Shuffle The Music

I got tagged in the Shuffle The Music Tag! I know I only recently did a post centered around my lovely shuffle button, but I love them so much, so thought I’d give you guys this one!

I’d like to thank the lovely IndieSongLyrics for nominating me, her posts are some of my favourite posts, I always love reading her blog, so you should definitely check it out too. So for this blog, you have to shuffle your entire music library, and if we know me, which by now we should, we know that I have a heavy, if not unhealthy, reliance on playlists, so this shall be interesting. Let’s see what fifteen songs come up first!

  1. I Want – Ruby Fields
    This is such a sick song, from an amazing Aussie artist. I discovered her on my beloved Triple J radio station. This song kind of sums up what it feels like to be a teenager in Australia at the moment perfectly, even more so, being a high school student in Australia, but that’s not to say literally anyone can’t enjoy and relate to this song.
  2. Versace On The Floor – Bruno Mars
    Have you seen the music video???? Bruno?? And Zendaya??? Amazing stuff. I’m a fan. This song is one of my favourites, and while I did not wait so long for B to deliver an album with only nine songs, I’m very grateful for this one.
  3. I Want – One Direction
    We were going well. Hadn’t mentioned these dudes in a while. I kind of knew it wasn’t going to last. This was one of my favourite songs to play on the piano when I was a youngin’ back in the early days of high school. So hardcore.
  4. Backfire At The Disco – The Wombats
    Definitely check this song out. I like jamming to it when it comes on, but it’s not my favourite song by The Wombats, but it’s a great tune. I like singing along to it.
  5. Walking In The Wind – One Direction
    I’m not even mad. This song is a banger. This song is amazing, and I curse the fact that I never got to see it live. I blast this in my room all the time. When the boys started releasing all their solo stuff I had a bit of fit and created a playlist entitled ‘lads‘, which is on private, solely for the purpose of compiling all the music they released, as a boyband and as…men.
  6. Prom – SZA
    I wish I knew how to pronounce her name. She’s a queen. Again, this isn’t my favourite song from the album, but it is definitely a good one.
  7. DNA. – Kendrick Lamar
    Ooooh this is a good one. This one, surprisingly, is actually my favourite song from the whole album. HUMBLE is over-hyped, and this one needs far more appreciation. Give it please.
  8. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here – Ed Sheeran
    I don’t know what Ed’s was droning about, but hearts were breaking everywhere when he released Divide, mine especially. This song is one of those ones that I sometimes overlook, but on the odd occasion that I don’t, I slap myself for all the times I did.
  9. Scared To Be Lonely – Martin Garrix, Dua Lipa
    These guys are both legends so it only made sense that this would turn out to be a smash. I love it and I also love the amazing covers it led to on YouTube. So many good ones. But no one can sing like Dua. What a voice.
  10. Honest – Kodaline
    I used to think that All I Want was my favourite Kodaline song, but I was wrong. It’s this one. I don’t know what it is, but for me this song is so powerful. You have to appreciate a good chorus.
  11. Planetarium – Justin Hurwitz
    What a scene. This was one of my favourite scenes in the whole movie La La Land, even if I was convinced it was just one big trip. More so, I’m honestly in love with Justin’s whole score for the film.
  12. Welcome To The Get Down – Jaden Smith
    I am so mad that The Get Down was cancelled. I wish I had money to put into keeping that up and running, because for me, that was one of the most worthwhile productions Baz Lurman ever worked on, it was so iconic and it didn’t get the attention it deserved. This song, is one of the more subtle and powerful songs on the track-list.
  13. Cranes In The Sky – Solange
    Why this whole album didn’t start a revolution will forever be a mystery to me. Solange can do no wrong, and as the most widely recognised song from the album, it is definitely my favourite. Watch the music video as well. You will not regret it.
  14. Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    This song just reminds me of when I was younger. RHCP were huge when I was growing up, and this song, as well as Can’t Stop are among the songs that shaped a lot of the nostalgia I feel towards my childhood.
  15. Knuck If You Buck – Crime Mob, Lil Scrappy
    I don’t know where my sudden appreciation for Lil Scrappy and all his tunes appeared from, but this is definitely one of my favourites from his. So good. Not so good as No Problem however. Give it a listen if you’re into that stuff.


