favourites, and some are songs that I was just a lil late to jump onto, but now that I’ve got them all here, you can save yourself from making the same mistake!

Here’s what I was loving in February.

Ready Or Not – Church & AP: For real, February has been my month for absolutely plugging Church & AP. I’m currently working on a blog post about these guys but it’s been a while since I was so passionate about an act as much as I am about these two. This song is the song that’s probably the source of the vast majority of their success, it was the No.1 Shazaam’d song in New Zealand a little while back, and for good reason. Obsessed.

Drive – Dugong Jr, Jordan Dennis: I always love when I get to plug local artists, so this is a favourite on this list for me. Dugong is a Melbourne producer, and he’s teamed up with another Melbourne artist, an old favourite around here, Jordan Dennis, to release this track, which came out late last month. I love the production on the track, plus Dennis’ does a superb job as usual taking the track to the next level. I love all the little nuances in the track and I’ve added it to several of my personal playlists. You can listen to Drive on Spotify HERE.

Fire Sale – Dera Meelan, deadforest, Church & AP: I wasn’t joking when I said February was my month for Church & AP. As is the case when you start vibing with a new artist, you get to trolling through their Spotify pages and finding all the songs they’ve released in the past, the songs they’ve featured on, the remixes etc. and this is one of the best examples of an artist absolutely coming through. Dera Meelan is one of Church & AP’s long-time producers as far as I’m aware, and he’s made a fan out of me with this track. Perfect for playing too loudly while in the car or before heading out for the night.

Phone Numbers – Dominic Fike, Kenny Beats: Dominic Fike is continuing to release a steady stream of tunes into 2020, this being one of them. Kenny Beats is also an insanely talented beat maker, one I’m learning to keep an eye out for, and this song has been stuck in my head all month. The chorus is stupidly catchy, I dare you to not sing along.

Aston Martin – Church & AP: I mean, I said what I said. I shared this song on my Instagram story, and I got a ton of people messaging me about how much they liked it which obviously boosted the ego a bit. I was even more shocked when Church & AP reposted it as well as replying to the story. Mama I made it. This is one of their most recent releases, and it’s getting up their with my favourite song of theirs, Roulette, which I featured on my January Tunes. I love how smart these guys are with their lyrics, and usually I can’t really get around Australian rap, but for some reason New Zealand is slowly stealing my heart.

Join The Club – Hockey Dad: I literally ditched all of my friends and family to run to the stage to see this live at Laneway Festival (blog post coming soon I promise). This song went absolutely nuts, and while I wasn’t in the thick of it in the middle of the mosh, I had the best time giving myself whiplash with the rest of the crowd when Hockey Dad played this tune.

Fade Away – Che Fu: A tune. Such a groover. One of the funkiest on the list this month. We all know I love a bit of reggae and island soul, and Che Fu always delivers when I need him the most. This song suddenly popped up on TikTok, reminding me of it’s existence and I have a lot of love for it being brought back into my life. Such good quality.

Love Me – Fia: This song. This is honestly one of the most beautiful songs ever. I’ve showed everyone this song. Not everyone gets around it as aggressively as I do, but I appreciate those who do. It’s everything I love about reggae and insane vocals. It features on so many of my personal playlists, which you can find HERE, and I can easily see it being one of my most played songs this year.

He’s Mine – Mahalia: Another absolute tune I got to see live at Laneway Festival. This was arguably one of my favourite sets of the entire day because I got to have a boogie with my cousins, my friends and my cousin’s friends, just the entire squad of us who went to the festival together. One of my cousin’s in particular loves Mahalia just as much as I do, and neither of us expected her to play this song, so when she did, we both lost it. It’s such an anthem, and listening to Mahalia talk about the story behind it was the cherry on top.

Thanksgiving – YBN Cordae: I’m only just starting to get into YBN Cordae to be quite honest with you. This is definitely one of my favourites. It doesn’t go as hard as some of the other tracks from ‘The Lost Boy’, but I love it all the same. The storytelling and the lyrics in this one just hit me in the heart, I tell you. I just get super sentimental whenever rapper’s write songs about their family’s and matters of the heart, don’t come at me for it.

Blinding Lights – The Weeknd: This song has been everywhere. My good friend Tessa and I went out for lunch and a bit of thrifting, and hand on my chest, this song came on at every single place we stopped. Not that I’m complaining. I’m just proving the point. I love it. The disco-pop/80s sound that’s slowly making a return is getting me so excited for all the new music about to come in 2020. First Dua Lipa and now The Weeknd – all we need is Calvin Harris or Mark Ronson to drop some collaborations and I’ll be happy.

Golden Wings – Gabriel Garzon-Montano: I discovered Gabriel Garzon-Montano through his COLORS performance, which may have been one of the most iconic performances I’ve watched on COLORS ever. The man literally transforms in front of your eyes, and the way he effortlessly slipped between the three songs that made up his medley got me so intrigued that I headed over to his Spotify and discovered this gem. All the little sounds, the harmonies and melody, all of it comes together to create this song that just flows like honey but also somehow manages to hit you in the gut?? I don’t know man.

Universal Love – Sons of Zion: An old favourite. Sons of Zion can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes. They just know how to pull on every single heart string. I go absolutely nuts for beautiful vocals and they always deliver just that, mixed in with lyrics that make you feel all the feelings. This one’s just a classic. I highly recommend having a listening to this on a lazy Sunday morning or on the evening drive back from work. Hits different.

The Maze – Manchester Orchestra: Another song that makes me cry. Every time. I got back onto this song after rewatching The Society on Netflix and you can check out the blog post I did about that whole situation HERE. I genuinely spent the entire season waiting for this song to come on, and I got into way more detail in the blog post.

Sauce – Ella Mai: You gotta give it to Ella Mai. The girl’s nailed old school RnB. She just knows how to capture the vibe, the attitude and all the things that make me love the genre in her sound. This song being no different. I never locked in on this particular song before, but for some reason it really just did the trick this last month. Singing it in the car, while I was making breakfast, at work, getting ready with my friends, it was really one of the tunes for the month.

Trust – Brent Faiyaz: Brent, Brent, Brent. 2020 is his year. I mean, TikTok’s already got a hold of him, so it’s practically guaranteed. It’s so well deserved, and this song is a very good example of why. It’s not a long song at all, but it captures so much of what makes Brent Faiyaz one of the best RnB artists of the decade in my opinion. Lyrics, vocal performance, production, he encapsulates it all. I can’t wait for him to blow up.

Supalonely – BENEE, Gus Dapperton: As we all know, I love BENEE. Ever since I got to see her at The Worker’s Club early last year it’s been so satisfying watch her get bigger and bigger. She was at Laneway Festival as well, and her set was probably one of the most crowded sets for the day. Her energy and vibe are so contagious, and while this song is kinda…sad(?), it captures her essence so perfectly. Plus, who doesn’t love a verse from Gus Dapperton. Match made in heaven.

That’s it folks! Those were all the songs I was loving in February, I told you it delivered. Genuinely can’t get over how much good music there was last month, and how much music I listened to! What were you loving in February? Let me know in the comments below!



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January Tunes

Look, I’m asking the same thing – how the heck did we arrive at our January Tunes so fast? I genuinely feel like I’m still in October, but at the same time I’m hoping to 2020 is going to be a great year!

January has already been a busy month for me personally. Work is slowly but steadily picking up, I’m thankfully back at the gym after renewing my membership, I’ve booked my first holiday for the year, and I’ve got so many plans starting to line up. And it’s only January. How’s your January been?

So to kick it off, let’s begin with the songs I was listening to nonstop this month. As is to be expected, there were some great releases, and I also enjoyed quite a bunch of old favourites, as you’ll see.

Heat – Chris Brown, Gunna: Here’s one partially brought to you by TikTok. 2019 may be over, but the hours I spend pouring over TikTok’s, sending them to my sister and the various group chats we’re in with our cousins, trying and failing to learn the dances and imitating all the memes, has only kept increasing. That said, TikTok comes through when it comes to music, and obviously I had to include this one in the first monthly roundup for the new year.

By Fire – Hiatus Kaiyote: I got recommended this song by my friend who plays the bass guitar in our band, and I’ve been going mad over it ever since. The vocals in this, the syncopation, everything about this song is insane. It’s a music theory nerd’s dream, and while that may not be me, I can still appreciate it to the best of my ability. Plus, Nai Palm’s vocals always hit you in the gut, regardless of whether it’s in her solo stuff or with the band.

10/10 – Rex Orange County: This song sounds like the anthem to growing up, and though he released it a while ago, it came back onto my radar when I heard it on the radio while I was in the car. The chorus is always getting stuck in my head, especially this month.

Need Somebody To Love – Ady Suleiman: Ady has such a beautifully simple voice. It’s so nice and relaxing to listen to. He can hit all the notes, low and high, and this song is such a vibe. It also has that classical guitar in there, which I think only matches the mellow energy of the song, and it’s been such a chiller to just throw on in the morning when I wake up. Plus, you all know how much I love a horn section, and it’s so seamlessly worked into this song.

I Can Love You – Mary J. Blige, Lil’ Kim: Okay. So this one stemmed from TikTok too, but only because I heard a remix and had to listen to the original right away. This original will always get me. Always. There’s no point during the day or the week or the month, where listening to this song just isn’t a vibe. It’s that old school RnB I tell you.

Jam – Starboy, WizKid, Chronixx: My love for this song definitely grew and grew this month. I’ve been listening to it non-stop. The mix of sweet saxophone with a slight dance-hall infusion just makes it the perfect track for me, and I can’t help but have a boogie each time it’s on. I’ve even got my sister onto it considering it just always happens to come on shuffle on our way to the gym. It’s the saxophone I tell you.

Braid My Hair – Mario: My good friend Daniel showed me this song, and I added it straight away. Again, old school RnB. It just knows how to do it for me. If you ever want to make me happy and completely content, just throw on the first old school RnB playlist you can find. That said, Mario has a special place in my heart. Man’s smooth.

Partner In Crime – Ocean Alley: I don’t know if it’s just because it’s getting warmer and warmer here in Australia, but I’m bringing Ocean Alley right into 2020 with me. They just match my vibe, all the time. At any given moment, there’s an Ocean Alley song that can perfectly match my mood or the way I’m feeling, and they encapsulate the mix of surf rock/reggae/pop that I love. I’m also just in love with all of them too.

Grave – Summer Walker: Another song I’ve been obsessed with this month. I feel like such a fraud saying this, but I got over the little Summer Walker obsession really quickly. I’m the first to say she has an incredible voice and beautiful songs, but I stopped listening to her as much as I used to, that is, until I heard this song. Holy. Moly. This is the perfect mix of her smooth, smooth vocals and another master-class in musicality on the drums. And don’t get me started on the switch-up at the end of the song.

Drive and Disconnect – Nao: Severely underrated in all senses of the word. Nao deserves so much more, and this song is one of the perfect examples of why. The voice, the lyricism, the beat, it’s all there.

Kickback – Omar Apollo: I get to see Omar Apollo after listening to him for close to three years at the start of February and I’m so excited. I love this song as I tend to love most of Apollo’s music. He comes through with a reliably groovy bass-line, something I’ve come to expect from him, and I cannot wait to see this performed live.

Piece Of Your Heart – MEDUZA, Goodboys: Alas, another tune proudly brought to you by TikTok. That’s all I have to say.

Juice – Lizzo: I don’t know why I always feel hesitant to tell people that I really don’t listen to Lizzo a lot? It’s not something that happened on purpose because she genuinely has some bops, it’s just something I never got around to. However, I was at a house party towards the end of the month and this song came one, and everyone lost their minds. It was so infectious and just raised energy levels straight away. Plus, there’s also Harry Styles’ cover of it that’s been everywhere and for good reason.

Talkin Bad Blues – Lindsey Lomis: Lindsey featured on the December Tunes, and she’s starting off with a feature on the January Tunes as well. I can’t get over how talented this girl is, and she’s nearly six years younger than me. Just another talented teen making me feel completely inadequate.

Come Thru – Summer Walker, Usher: Another Summer Walker song. This song came on in a TikTok, so again, have to give credit to the highly addictive app. I genuinely spend hours on TikTok and it’s becoming an issue, but I don’t see myself changing. I mean, when it consistently delivers amazing music, such as this incredible RnB slow jam, how can I really complain.

Roulette – Church & AP: Okay. Yo. Listen up. Please, give these guys a listen. I discovered them on Instagram, uncharacteristically, and I’m obsessed. They’re a duo from New Zealand, and I’ve spent several days on end bumping their music and nothing else. They remind me of a harder version of BROCKHAMPTON, mixed with a bit of grime type of music. They combine the parts of Skepta’s music that I vibe with, with really groovy drum and bass pockets, and catchy choruses and I honestly hope I get the opportunity to see these guys live.

Drink From The Water – Mako Road: My love for this New Zealand band only continues to grow in 2020, beginning with this song. These guys pull off a change of pace mid song like no other, and I cannot wait for them to blow up. I’m calling it now, but they’ll reach Ocean Alley status eventually. It’ll take some time, but calling it now.

There you have it! These are just some of my favourite songs that I was listening to in January to kick off 2020. What were some of your new finds for the start of the year? Let me know in the comments! Hopefully you gave some of these a listen and maybe found a new tune to add to your playlists!



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December Tunes

Okay, so here’s the deal. It got to the 25th of December and I realised…’hmm. should probably finish off my December Tunes post before 2019 really, truly vanishes. that’s an idea’.

So here we are.

The last one for 2019. I’ve been the first one to admit, time and time again, that I’ve fallen of the horse this year when it comes to blogging. I’ve really just decided not to. Not intentionally. But it just gets to a moment during the week when I realised I haven’t looked at the blog in a while. Like a decent while.

However, the shining light at the end of that tunnel is that, while I’ve not been on top of my blogging game in the slightest, the one thing I have remained consistent with, remained faithful to, is bringing you a playlist of all the songs I listened to on repeat each month.

It’s like my narcissism truly shines here, because no matter how little I blog during the month, I never fail to ambush you with a playlist of my personal monthly favourite songs that you probably never ask for.

So, for the final time in 2019 – here’s what I was listening to this month.

John Redcorn – SiR: SiR really took 2019 by the neck. Like, made it his year. I’ve yet to find a song of his that I don’t like or vibe with, and this is the latest conquest. The guitar in this, paired with how mellow and smooth his voice is, is pure magic.

Paradise – Bazzi: I don’t know why I suddenly decided that I loved this song this month, but I did and thus it’s featuring on this playlist. I’m not mad. I don’t think you should be either. The chorus in this is so nostalgic, it’s like the perfect song fur a YA novel. If that’s a thing. I don’t know, Bazzi is really great at capturing what it’s like to be a young adult or a teenager sonically. Great job. A+.

Simma – Marc E. Bassy, Guapdad 4000: Again. Marc E. Bassy is someone I really only vibe with seasonally. I never really jump to throw on his music during the winter, but then November rolls around and it starts warming up a little, December hits and we get into full blown summer and it’s like Marc E. Bassy is all I’m listening to. This song just has such a consistent, reliable bass line. Highly recommend listening to this in a car with a decent system.

How Many Drinks – Miguel, Kendrick Lamar: An oldie. But such a goodie. Miguel is the king of smooth, smooth vocals. I can never get enough of his voice. Paired with how quintessentially RnB all his songs are, like old school RnB that takes me back to my childhood, it’s just always great listening to Miguel, from any era.

Show Me How – gem: Yo. YO. If you listen to anything from this playlist, make sure it’s this one. One of my best friends Gemma released this absolute banger at the start of the month and I’ve been waiting since literally October for it to be out on streaming services. It’s such a beautiful song. Again, something about Gem’s music is so bloody nostalgic, she has the perfect music for throwing on repeat during a long car ride or just vibing out in your room, and I can never get enough. I was in Sri Lanka when this song came out but I still blasted it all through the hotel room.

Cloud – Emmett Young, Priya Francis, Declan Florez: Okay. Maybe also listen to this one too. I was super keen to get onto this track when Emmett messaged me and asked if I’d be interested, and hearing it blew my mind. It was such a quick process, recording my verse and sending it through, and in a matter of weeks we had a finished product. Emmett Young is such a talented producer, plus having Declan on the other verse was the cherry on top honestly. Let me know what you think if you give it a listen!!