So there we go! 15 songs, fresh from the shuffle button, I hope you liked them and the explanations I tried to give along with them!

For this tag, I’m going to nominate:

The Young Culture 
TheMessyLifestyleAus (Bailey and Lisa)
Zuzie C
Fifty Shades of Inspiration

Looking forward to finding out what their shuffles produce!



Courtesy Of: My Best Friend

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 6.28.10 pm

I asked another one of my best friends to send me a list of her top ten favourite songs, and she came through with some killer picks. There are some amazing songs in this Courtesy Of: so may as well get started!


Dancing In The Moonlight – Topload: You honestly cannot get any better than this classic to kick it off. Its a feel good one most definitely. You also most definitely have to dance once it comes on.



Loveland – Milky Chance: This is a beautiful song from Milky Chance’s album Sadnecessary. The guitar in this one is definitely a highlight, but overall it’s an amazing song. The ‘Live From Spotify Berlin/2014’ version is also a highly recommended version of the song.



Mended – Vera Blue: You have to have a bit of Vera (Celia Pavey) on the list and can’t say I wasn’t expecting this. All of Vera Blue’s stuff is amazing. The production of the song as well as Celia’s voice obviously. This is no different. Her voice is crazy in this one. Vera Blue is also featured on my August Tunes, coming soon, which you should definitely check out!



Youth – Daughter: This song is still so haunting. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and I’m so glad she included this tune in her top ten.



Sad Songs – Sticky Fingers: If you’re not familiar with Sticky Fingers, definitely check them out. We both love them, they’re one of best acts the Australian music industry has delivered in my opinion. This song is a great tune. I was waiting to see these guys on the list. Definitely a summer song, but then again, most of Sticky Fingers’ songs are made for summer.



Make Them Wheels Roll – SAFIA: I hadn’t heard this song until J sent me her list, and since them I’ve been generally loving it. It’s been stuck in my head for ages. It’s definitely a different one compared to that of Daughter and Sticky Fingers, but it’s a funky tune all the same.



Crave You – Flight Facilities: This song is probably the definition of funky. The vocals from Giselle are great, but it’s definitely the production value that wins it for this song. FF did good with this one.



River – Bishop Briggs: We all know how much I love this song, (if you don’t you can find out how much by reading my post, all about Bishop Briggs) and it’s no surprise it was featured on this list.



Does This Last – Boo Seeka: This is another song that I’d never heard of until I read my best friend’s list. But I can definitely understand why she included it. It’s a powerful song, and I’ve come to really enjoy listening to it too.



Edge of Town – Middle Kids: This happens a lot. We both listen to so much music, that we don’t necessarily tell each other about it all, so sometimes we end up loving the same music, without the other knowing. I had no clue she liked Middle Kids and was happily surprised to see this song on her list. It’s on my driving playlist, and I love listening to it on the train to university. So pleased to feature it on this list.



So that’s another Courtesy Of for you all! Hopefully you enjoyed my best friend’s picks for you, and if you listened to any of these songs for the first time let me know in the comments!



Come On Chris

Chris Brown just released a new song. If you haven’t heard Questions, here you are. You’re welcome in advance.


Here’s my issue. Chris Brown the person? I’m not a fan. In fact, I’d go as far to say as I strongly dislike (hate), Chris Brown the individual. Chris Brown the musician? Sign me up. Mailing list, waiting for concert tickets to drop. I’m a fan. But I don’t want to delve too deep into that, because this will become something I don’t want it to be, real quick.

The song is probably one of my favourites of Chris’ tunes. Considering he’s featured Turn Me On by Kevin Lyttle, I was a fan the second I heard the obvious sampling, and then the chorus being sung a bit later in the song.