Adore You – Harry Styles: Come on. I mean. Come on. It’s offensive how good this song is. I’m gonna be honest, I think all the singles are some of the best songs from the album, and I think this song in particular, is one of my favourites. I love the way Harry’s going with this album, I feel like it’s one of those ones that will only get better with age. The chorus structure and the backing vocals in the hook are amongst the many things in this song that made my jaw drop.

Drink from the Water – Mako Road: Another one from the New Zealand band that I’ve been loving recently. I feel like Mako Road are steadily on their way to getting to Sticky Fingers or Ocean Alley level and I’m so keen for it. They’re gonna be on heavy rotation during this summer for me, I already know.

Time Alone With You – Jacob Collier, Daniel Caesar: If you wanna learn a thing or two about music theory, music arrangement, just music in general, you gotta get around Jacob Collier. The guy’s a freak of nature, and the longstanding love affair between him and Daniel Caesar has resulted in this gem. You should have seen the obscene amount of stank face present during the first time I listened to this song. So rude.

Mind’s Eye – Jordan Rakei: Another highly underrated musical genius. I can’t get over this song to be honest. It’s got so many little pockets to groove in, I feel like I find a new one each time. Plus, Jordan’s just got this beautiful voice that kinda pours over this track like honey. It’s magical. I highly recommend his entire discography.

No Idea – Don Toliver: Yeah TikTok got me with this one. That’s all I really have to say. It’s a good song, and I can admit that.

T-Shirt Weather – Circa Waves: This song gives me violent flashbacks and nostalgia for the summer of 2015, and that’s on God. Holy heck. This song brings back so many memories, and I was recently in one of my favourite shops when it came on, and I was thrown back in time the way music so often likes to do. This song is so perfect for summer, and I’ll fight anyone on that. There’s something about a sing-a-long chorus with a heavy guitar riff and four to the floor drums that seems the call out the sun.

Energy (Stay Far Away) – Skepta, Wizkid: So, I’d go as far as to say this is the first time Skepta has featured on this blog, ever. But I heard that lo-fi dancehall-esque drum beat and I was hooked. I’m a fan of this one. Jury’s still out on Skepta for me personally, but I can get around this tune. Easily.

Slide- H.E.R, YG: She does no wrong, this girl. I watched the Genius video for this and I was just hooked. The way she talks, explains her lyrics, the process, all of it just made me fall in love with this song even more. But like the switch-up when it gets to the pre-chorus is what I live for and then the chorus and it just resolves itself the way God intended I tell you.

Back Pocket – Vulfpeck: Another musical masterclass. To fully understand the level of awesome-ness in this song, watched the Madison Square Garden performance of it. This song is impressive in it’s studio version form. Watching it live? Even through a laptop screen – wild. Hold your breath for clarinet solo dudes.

Herside Story – Goldlink, Hare Squead: My friend Dan showed me this song, and I was able to pick it as a Goldlink song almost immediately. This song is just my monthly hit of RnB. You all should know by now, we’ve been doing this for three years, there’s just gotta be a little fix of smooth RnB and this hits the spot perfectly.

Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa: BOY. I have such a bone to pick. Everyone I’ve spoken to about Dua Lipa’s new music (besides Kate because my best friend has refined taste) hasn’t loved Dua’s new music and I can’t understand how?? It’s taken some time, but I’ve finally been brought back on board. After New Rules, I just couldn’t find myself loving any of Dua Lipa’s music, until this song and Don’t Start Now were released. I love this new music. I love her new style. I love the mix of disco and pop, and I’ve forecasting a strong Dua Lipa x Mark Ronson collab. I’m gonna manifest it.

Whoa – Snoh Alaegra: Okay, so Snoh got Michael B Jordan to play the love interest in this music video for this song so the girl already wins. Add in the fact that this song is the definition of a ‘slow jam’ and you have a tasty, tasty cake. It’s so smooth, and her vocals honestly seem to get better and better as the song goes on.

Dancin (Krono Remix) – Aaron Smith, Luvli, Krono: Yeah, again I have no-one to blame but TikTok. I refuse to apologise.

Sleep On It – Ocean Alley: I’d consider myself a fan of Ocean Alley. However, there are just some songs that I vibe with so much more than anything else, and this is one of them. It’s the definition of everything I love about Ocean Alley, all in one perfect song. The vibe change in the chorus and the swing of it has been stuck in my head for possibly this whole month, and I’m not mad at all about it. I can’t wait to play this song at the beach.

Simple Love – Lindsey Lomis: Oh my goodness. Another obsession for me this month has been Lindsey Lomis. I’ve followed her on Instagram for so long, but I’ve never listened to her music off Instagram, and I was in the process of making what’s come to be one of my new favourite playlists, better yourself (click the link to check it out), and it seemed like she’d be perfect, and lo and behold, I was so right. The runs, the guitar, the chorus, the tone of her voice, it’s everything I strive to achieve. Oh. And she’s like 15.

There we go team. Hopefully you enjoyed that – I’m sure the first one for 2020 will roll around sooner than we expect, I’m crossing my fingers and trying my best to make sure you’ll get some more posts from me before then – I promise.

Let me know what you think of my December Tunes – what were you listening to this month?



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November Tunes

Hi friends. I feel like I should apologise for the severe lack of posts that have been shared with y’all this month. I’m currently still in the process of trying to adapt to life with no university, no assignments, no schedule or routine and apparently it’s really kicking me in the butt. We’ll get there.

I’m also gonna apologise in advance for the lack of posts that you may see in the next few weeks as I’m actually currently overseas when this posts goes up, but that’s for another post 😉

Anyway, here we are again, where I share some of my favourite songs that I was listening to during the past month, even though you didn’t really ask.

Here’s what I was listening to in November.

Maniac – Conan Gray: What a tune. Conan Gray keeps kicking goals and getting bigger and bigger, and I’m so here for it. This is arguably my favourite song Conan has ever released, and it wouldn’t be hard to find me absolutely screaming this song from the top of my lungs each time it comes on. I’m really crossing my fingers that with all this success also comes some Australian shows so I can finally see the little bean live.

The Borders – Sam Fender: A newfound obsession with this guy. Honestly. I’ve heard so many people mention that Sam’s the Bruce Springsteen of our generation and it’s honestly not too far from it. This song especially, makes me so nostalgic for a time I have no memory of, and the story behind it is so pure and beautiful. The music video had me hooked instantly, as has every other Sam Fender music video. This one though, this one hits you in the gut, just like his voice. I still can’t get over how raw it is.

Settle – Foley: One of my best friends showed me this song. Honestly, this one is just a good one to have a groove too, and we’ve been using it as a reference track for some new music so keep an eye out …

Cautionary Tales – Jon Bellion: I don’t know what to say man. I say Jon Bellion live. That’s really it. There’s a post coming, I promise. Pinky promise. But give some time to digest it still, cheers.

Fake Heartbreak – Audrey Mika: Another absolute legend who keeps growing and finding more success. It’s one of those situations where you want someone to remain your little secret, but you also can’t help but be so happy for the all the recognition and success they’re getting and Audrey Mika is the epitome of that sentiment. She recently signed to RCA, and my jaw literally dropped when I saw the post. I’m so excited to see what comes from her in the near future. If this song is any indicator, I’m so, so keen, and you should be too.

Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa: Oh my god. I haven’t been this excited about a Dua song since New Rules came out. Wowee, remember when I wrote about that? Ages ago. Deep dive into the vault type stuff. But if we’re talking about this song, I’m obsessed.  I love it. The disco, the cow bell, the bass, oh my god, there’s nothing about this song I could fault. Right up my alley, and I love this new Dua Lipa sound.

True Lovers – Holy Holy: I got to see Holy Holy for a review I did, and they were honestly so ethereal and atmospheric, it didn’t matter that I didn’t know every single word to every single song. The songs I did know were that much better, but the entire concert was so energetic. This song in particular was the one I was waiting for, and it did not disappoint.

Brown Eyed Lover – Allen Stone: Allen Stone really hit us with new music these last few months, but I’ve just been loving going through his archives and listening to all his music. This one is a song that I keep coming back to, over and over again. It’s 100% that guitar line, I think it just hits in just the right spots and mixed with the drums and the backing vocals, and then Allen Stone’s smooth voice, every pocket is filled, and it’s perfect.

Hit Me Up – Omar Apollo, Dominic Fike, Kenny Beats: If we’re talking about filling every pocket of sound possible, let’s talk about this song. I’m finally getting to see Omar Apollo live in 2020 at Laneway Festival, and I cannot wait. I’ve been loving him for a couple years, and then to see he was releasing a song with Dominic Fike and Kenny Beats? Christmas early tbh. This song is so slanky and groovy, and I reckon it’s one of Omar’s best vocal performances.

Overwhelming – Jon Bellion: Holy moly. Jon performed this song as part of the encore, and it went off. I lost my voice entirely during that concert, but this song genuinely had me in tears.

Drink Drink – The Grogans: I also got to see The Grogans the night after Jon, and it was such a welcomed switch up. There was crowd surfing three songs into the set, fans jumping up on stage to sing back-up, the gnarliest death pit I’ve ever seen, and everyone had the best time ever. This song was so fun to sing along to.

Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot ft Irfane: TikTok got me. This song. This song really hooked me straight away and I had to cave and add it to my playlist. It’s so fun!!! You can’t blame me.

King’s Dead – Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future: Again. I blame TikTok. But also, it’s Kendrick so I can’t blame TikTok entirely. This song just has you pumped up straight away. It’s been a very welcomed addition to my gym playlist.

everything i wanted – Billie Eilish: I feel like the world really jumped on this one when Billie released it, and for good reason. It’s so different to what she usually puts out, but it also fits her and Finneas so perfectly. I love it. When the bass kicks in? Perfect. Can’t fault.

Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles: Yo. When I tell you I was shook hearing this…I was shook. I didn’t even know it was out. I don’t know how I missed it, but my little sister was playing it a couple hours after it was out and I had to ask if it was who I thought it was and I flipped out. I love it.

Cold Little Heart – Michael Kiwunaka: I love this song. So much. The backing vocals make me super nostalgic, and Michael Kiwunaka has such a beautiful voice. Everything just blends together super perfectly in this song and I think everyone needs to hear this once in their life.

Hurts – Joy Crookes: My gal Crookesy. Love her. Love this song. She really did that.



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October Tunes

Hello hello! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the last few months of the year. Before I jump into the stuff I was loving during October I wanted to apologise for the severe lack of posts this month. October was the month. I finished up completely with university, which meant spending all my free time on assignments, and any free time I had outside of university, sport and work, I split pretty evenly between music and rehearsals, and binge watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I definitely slipped off in regards to churning out posts, but fingers crossed I can get my act together! I have quite a few fun ones planned and ready to be written in my Drafts, so once those get underway, expect to see some more fun posts!

With that said, here’s the music I was loving during October.

Due West (Skrillex Remix) – Kelsey Lu, Skrillex: I have Brooke Bush aka bushwhacked on YouTube to thank for this discovery. She included it in one of her daily vlogs during a lil dance break, and bless her soul, had each song name and artist at the bottom of the screen so I didn’t even have to Shazaam it. Sometimes I forget that Skrillex exists, or how much I used to love him when I was younger so this was a great reminder. The chorus really hits you in the gut in the best possible way. Kelsey Wu also has such a full and rich voice, makes it all the better.

U Remind Me – Usher: Don’t know what got me to go back to this song, but I’m glad it did. What a classic. A tune. a work of art.

SUGAR – BROCKHAMPTON: Not gonna lie, haven’t listened to GINGER in it’s entirety because when I listened to SUGAR I literally forgot about every other song. The intro to this song. Are you kidding me? The harmonies are so beautiful, and I can find nothing to fault with this song personally.

Wave – Meghan Trainor, Mike Sabath: I don’t know if you need me to talk about this song anymore, you can literally just read the near novel I wrote about it for my September Tunes.

Home – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros: This song was the song for 2017 for me. It’s such a beautiful song, I genuinely get a little emotional or just a little bit emo whenever I listen to it.

Shalala – Moses Gunn Collective: Again, another song I have no clue as to how I found, but I found it and that’s all that matters. I definitely heard this song before I figured out what it was and added it to my playlist, but I’ve never known who it’s buy or the name of it. It seems pretty explanatory when you finally find out.

Nice To Meet Ya – Niall Horan: Niall came out swinging with this one. Quite different to the last stuff he put out, but in a very good way. This song is a lot more grown-up and mature, in the content, his vocals, the overall sound, and I for one love it.

Cold Blood (Tyde Remix) – Bruno Major, Tyde: I found this song on the way back from seeing Bruno Major live at the end of September. My friend and I just put his Spotify page on shuffle, and a bunch of the remixes of his songs ended up playing, with this being the first one. So good. I love the switch up in the chorus, possibly one of the only times I’ll love the remix more than the original.

Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish: Ah Billie. Always nice to have some Billie Eilish, and this is possibly one of my favourite songs she’s ever written. It’s quite an old one, but two of my friends and I are sang it for a gig during the month, and since adding it to our setlist, it’s been in my head the entire month. Not that I’m complaining.

Lights Up – Harry Styles: I swear the world stopped spinning when this came out. He dropped it Beyonce style with no warning, no promotion or marketing at all and to be honest, with a song and music video that good, he didn’t need to at all. I don’t know why, I’ve been listening to his music heaps during his little break, but when he first started singing it was like I forgot what he sounded like and I was Shook all over again.

Ice Cream Sunday – Inhaler: Again, I have to apologise for not remembering how this song came onto my radar, but I’m in love. It’s so moody but lighthearted, but digs so deep and then hits you with an anthemic chorus and I love everything about this song. I’m definitely going to do a bit more digging into Inhaler, because judging off this one song, they’re a band I can see myself getting around.

Deep Sea Diving – aboutagirl, emir taha: When the press release for aboutagirl’s new single found it’s way to my inbox I was intrigued off the visuals alone. And then I read that Emir Taha was featuring on the song and I was on Spotify straight away. This song. This voice. The production. I love everything about it. As harsh as it sounds, and I know it sounds harsh, of all the songs that I get sent to my inbox, maybe only 15% of them make me genuinely excited, and this song had me hooked literally three seconds in, and it only got better as it went on.

Y U Gotta Be Like That – Audrey MiKa: Audrey MiKa is a gem. I’ve followed her YouTube channel since the middle of last year and she’s made great strides in that time alone. Releasing an EP, a string of singles, performing sold out shows around the Bay Area, she’s killing it. So when this song came on randomly on Spotify Radio while my friend and I were in the car, I knew who it was straight away. Such a cute little bop. Fans of Madison Beer (Chloe. I mean you.) would be into this gal, 100%.

Mother – Charlie Puth: I wait for the day people start regarding Charlie Puth as the musical mastermind he his. This song is so good. Watching his behind the scenes videos and Instagram videos gives you a sense of what a natural he is in a studio setting, and how he’s doing exactly what he was born to do. This song has been one of my favourites since it was released.

Find An Island – BENEE: I remember BENEE singing this song at  her concert earlier in the year, before it was released or even mentioned, so when it came out, I was happily surprised to already be familiar with the song. It’s such a good song, fits BENEE’s overall aesthetic perfectly, and it’s the perfect song to keep her momentum going.

Zero – Chris Brown: The funk in this song is real. Such a great bass line, and a very catchy chorus. I’ve been singing this all month.

Couldn’t Say No – Mario: Just another classic to keep the vibes going.

Wild Girl – Kito, Empress Of: This song. Arguably my favourite song on this list at the moment. It’s such a vibe. I’ve been plugging my laptop into my studio speakers for this song specifically, and it’s all the better for it. Love Empress Of, appreciate being introduced to Kito, a kick-ass female producer.


That’s what I was listening to this month!! It’s a lot, but I’ve been loving the music that’s being released in October. What did you listen to this month?



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September Tunes

Holy moly, we have 4 months left in the year?? I feel like the shock should start wearing off at some point, but it never does.

That said, I think musically, 2019 has been ridiculously good. There’s just so much happening and so many new artists and songs to discover! Hence why my September Tunes are considerably hefty this month.

LOVE AGAIN – Daniel Caesar, Brandy: No-one can complain about a bit of monthly Daniel Caesar. I’ve cooled off from my phase of blasting Daniel Caesar and only D. Caesar, however that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped appreciating his music and how beautiful it is. Throw Brandy into the mix and you’ve got a happy Priya.