I listened to the song yesterday and loved it, and then this afternoon a football player that I follow on Instagram had it playing in his Instagram Story, and I realised it was now up on Spotify, since it wasn’t up yet when I checked first. Fast-forward to me adding the song into nearly all my Spotify playlists. I kind of want to go out with the girls just to hear this song.

I have to say, when I ignore the fact that Chris shouldn’t exactly be still allowed to produce music and have a successful career, I appreciate his music. I hype it, a lot. So behold, my favourite songs sung by, or featuring Chris Brown. Also, apologies in advance because these are most definitely the explicit versions.

Party: Let’s start with the fact that this video features kids from the Millennium Dance Studio, which I’m obsessed with. And also…Kriss Kross at the beginning? And the fact that it looks like a damn good time.


Ayo: Surely it’s a rule to sing along when this song comes on?


Loyal: I don’t support the message in this song. I support the beat.


Picture Me Rollin: I shazaam’d this song in the club. No shame. That’s how much I loved it, and still do.


Stereotype: You know I try to sing the lead, do the claps, sing the backing vocals and sing the keyboard part too.


Love More: I’m just here for “I got $30 cash – making it rain” … rain finger actions. Also Nicki.


Fine China: Acknowledging just how good this song is, I’m always up for someone injecting some MJ into their music video as well as the song itself. Also, like the literal movie???


I Can Transform Ya: Honestly iconic.


Kiss Kiss: Surely this high school does not exist?


With You: I swear I fell in love with no one to fall in love with at 11 years old.


Wall To Wall: When I ignore how scared I was when I first saw the beginning of this music video, this was definitely one of my favourite’s of his.


Yo: How he got from this to Loyal is beyond me…


Look At Me Now: Surely you’ve said this line at least in once in your life?


Run It!: You know it’s a good place if they play this one.


This Christmas: And finally, my favourite Christ Brown to ever exist. Christmas Chris is the best Chris.



I honestly watched every single one of these before putting them in here, plus I had to cut some otherwise this post would be a nightmare to get through. Hopefully you enjoyed it, because I certainly enjoyed looking back at all my favourite Chris Brown songs, new and old. A trip I’ll tell you.



All About Billie

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 2.57.39 pm


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Billie before in a monthly favourites or in another playlists like that, but if you’ve somehow missed it…here’s a whole post dedicated to the girl.

I was initially introduced to her by one of my best friends, who demanded I listen to her song Bellyache. It soon became one of my favourite songs, and still is. Had I joined the masses of people who tuned in to watch 13 Reasons Why, I would have heard her song Bored featured in the TV series as well, shortly after Bellyache was released as a single. You can watch the music video for Bellyache below!


I reckon YouTube user ‘jimmybread 2’ sums it up pretty well: the breeziest song about committing several homicides you will ever hear. And he’s not wrong. The song is literally about murder, which you can really easily pick up on if you listen to the lyrics really closely, or even pull them up on the internet. I still stand by it though.




Aside from the production value, the song is amazing. It’s incredibly dynamic from start to finish, and then there’s Billie’s voice. Its phenomenal. She’s got an amazing voice, and it translates over into her live performances as well. She was featured on one of my favourite YouTube channels, COLOURS, performing her song Watch. See for yourself, just how good this girl is, even live.



While I definitely love Bellyache, I think Watch is quickly becoming my favourite song Billie’s released. Especially after watching this video. I feel like now is a good time to tell you that this girl is 15. She’s fifteen years old. Hopefully that puts into perspective how crazy good her voice and live vocal performance is.

Another fantastic song of hers is Six Feet Under which was released as a single in 2016, and is the first song to appear on her Spotify account. It’s a pretty, haunting song and you know how excited I was to see a video of her performing it live with her brother Finneas O’Connell at Sofar Los Angeles.



Billie also released an EP this year, titled ‘dont smile at me’, which her brother Finneas co-produced and helped write. The album is killer, and has some amazing tracks on it. It’s a pretty heavy record for someone of her age, but she handles the lyrics with a lot of maturity that seems to be a staple in her songwriting and performance. The opening song, COPYCAT, is intense as heck. Pounding bass lines and a synth that nearly burst my eardrums the first time I heard it. Billie’s voice is light and feathery enough that it somehow compliments these elements, yet competes with them to really come to the front of the whole sound incredibly.  My favourite song is definitely Watch though. The chorus is beautiful, as are the lyrics.




Billie is an incredibly underrated musician, and it may be down to her age, the type of music she’s releasing, or how short her music career has been so far, but I’m looking forward to hearing more from her. Watch and Bellyache are already being played a bit on the radio (nice one Triple J), and she’s doing a tour here that I’m too poor to attend, so she’s definitely taking off. You can bet I’ll be there the next time she’s around.



Dom’s Time

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 8.13.58 pm

I stumbled upon Dom McAllister while trolling through one of my favourite YouTube pages, Sofar. They put on amazing, intimate gigs, all around the world with a plethora of amazing musicians. Dom, being one of them. Listen to this voice:



I was literally captured within the first line he sang. Seeing him stand there, unassuming with his hands in his pockets made the voice that came out all the more amazing. Have to admit, 2:32, is definitely my favourite point. So. Much. Soul. How does a guy my age contain that much heart and soul when singing by himself, simply accompanied by a keyboard, played beautifully might I add. And then the cute little ‘thank you’ at the end. No, Dom. Thank you. I listen to this on YouTube all the time. Unfortunately this song, Only One, is not on Spotify, so you won’t be able to find it on any of my playlists. However, he does have two other fantastic, funky as heck songs up there, that you can definitely expect to find in a playlist or two.

His most recent one, is called Walking. It’s a song Dom explains is about being there for a friend, which you can definitely hear in the lyrics. It’s also, as the title may suggest, a brilliant walking song??? I have this song on my most listened to playlist and my mood increases tenfold while walking to a university class if this song shows up on my shuffle.


However. Walking is not favourite song by Dom. That spot, is reserved for a song he released a little bit before he put out Walking, called In Time. Damn that song is magical. His voice is honestly like honey drizzling itself over some of the funkiest, groovy-iest bass lines and synths I’ve ever heard. The production value of this song is also incredible. I’m hoping he follows in fellow Bless Beats stars steps Jess Glynn, and start popping up in some amazing dance tracks, before releasing his much awaited EP. I’m very much biting my nails in anticipation.


If In Time is any indication of the style Dom hopes to deliver with his EP I’d be incredibly satisfied. It’s the perfect mix of electric beats, production and tune, layered with this beautiful soulful vocal performance from McAllister. I could only hope to deliver such a track like In Time. It’s one of my favourites at the moment. I’ve definitely been listening to it all throughout August, so keep an eye out for it on my August Tunes, which you know are just around the corner! The month has flown past. But anyway, back to the matter at hand. Dom and his crazy voice. On that note, I’m going to share the best thing I found when looking at all the stuff he had out on the internet. This gem.



You all know how much I love Kehlani. Lani is one of the most beautiful artists in the world, (who I’m seeing so very, very soon) and Dom’s soulful crooning reinvents this song so beautifully. Wishing this was on Spotify.

Wishing more of Dom was on Spotify.

Very much wishing more people heard this amazing voice, hopefully you give him a listen. If you do, let me know what you think in the comments!




Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 4.54.19 pm

I’m so grateful to my cousin for introducing me to these dudes. She recently went on a trip to New Zealand and when she came back, let me know Six60 were definitely worth checking out. She did not lie.  They’re a five-piece band, and their music is right up my lane. They’re a fantastic blend of soul, rock and reggae, with a bunch of epic drum and bass lines that tie everything together perfectly.

One of their most famous songs, Don’t Forget Your Roots, one of their first singles, is undoubtedly my favourite. It’s the one my cousin told me to listen to, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat since. It’s been a good month.