The Sun Comes Up – Mako Road: I can’t recall how I came across this band, but now that I’ve found them, I’m obsessed. If you’re a fan of Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley or any other bands with a similar sound, I’d highly recommend you check out Mako Road. I’ve applied to review their show when they’re in town later this year, so fingers crossed I get to go and catch them live.

Chill Bill – Rob $tone, J. Davi$, Spooks: This is an old favourite. It’s also a random favourite of mine. I don’t listen to any of the artists on this track, yet somehow I’m slightly obsessed with this song?

I Just Need Love – Mac Ayres: Good ol’ Mac. If you haven’t already, check out my post all about Mac Ayres, you can read it HERE. He’s released some new music, and this is probably my favourite at the moment. So many good moments within this song and the instrumentation feeds my funk and groove appetite.

Glitter – Bene: I count myself lucky for getting to see Bene when I did, cos she’s suddenly blowing up around Australia and the rest of the world, and for good reason. She’s got such a unique sound, and this song really exemplifies that. It’s such a boppy song, perfect for the upcoming Spring months. I’ve been hyping Bene for a while, she was one of the first artist profiles I did on the blog, so I’m super happy she’s getting some attention.

My Love Is Gone – SAFIA: I got to see SAFIA live for a second time when I reviewed their show for Beat Magazine, which if you don’t know by now, is a Melbourne music magazine I write for, and they were just as good live at the Forum Theatre as they were when I saw them two summers ago at Let Go Fest.

Ballin Flossin – Chance The Rapper, Shawn Mendes: I have a bone to pick with the internet. For some reason, Chance’s latest album, The Big Day, copped so much flack, especially on Twitter, and the reception was overwhelmingly negative, so much so that Chance had to address how it was making him feel in a Tweet. I never listened to the album, until the start of this month, and I was so confused/shook/concerned. The album is so. good. And this song??? I couldn’t care less about Senorita at the moment, the Shawn Mendes collaboration everyone needs to be talking about, is this one.

Catching Feelings – Draxs Project, Six60: We love when two NZ favourite’s get together to create the cutest little bop to exist. This song is so sweet, all the vocals in it are sugar and I have nothing to fault with this song.

False God – Taylor Swift: Trust me, I expected to see Taylor Swift on one of my playlists, even less than you did. But that saxophone in the intro hit and I was hooked. This song is really atmospheric and ambient and I love the phrasing and the lyrics. It’s my favourite song from this album and I’ll admit that I only listened to every other song once. This however, has been on repeat.

RNP – YBN Cordae, Anderson. Paak:  I don’t listen to much YBN Cordae, but I do listen to my fair share of Ando Paak, so when my friend James told me to put this song on during a drive to a gig, I was shooketh. The beat, the rhythm, the rap, the groove. Everything about this song makes me so hyped up.

Heaven – Julia Michaels: If you didn’t catch my post about seeing Julia live, you can read that HERE. Sunshine, flowers, all things nice. The cutest, most wholesome concert I’ve ever been to, and it reminded me of this particular song, which was one of my favourites of 2018.

Murder She Wrote – Chaka Demus and Pliers: This song just reminds me of my family, and how insane we get when a bit of reggae comes on. I also recently played it for one of my friends and he didn’t get it at all, which really got me fired up. This song is such a classic, and I could be six feet under and I’d still dance to this song.

What You Did – Mahlia, Ella Mai: Look, I know I said I was keen, if you’re not sure what I’m referring to, read THIS post, but I haven’t had a moment to listen to this album in full. I have however, had some time to appreciate this beautiful collab. Two queens. Two RnB kings. I love this song. So much. I’m gonna finally get to see Mahalia in February for the Laneway festival, so considering I missed her set entirely when I went to Falls Festival at the end of last year, I’m super keen to finally see this queen live.

Gum Body – Burna Boy, Jorja Smith: Remember when I said last month that 2019 was shaping up to be the year of Burna Boy. I’d like to second my own comment. This song is so funky. Jorja Smith is absolutely beautiful as per usual, and Burna Boy is steadily make a real space for himself.

Wave – Meghan Trainor, Mike Sabath: Hear me out. We all know there have been some… hiccups with Meghan Trainor since she started making music, and as far is it goes, I don’t usually get around her music. However, someone you should all know, is Mike Sabath. This is one of the first tracks with his voice on it, and I was super excited to hear it because he’s one of my favourite producers and composers ever. He’s literally only 21 too, way to make me feel inadequate, but he’s produced, composed, written or been a part of putting together some absolute smashes. I’m talking Cuz I Love You by Lizzo, Aurora by Bea Miller, Familiar by J Balvin and Liam Payne, Happiness Begins by The Jonas Brothers and a handful more. He’s a gun. If you listen to this song for any reason, make it Mike.

Sleep On The Floor – The Lumineers: Boy, I was just in a mood this month. This song made it’s way back into my daily life, and when I said daily, I mean daily. Like this song honestly changed my life. I couldn’t begin to describe how or why, but it did, as dramatic as that sounds. It’s hard for me to listen to this song without becoming emotional.

Rock Witchu – PRETTYMUCH: It’s been a hot minute since I’ve included any PRETTYMUCH on my playlists, but this song came on shuffle for the first time in ages while I was driving with my sister and we both lost it in the middle of the shopping centre carpark. I’ll admit, I never listened to it in it’s entirety because I haven’t listened to much PRETTYMUCH in a while, and I have regrets. So. Damn. Groovy.

Green Light – Milan Ring: Please, check out Milan Ring. She’s a killer singer/songwriter/producer, such a unique sound, and this song has been on repeat since I first listened to it. Such an interesting song.

Trick Of The Light – Matt Corby: You’re probably getting sick of this. This song appears again and again, and that’s because my soul can never get enough of this song.

Cautionary Tales – Jon Bellion: Refer to the description for the previous song.

Gloria – The Lumineers: If you haven’t already, you can read my post about The Lumineers’ latest album III HERE, but this song has become a staple since it’s release. Such a good song. So much energy, but such beautifully sad and emotional lyrics.

Yellow Mellow – Ocean Alley: I saw a gal singing this at a beer garden I’m usually gigging at on a Wednesday night! She and her guitarist were after us and they absolutely smashed this song, so much so that I’ve actually learnt to play it on the guitar now, and it’s one of my favourite songs to just play along to at the moment.

Nothing – Bruno Major: I actually got to see Bruno Major live at the end of the month, and it was such a beautiful concert. He’s so technically talented as well as just incredibly musically gifted, and it was one of the most serene concerts ever. My friend Amy and I were in absolute awe the entire time – stay tuned for a blog post.

Sunny Days – Allen Stone: My man Allen. I was super excited when he released this, the live video that goes along with it is like a ray of sunshine. Such a good song, and it’s been stuck in my head since it’s been out! Very happy with new music from Allen Stone and he did not disappoint.

My My My! – Troye Sivan: I also got to see Troye when he played in Melbourne for a review I had to write, and it was one of the most energetic, flamboyant, beautifully welcoming concerts I’ve ever been to. I think Troye summed it up perfectly, when he said that if he could strut around stage as confidently as Naomi Campbell, we all could have a little dance, and this song in particular absolutely popped off. It was the perfect way to end the show, and it’s been my go to Troye song since then.

Rushing Back – Flume, Vera Blue: Unpopular opinion? Maybe popular opinion? I’m not a fan of Flume’s new stuff. Just, the noise. I don’t know, man, I gave it a red hot crack, I really did, but I can’t get around it. This song however, is the exception, and as much as Flume’s music is actually so great in this song and reminds me of his older stuff a little bit, I feel like I my girl Vera is the reason I love this song so much.



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August Tunes

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well and good.

Probably should preface this post by apologising for my severe lack of posts this month. It was a hectic one to say the least. There was a lot going on (gigs, university, my 21st, music production), and writing blog posts genuinely disappeared from my mind for a solid four weeks. That said, I hope you enjoyed my recap of the Childish Gambino concert, which you can read HERE if you missed it. 

Otherwise, let’s get into the music I was listening to during August!! It was another great month for music for me personally, I discovered a bunch of new tunes to add to my playlists, and rediscovered some old favourites. Let me know how you month turned out, I’d love to hear any recommendations!!