I feel like I overuse this, so much. But this song is definitely a summer song. But like, a chill summer. A really lazy, relaxing summer, rather than the fast paced, action packed kind of summer. I hope that made sense. That’s definitely down to the guitar for me. It just feels like a really reggae-based guitar rhythm and I think that contributes to the overall feel of the song perfectly. And the lead vocals? Matiu Walters has such a rich voice, it compliments the music they’re producing so well.

You’ll see in the music video, but the name Six60 actually came from the house they lived in while they were all at university. It’s featured in the music video for Don’t Forget Your Roots for obvious reasons, and the video as a whole captures the entire vibe and feel of the song in the 3:47 seconds you are given. They honestly seem like the coolest, chillest dudes ever.


Another favourite of mine is White Lines. Walters’ vocals are incredibly strong in this song. That was one of the first things that drew my attention to this particular tune. I feel like watching this song live would something to see. White Lines somehow combines rock and soul in this funky as heck way that produces a song that you want to dance and sing along to.


Six 60 live

There’s two other songs I’ve been listening to non-stop. Special, specifically because of how catchy it is. Again, for me it comes down to the guitar, as well as the lead vocals. Honestly, Matiu Walters’ is one of my favourite voices, that I’ve ever heard. Especially towards the end when he goes high as heck. He carries the whole song beautifully. Also, the whistle sample has been stuck in my head for the whole day. The other song is Mothers Eyes. Gosh. This song nearly made me cry the first time I heard it. And then I watched the video below and basically did.

“All I need is in my mothers eyes”. Like that line alone was enough to put this song up there with my favourites. Then add in those ridiculous harmonies. It’s an incredible song, and it beautifully builds momentum as it goes on. It’s an amazing song.


If you’d like to listen to more of Six60, you can find their Spotify page here, I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m desperately hoping the boys come to Australia and do some performances because I’m desperate to see them live. Their live concerts look just as amazing.

Hopefully you find a song you like from all the songs you’ll find on Spotify, and if so, let me know in the comments below!



Cheers Triple J

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.23.19 pm.png


This one is so close to home. So, so close. I’m really happy typing about these dudes. And I’m so happy they’re one of the Triple J Unearthed High finalists here in Australia. I’m also very happy that I happened to check in with the Triple J website to see the finalists, and found these guys.

SŸDE. Summer. Vibes. The words are interchangeable really. Their single Orbit has been making the rounds, and I’m pretty sure it’s hit over 8 million streams on Spotify, which is bloody fantastic for a couple of Year 12 students from Melbourne. They’re school is five minutes from me. I used to debate against their school. We deliver supplies to their school at work. I was so excited when I heard how local SŸDE actually are!

Considering ‘producing started off as a hobby‘, these boys are making a name for themselves, and fast. On their Triple J profile, a line that really got me was; “…devotion toward exploring and creating music that we feel resonated deeply within our youth.” Like go you guys. What a line. And when listening to their music, it’s really evident, that it definitely achieves the goal and purpose they set out to reach. While there are definitely other groups of people who can enjoy this type of music, I subconsciously just always link it to my generation, our youth, the type of culture we have, especially during the best of our times. It’s easy, feel good music, with an enchanting layer of ‘no shits to give, the sun is out, life is good’, that makes it so easy to forget how much work actually goes into producing tunes like this.

With over six thousand SoundCloud followers and over 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, these guys are definitely being heard. With Will and Mitch making up this duo, they’re releasing a bunch of new music soon, stuff that I can’t wait to hear.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Promises (Feat Tyler Shamy) is a good mix. It delivers the vibe tropical house music tends to promise, plus features a really punchy vocal performance from Shamy, which Will and Mitch have definitely played to their advantage. The harmonies they’ve combined with a funky as heck groove line from the horns really just sound like summer, and long drives, or chilling by your best friends pool on a particular hot day, with a bunch of cut up fruit and a couple of drinks. It kinda sounds like what you’d expect salt water and sunscreen to smell like. If that makes sense. Surely that does.