Movie – Tom Misch:  This song is hardly new, it’s been around for a little bit, but I’ve only just taken the time to genuinely listen to it and enjoy just how musically gifted Tom Misch is, not that it’s any surprise. I’ve featured his music here on the blog since the beginning of time, and he recently performed this song during his NPR Tiny Desk concert, and it was a treat. A great way to spend my Friday night. If you missed the Instagram story, check out my social media below so you can get onto it!

Crew – GoldLink, Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy: This song was stumbled upon while I was on YouTube, the intro’s been used in a few people’s intro’s recently, and I’m not that mad at it. The rest of the song is definitely just as good, and it was a great asset to my latest playlist creation, velvet, which you can listen to HERE.

One Night Only – Sonder: This song is another incredibly smooth one. I feel like August was the month for really smooth, slow jams for me personally, and I’m so down for it. This song in particular was very random for me, I’ve never heard of Sonder, or this song before, and I’m slightly mad about it, especially considering Brent Faiyaz, one of my latest obsession, leads the group with his vocals. I don’t know where this song has been all my life, but I appreciate it being here now.

Indigo Night – Tamino: Tamino did an NPR Tiny Desk performance, which is how he appeared on my feed. There’s something so incredibly calming about watching him perform, as quite a few people in the comments mention, he’s got a bit of a Jeff Buckley vibe to him and I love it. I also love the little Arabic influences in his music, it makes it so different and unique. I’m only just diving into his catalogue, but this song has been included in several playlists.

Ride It – Regard: Look. I didn’t begin watching TikTok compilations for the art. It was ironic. I was trying to make fun of my sister. But here I am, a month later, stuck in an endless cycle of TikTok compilation videos on YouTube, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. The shining like at the end of the tunnel though, is that sometimes, on some rare occasions, TikTok shares some great tunes, especially remixes, and this is definitely one of them. If you’ve been on TikTok or even meme Instagram in the last month, you’ll recognise this song.

Simmer – Mahalia, Burna Boy: Another absolute tune from Mahalia, but at this point, we aren’t really surprised. Burna Boy is a new one from me, but I’m seeing him pop up everywhere, see below for his song with angel gal Jorja Smith.

Be Honest – Jorja Smith, Burna Boy: As much as I love Jorja Smith, Simmer is definitely my favourite out of these two Burna Boy features, but that’s not to say this one isn’t fantastic too. I’m loving the groovier side to Jorja on this one, definitely a bit different compared to songs like Teenage Fantasy or Blue Lights, especially compared to Goodbyes, but I’m welcoming it with open arms, cos it suits her perfectly.

Indigo – Chris Brown: This is nothing new. It came out a little while ago, but August really gave me the time to get into it. Something about Chris Brown always gives me nostalgia for the year I turned 18, not long ago, only two years ago, and started going out with my friends. He’s still releasing really addictive tunes. Just a tune. That’s all I have to say.

Holding The Gun – Sabrina Claudio: I’m convinced the only thing flowing through Sabrina Claudio’s body is honey. She’s so bloody smooth. Her voice is genuinely like velvet, and I can’t get enough of it. This song is beautiful, and steadily becoming one of my favourite Sabrina songs.

Motivation – Normani: Yo. How did Fifth Harmony ever get by with this woman not leading the group?? I swear everyone on Twitter lost their minds when the music video dropped (it’s art), and I’ve never seen so many people online so ultimately united by one female artist. It was beautiful.

over and over – sky: I discovered this song while watching Volume 3 of ‘Dear White People’ – I have even more questions at the end of that volume than I did the first two – and I fell in love with. Again, just a slanky, smooth, old school RnB joint. It’s perfection.

Don’t Kill My Vibe – Sigrid: Not a new song by any means at all, but for some reason it popped into my head randomly, and I was stuck singing it around the house for an entire week. The chorus is just so energetic and wholesome, I really need to get around to listening to some more Sigrid.

Fool For You – Snoh Aalegra: I’ve been obsessing over this song ever since I randomly clicked it on Spotify. If you haven’t checked out my Spotify by now, a) why? and b) you should do that, check the links below, but it’s been added to a fair few of my playlists. It’s such a calming song, her voice and the guitar and how minimal it all is, and also may or may not feature in a lil cover I did of it on my Instagram…



The Wilhelm Scream – James Blake: I can’t for the life of me, remember where I heard this song, but it’s changed my life. I’m no stranger to James Blake and the genius that he is, but I’m shocked it’s taken me this long to hear this particular song. It’s so atmospheric and cinematic, I’d liken it to something like The Maze by Manchester Orchestra which featured in my July Tunes. This song is so bloody calming, despite how organic and dynamic it is, I can never listen to it just once.

Hazy – SODA, Yuto.: I’m Insta acquaintances with the brother’s who make up the Yuto. duo, and I have to say, this is my absolute favourite song that they’ve released. Easily. It’s right up my alley, and it’s made a SODA fan out of me.

Disco Yes – Tom Misch, Poppy Ajudha: Another Tom Misch song. Since watching his NPR Tiny Desk, August has indeed been the month of Misch. Clearly I don’t have an issue with it. This song is steadily becoming my favourite song he’s ever written, and I’m desperate for my band to get their hands on this. It’s such a good time, I don’t know how you couldn’t not smile listening to that bass line. Song of the month.

Movie Screen – Tommy Newport: I rediscovered this song while going through my playlist, songs you should probably hear on Spotify and I had to add it to my 365//2019 playlist. It’s so good. Tommy’s vocals, the bass line, the vibe.

Naked – Sedric Perry: Funny story with this one. I was at work, and had to venture to the other half of the store, when I overheard the first ten seconds of this song. I was disgusted in the best possible way and ran to the computer to find out what it was. Somehow, it was on a Pulp Fiction soundtrack by accident, because it was really the odd one out on the playlist, but God was looking out for me that day, because I am in love with this song. Stanky vocals and insane beats. Treat yourself.



That’s what I was listening to in August. It was a fun month of me, it usually always is – what were you listening to? Please feel free to share any discoveries or recommendations in the comments! I’d love to know what you guys were enjoying too!



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July Tunes

Hello friends. Hope you’re all well.

I’m not going to bore you with all the blab about how phenomenal the month of July was for new music discoveries, so let’s just get into what I was listening to and loving this month.

Cherry Hill – Russ: So I feel like I’ve heard this song before finding it this month, but I rediscovered it in On My Block, the Netflix series I binged. I’ve also heard of Russ before, but I never ever got around to actually listening to much of his music, however I’ve found a favourite in this song.

Just Friends (Sunny) – Musiq Soulchild: This is a song I’ve been meaning to get around to for a long long time. My friend Daniel has constantly suggested we perform a cover of it and I finally remembered to listen to it earlier this month. This song is everything good about RnB, it’s 2000s RnB in a nutshell and I’ve been bumping this song all through July.

Overdue – Ojikae: I discovered Ojikae in my email Inbox, and I instantly fell in love with this song from the Melbourne sing. He has another tune, Ex, which I’ve also been loving. Like the previous song, it’s everything I love about RnB. Also, this boys vocals? Insanity.

Would I Lie To You – Charles & Eddie: This song came on the radio while I was in the car with my Dad and I instantly recognised the chorus as a sample that’s used in one of my favourite songs for the gym, Would I Lie To You, but a remixed version by John Gibbons. If you need something to pump you up, I recommend that version, but if you’re a stickler for the originals, the Charles & Eddie version is just as good in my opinion, if not, better.

Love For Me – Empress Of: I discovered this song by an artist I already loved while watching the Netflix original, Trinkets, and it was this one. I shamzaam’d it so quick, but I wasn’t surprised in the slightest when I saw who it was by. She always delivers really subtle bangers.

D’Evils – SiR: My cousin introduced me to this song while we were driving to a concert and I immediately requested she add it to my yearly playlist, 365 /// 2019. As I’m writing this I’m realising there’s a lot of incredible RnB in this months favourite tunes, and I’m not mad in the slightest. This song definitely falls under that category.

Come Together – The Beatles: This song. This song. This song has been the bane of my existence this month. I have a upcoming gig that would have been over and done with by the time this is posted, either that or currently going on, and this song got the vote from all three other members of the band. It’s a classic, a favourite. However. The lyrics are absolute gibberish. Nonsense. I’ve had the hardest time learning these lyrics and memorising the words, but fingers crossed I’ve got there.