Their single Orbit is the one that really hit the mark, granting them a position as one of the Triple J Unearthed High finalists. That’s a pretty sweet seat to get. It came on the radio the other day at work. Not only did the rest of the staff hound me for the genius minds behind the tune, but when I threw up a picture on Instagram ( youshouldhear, one word, cough), the boys were nice enough to reply back! It’s this song, I tell you. Overall, it’s a pretty great song. It’s another cruise-y summer song, that’s made for by the pool, or at the beach, or in the background of a really sick GoPro video of your summer adventures. The guitar sample carries the song really well, even when the percussion is stripped back and it’s just the vocals from Nashville singer Ashe. But it gets better.


In 2016, the same year Orbit was released, we were given the ‘hazey eyes remix’. I’m a huge believer of ‘respectfully remixing’. You can’t take away anything from the original. You can’t completely strip it of all the elements that were combined together in the first place. This remix, toes the line between paying respects to this amazing song, and completely blowing your mind with how great it is. The hazey eyes remix earned a spot on my Spotify playlists specifically curated for GoPro vids, as well as my summer playlist and my driving playlist. I’m sure you’re familiar with them. If not, you should definitely read my blog post all about the playlists I listen to daily.

Will and Mitch are currently doing the rounds of local as well as state wide radio stations, which is just what they need. I’m honestly betting on these guys releasing some tunes into the charts soon, especially if Orbit is anything to go by. Last I checked they were busy in the studio with Jai Waetford, a contestant from The X-Factor back in 2013 who’s currently killing it. I’m looking forward to the song they cook up between the three of them, with Jai’s voice and grooves from Will and Mitch it’s sure to be a good one.

I cannot wait to hear more from these guys. Hopefully you check them out. Click here for  link to their Spotify account, and here to check out their SoundCloud.

Hopefully you guys love SŸDE as much as do, and hopefully you check out their music! Let me know what you think of Mitch and Will in the comments below, I’m keen to hear your thoughts on the amazing talent Melbourne’s producing at the moment!



So You Think You Know

So I’ve scheduled this post for the 11th of August, and it’s currently the 19th of July. Fair to say, you’ll be reading a few weeks worth of writing and editing and complete deletions, rewrites and do-overs. Why, you ask? Because this is a different type of post, I guess. I’m putting some extra thought into this one.

Let’s start with the date. Why the 11th of August? Well, it’s actually my birthday. Ya girls 19. So what does my birthday have to do with this post?

Well, for this post, rather than speaking about musicians and bands I look up to, or songs and albums I’m currently listening to, I’m going to talk about a different topic. Myself. I can hear you gasping.

I’m not sure how to go about this without it looking like a blatant plug and self-promotion attempt, but here we go.

If anyone’s gathered any tiny hints from my last posts, you may know my name. If not, that’s chill, I don’t put it all over my posts other than once or twice. In that case; hello, my name’s Priya. p.f, You Should Hear, Priya are interchangeable now I guess.

I live in suburban Melbourne, Australia, which has a lot going on. It’s a great place. I love Melbourne. I’m currently at university, in my first year and I’m studying, surprise surprise, music. Music Industry to be specific. It’s definitely fun and interesting. I have no regrets so far.

But you guys came here for music.

Well, I actually started music myself when I was four. I started singing lessons, and for that I’m ridiculously grateful to my parents. Singing has been a constant with me since then. When I was probably too unsure and so not ready for the pain (blisters and rough fingers), I started guitar lessons, which didn’t work out for too long. Then I moved to the piano. In a sense, this started a lot for me. I learnt piano for four years. Sped through the levels actually. So it makes people laugh when I tell them that I can’t read a note of music and play by ear. I faked my way through six levels of piano by memorising every single song I was taught. My teacher even went through a whole phase of holding a book over my hands so I couldn’t see the keys and had to look at the page, but by then I had memorised the feel of the piano keys from middle C, so that proved futile for ol’ Vic.