Mind Playing Tricks On Me – Geto Boys: Another song from another Netflix series, this time from Hip Hop Evolution. Admittedly, I did watch the series in the wrong order, hence by Texas rap came up in the first episode, but I’m glad I got to find this song. It sounds like something I would have heard when I was super young, and I’ve loved playing this song in the car all month long.

Back To Life – Fergus James: I heard this song on the odd occasion I didn’t have my Spotify connected in my car and was listening to the radio, Triple J, of course. The chorus in this song is so energetic and powerful, and I immediately had to find it. This is me foreshadowing that Fergus James ends up at some festivals within the next few years, with this song being the crowd favourite. It’s perfect moshing material. Have a listen if you don’t believe me.

Talk It Out – Matt Corby, Tash Sultana: Oh lordy. Two of Australia’s finest exports on one track? It’s such a lush tune. Both Matt and Tash have really incredible performances and musical choices on their independent records, so to have them collaborate is insane. Everyone went insane when they posted a photo together, and it was only a matter of time before we had this funky as heck tune.

OG Luv Kush pt.2 – Kaiit: I finally, finally got to see Kaiit live, with my boys Dan and James from my band. It was such a great night, and this song was the perfect way to end it. Not only did she leave this tune for the encore, but she also strode back on stage to perform it by throwing out four joints into the crowd while smoking on her own. If you haven’t read my wrap-up of the concert, you can read that HERE.

Me Myself And I – De La Soul: Another song from Hip Hop Evolution. De La Soul have been around for a long, long time, and by default, I’m not stranger to their name considering their affiliation with A Tribe Called Quest and the rest of the Native Tongues gang, however I’d never ventured into listening to their music. My mistake. I will repent. This song, this song never fails to make me smile. Have a listen.

How You Feel – Swsh: So I found this song on one of my favourite YouTube channels, COLORS. Boy. This song made my jaw drop. I watched the video another three seperate times after I first listened, and I’ve been playing this song all month since the video was released. I’ve never heard of Swsh, but now that I have, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on them.

IV. sweatpants – Childish Gambino: I don’t think I can quantify how pumped I got when Gambino pulled this song out for his encore. Mia might be able to because she was there for me to grab onto when the intro came over the speakers at Rod Laver Arena, but she was just as amped as I was so she could be biased. This is the song that Mia and I jammed to and rapped together in the car on the way to Falls Festival last year, so we both lost our shit. Childish Gambino made all my dreams come true when he performed this.

Adore – gem: I have a special place in my heart for this beautiful song, because gem is my beautiful friend from university who I’ve shared the last three years with. Please got have a listen, she literally did everything on her own, and I’m so bloody proud.

Gonna Love Me – Teyanna Taylor: Teyanna, boy. She’s somehow another artist who I never really got around to listening to and I’m glad I finally did. I was compiling a playlist of smooth RnB, which you can listen to HERE, and this song came up as a recommendation and I’m very grateful it did.

Cocoon – Catfish and the Bottlemen: So I got to see Catfish in concert for the magazine I write for, and holy moly. These dudes put on such a show. I took one of my best friends Jess as my plus one, and it was such a throwback to Falls Festival again, and we were the last ones left from our group in the mosh for midnight on New Year’s Eve and these guys rang in 2019 for us.

Momma I Hit A Lick – 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar: I’ve been hearing this song everywhere, especially in a bunch of dance videos recently, and I made a mental note to listen to the full thing. I can’t say I’m a huge 2 Chainz fan, but I am a huge Kendrick Lamar fan, which automatically makes me a fan of this song. Such a hard-hitting song. Obviously I added it to my gym playlist. Perfection.

So that’s what I was listening to in July. I’m sure some of you made some amazing discoveries this month toolet me know in the comments!



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June Tunes

Hello friends. I hope you’ve all had a great month. I know I had a pretty decent June. I finished up uni for the semester, submitted my last assignment, wrote a bunch of new songs (released a new one too) got to hang out with my friends, PLUS, discovered a bunch of new songs obviously.

Here’s what I was listening to in June.

Never Say Die – CHVRCHES: So I’m only slightly sorry for getting in the mosh pit and passionately yelling out this band’s name, pronouncing the ‘V’ clear as day at Falls Festival at the start of the year/end of last year. Since getting to hear them at the festival I’ve been hearing them around more and more, and this song stuck out to me this month as I got to hear it heaps on the radio at work.

The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala: I had a 21st this month, where the playlist included some of the grooviest tunes ever, including this one. I’ve always known Tame Impala, purely because Kevin is a genius, but up until now I’ve never had a favourite song. This song is forever stuck in my head since hearing it at the party. It’s such a good tune.

Sally -Thundamentals, Mataya: This is another song I heard at work, as soon as I heard it I had to find out what it was, and I was only slightly surprised that it was Thundamentals. It’s such a groovy tune, very old school, which is what hooked me in straight away.

Confidence – Ocean Alley: For the last six or seven months now, my friend Daniel and I have been performing acoustic covers as well as a couple of originals at a bar and beer garden in our area where a bunch of uni students hang out, and this was added to the list this month. It’s proved popular, for obvious reasons. It was No. 1 on the Triple J Hottest 100 for 2018, so there’s that.

The Maze – Manchester Orchestra: I’d like to proclaim this song my discovery of the month. It’s been a long, long time since a song has moved me as much as this song did. Think Sleep On The Ground by The Lumineers, or I Need You by M83, but super raw and rustic in the best way possible. I’d like to thank The Society for bringing this song into my life.

Parachute – AM!R: Speaking of Netflix shows that deliver amazing music, On My Block gave me this absolute stellar. It’s definitely on the smoother, RnB side of things, but it’s perfect for the show, and it really hits you in the gut when it gets into the swing of it.

Compromise. – Phony Ppl: I found this song while watching the NPR Tiny Desk episode this band did. Such a funky band, this song has Earth, Wind & Fire potential, I’m telling you. Watch out.

Washed Out – The Grogans: I got to interview these dudes to a magazine I write for, and they were the coolest guys ever. Literally like talking to some mates from high school. Funnily enough, we discovered that I actually did a class with one of them at their school where I attended an extra class in 2014-2015. This song is keeping me going until Summer, and if you’re looking for some incredible surf-rock, infused with a decent dose of reggae and blues, check out The Grogans.

Window To The Sky – Kim Churchill: Again, I got to see Kim Churchill live to review the show for the magazine, and despite not being too familiar with him before picking up the piece, I left the show totally in love. He literally sat on stage playing the harmonica, the guitar, a kick drum and a tambourine pedal all on his own. Oh, and singing like an angel.

Hold Me Back – Hayden James, Boy Matthew: Hayden James finally dropped his album, and he did not disappoint. He’s featured Boy Matthew on heaps of his songs, and I love the guys vocals, so this one was sure to deliver, and deliver it did. Such a great tune, I’ve been blasting this while getting ready for a night out, or while cleaning my room, while making breakfast, really I’ve just been playing this song nonstop.

Want Me Back – BENEE: Another favourite here on the blog, BENEE released this in preparation for her EP which is finally, finally coming out. I’ve literally been waiting for this since she released Tough Guy last year. This song is such a step away from her bass heavy, alternative RnB/pop singles she’s released, and I’m loving it. It’s still cohesive with the rest of the songs she has out, but it’s very different and I’m obsessed.

Better – Mac Ayres: Again, the favourites really pulling through this month. Mac Ayres released Better, and I’m even more in love with his voice than I already was. That’s about it.

Rolling Into One – Jordan Rakei: Jordan Rakei. Jordan, Jordan, Jordan. Rakei also released an album, after much waiting, and he’s really pulled through. Jordan’s one of the most talented musicians I can think of, and this entire album is like all of his talent and skill and funk rolled into one. Definitely check out Jordan and his album, Origins. It’s filled with amazing songs, but Rolling into One is my personal favourite.

Baby, Baby, Baby – Aretha Franklin: A classic. An absolute gem. I rediscovered this song again, through The Society. I love this song so much. Such a smooth track, and Aretha’s voice plus the harmonies in the back can do no wrong. Continuously in awe of this woman.


It’s not really part of the favourites cos while I’m a narcissist, I can read a situation, but I thought I’d include a special lil tune that came out this month…mine!

SAME WINE (1).png

My second single for the year, Same Wine, came out in June on the 21st, and I’ve been so grateful for all the friends, especially those of you gems from my blogging family, who’ve shared the song, passed on their love for it and been so supportive towards me. If you’d like to listen to Same Wine, you can stream it on Spotify, SoundCloud and literally everywhere else!!

That’s my June Tunes!! I hope you enjoyed this post – let me know if you discovered any new faves from the list!



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May Tunes

Hello friends and welcome to the end of another month! A bit jarring, considering June marks the halfway point for the year, but exciting all the same for a couple of reasons!

  1. I have decided to make some holiday plans for this time next year and I’m already excited.
  2. I may or may not have a new song coming out on streaming services this month….
  3. Also a couple months closer to my birthday and being considered an adult all over the world.

But anyway, I suppose I’ll touch on all of those topics sometime in the near future, but the reason for today’s post is of course, my monthly tunes. I really had a great month of music in May. I played a super duper fun gig with my band and had so many friends and family come along to support us. Some new music came out that had me vibing real good, and I even went to a cheeky concert or two.

Here’s what I was listening to in May, it’s a hefty list, but well worth a read!

Hard Place – H.E.R: Honestly, she can do no wrong. Every new song she releases makes more more of a fan of hers and I can’t help but be obsessed with everything she puts out. Hard Place is no different, hence why it’s at the top of my list this month.

Wallpaper – Spencer Sutherland: Another cool as heck do, I’ve also been enjoying all of Spencer’s songs. I’ve yet to find one that I don’t absolutely love yet.

I’m Like A Bird (Recorded Live at Spotify) – Alessia Cara: One of my friends Amy recommended this song to me, and I’ve had it on repeat since then. I love Alessia Cara, especially recently, she’s been sharing some cool music and  her concerts look super fun, but this cover makes me so nostalgic considering how big of a part this song played in my childhood. Such a great cover, I highly recommend you give it a listen. Shout-out to Amy for a brilliant suggestions.

3 Nights – Dominic Fike: An artist who I’ve actually heard of here and there, Dominic Fike has never been someone I’ve really gone out of my way to look into, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear this song start popping up on the radio here in Australia. It’s a really catchy song and I was super quick to Shazaam it the first time I heard it in the car.

Upside – Allen Stone: Look. I know. I’m well behind on my BluesFest post. It’s coming, I promise. However, in the meantime, get yourself acquainted with Allen Stone cos he’ll for sure be popping up in that post several times. This song is one of his funkiest in my opinion, a great time overall.

Trick Of The Light – Matt Corby: Ever since watching Matt Corby live last month, which you can read about HERE, I’ve been in love with this song. He didn’t play it, but my friend James had his fingers crossed the entire time that he would, so it was only fair that I went home after the concert to have a listen. I love it. The guitar in this song is super strong, and Matt delivers the incredible vocal performance that I’ve just come to expect from him.

Guillotine – Jon Bellion: It happened again. I don’t know what the catalyst is for this, but there’s always a time every few weeks or so where I just come back to this song and play nothing else for a few days. It popped up again in May and I had zero problems, because it reminded me that I’m actually going to see this man live in the flesh in a couple of months when he comes to Australia for his tour. Man, I could cry.

Let’s Be Honest – Billy Fox: This song was sent to my email, and I was inclined to have a listen. I was very surprised at how into it I got. When things get sent to me and I get asked to review songs, I really try to only share music that I genuinely enjoy and it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a song as much as this one. Definitely check it out.

Miss Shiney – Kaiit: Ahh Kaiit. I could fangirl over this chick for ever. She’s come through with a new song, and Miss Shiney is such a funky tune. Coincidentally, the day she released it, one of my good friends from uni and I were having lunch in Melbourne Central after class, and spotted her sitting two tables away from us, so proceeded to absolutely freak-out .

Love Me Less – MAX, Quinn XCII: A tune. A very good tune. MAX has always been a vocally very skilled singer, add in Quinn XCII, another personal favourite, and it makes for a super punchy, annoyingly catchy song. Also, the music video is genius.

Ashamed – Omar Apollo: This. Song. If you thought you knew Omar Apollo, like I stupidly thought I did, you don’t. Listening to this song for the first time had me shooketh to my absolute core. It’s so different from personal favourites like Brake Lights and Pram. It’s like his song Ignorin, grew the heck up, but like, better?

Circle – Allen Stone: This my friends, is how you sing a ballad. I don’t even know if I can do this man justice. You have to just check him out, but this is maybe in my top three songs from Allen Stone.

Let’s Begin – Jon Bellion, Roc Marciano, RZA, B.Keyz, Travis Mendes: Like I mentioned, been on a bit of a Jon Bellion binge. This song was immediately one of my favourites when I first listened to Glory Sound Prep which he released in November last year. The bass line in this song is so aggressive, which I absolutely love, and literally every single artist on this track, goes in. It’s hard not to respect a song with so much talent on it. It’s insanity.

Light It Up – Marshmello, Tyga, Chris Brown: Ahh, my very guilty pleasure. You all know I’m incredibly partial to some hip hop and RnB. I don’t know man, just been stuck in my head all the time.

Evil Spider – Bene: My gal Bene. If you didn’t catch it, check out my review of her concert HERE. She released this cute lil track, and I’m excited to see it go far. It’s super groovy, as expected from Bene by now, and her songwriting in this walks the line of being super dark but also super cute??? She makes it happen.

Blood On My Hands – AUGUST 08, Smino: I added this song to 365//2019 purely from the intro because of how atmospheric it is, intending for this to be a bit of a chiller tune. My bad, I accept full responsibility for not waiting for the chorus to hit on this one, cos when it hits, it hits. There’s some major minimalistic dancehall percussion on this track, and the vocals are undeniably smooth as butter. I love everything about this song.

Fragile – Cooper and Gatlin: I watched the music video for this song, purely because it featured two of my favourite dancers on the video icon, and I subsequently became obsessed with it. Watch for yourself.

Treasure – Bruno Mars: I fell back in love with this song after my band and I performed it at our last gig. It was a pretty last minute inclusion but it definitely paid off, it was a huge crowd favourite, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat, especially at the gym, ever since.

Life Worth Living – LAUREL: This gal. This angel, angel gal. Like I’ve spoken about before, I strongly back the pre-concert and post-concert fave. Before heading to see LAUREL earlier this month, her song Adored was basically one of the only songs from her album DOGVIOLET that I actually listened to. Come the day of the concert and I become obsessed with this song hours before the show, and lose it in the crowd when she starts singing it. This song hits you in the gut in the best way. If you want a bit of pop-rock Florence And The Machine vibes, LAUREL is your go-to gal.

Do Not Disturb – Mahalia: Y’all know I love Mahalia. I’ve been slowly making my way through her catalogue, purely because once I listen to a new song it’s the only Mahalia song I listen to for a week, minimum. I love the chorus in this song, her vocals are like genuine. It blows my mind that she’s my age.

Easier – 5 Seconds of Summer: I don’t know why I was surprise, but I was. My best friend Kate, really gets around these boys, and I can see why. Since they’ve made their little comeback, they’ve released fantastic songs, and this one is no different. I’d be really interested to see how they’d perform it live though.

Cautionary Tales – Jon Bellion: It’s like Jon knew I was on a Bellion bender throughout this month, because towards the end of May he released a documentary, behind the scenes of the making of the Glory Sound Prep album, and it’s magnificent. This was one of the first songs to show up within the documentary, and it really made me appreciate it a lot more. Honestly, this man. I cried, several times while watching it, and then I watched it a second time.

still feel – half·alive: I discovered this song while on my drive to my last day of my internship. I’d had it in my driving playlist, but at this point that’s another version of Mary Poppin’s bag, you literally don’t know what you’re gonna get because there’s a stupid amount of songs on it. However, this song came on shuffle, and I was immediately obsessed with it, and as soon as I pulled into the carpark, I searched up the song again and added it to my yearly playlist. The bass drop had my entire car shaking, which is always a good sign.

So that’s it friends. May was chock full of amazing music – the rest of the year really got to pull through to match the first half. I’m excited.



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