He was quite an old, rigid, classical style teacher, and if you’ve gathered anything from my ‘writing voice’, you’ll know I’m…not. So I stopped piano lessons. I continued with my singing though, changing to a different music school when I was around nine. When I was in primary school there was also a music program you could enrol in, so hoping I could further my piano endeavours at least a little, my parents enrolled me in the keyboard classes. Let me tell you, playing Star Wars and The Simpsons on one hand when I’d previously been playing with two hands, no eyes, without taking in an actual note, was a huge waste of time and my parents money, so much to my keyboard teacher’s dismay, I stopped that after a short year and a half.

But, I kept up the singing outside school. By now I’d found myself a teacher, Nick, who I really gelled with, and we were kind of on the same page with a lot. He ended up leaving the singing school I was attending, and I left right along with him, and joined his own singing school that he literally ran out of his home studio. It was sick.

This turned out to be one of the best decisions my parents ever made, on my behalf. As well as gaining an amazing singing teacher and mentor, I’d go as far to say he was a great friend to my whole family. He eventually added small piano lessons to the singing lessons, but this time, rather than forcing me to try and read notes, he taught me chords.

I already knew the basics of the chords, but once I learnt how to build notes and trills around chords, my love and respect for the piano literally changed. One of my friends calls it ‘funky fingers’ because basically, if I know the song, and I have the chords for it, I can manipulate the chords and the way I choose which keys to play when, to sound pretty similar to if I had a note by note piece of sheet music.

It was great to find a singing teacher who was interested in the music I was, and it was around that time that I finally showed him some of my own original songs. That was when I started recording them. I think I was around twelve. The first song I recorded? Terrible. But for a twelve year old it was such an amazing thing to hear and listen to my own voice singing words I’d penned myself.

After that, I barely touched covers as much as I usually did, and we threw ourselves into building up my catalogue of songs, some that were written 100% by me, with all the music and chord progressions my own as well, others with him editing lyrics and playing the music for the recording. I only stopped going for lessons with him last year, at the end of Year 12. So nearly ten years, give or take a few months worth of breaks here and there. But, I achieved a lot in those ten years, and I’m proud of myself.

Yearly, he had concerts. Not even concerts, gigs, at a pub in Melbourne. It was open to the public, our families and friends were all invited and there were amazing potato wedges. Each student sang two songs, usually covers and the two or three of us who wrote originals performed those as well. The best part was performing with a live, interactive, highly adaptable band. I still give mad props to those dudes. It was when I first started performing with those guys around the age of 12, that my ever present interest for the drums peaked. So when I started high school and the opportunity to go for music lessons within school presented itself, I enrolled in drum lessons. Where I was made to learn to read music. Again. Drum music. That lasted a whole of a year, before I decided that was done, that was over, I was cool just chilling and making it up as I go. That said, you are hearing this from the drummer of the school church band, assembly band and rock band. Make your own judgements. I wish you could see me flick my hair.

Then in Year 10 Music at school, there was a semester assessment, where we had to teach ourselves how to play a musical instrument. I took this as an opportunity to have another crack at the guitar. Let me tell you, YouTube is a blessing, because everything I know on guitar now, I got from there, Google or Ultimate Guitar. Being able to play the guitar improved the scope of my songwriting infinitely, and I even managed to pick up the ukulele and teach myself how to play that little guy too.

All of this combined to broaden the scope and diversity of the music I was writing.

In 2014 I released an EP. You can literally listen to it anywhere. Like, iTunes and stuff. Get ready for the shameless promo that I warned you about, because here it is on Spotify for your convenience 😉 Peep the uke.


So yeah, that happened while I was in Year 10. It didn’t blow up or anything, but I made quite a bit of money for two charities through hard copy sales. It was an achievement for me, and I’m so grateful to my singing teacher for literally recording, mixing and bouncing the whole thing for me.

So that was that. That same year I placed third in a national songwriting competition in my age category. That was cool. The year after that I placed third again, got my school a neat electric-acoustic guitar and $500 to go towards a loop pedal I had been eyeing for myself.

Then in Year 12, I decided I wanted to do something with the collection of brand new original songs that I had written and recorded. So, I released an album.




A full length, twelve-track album. Here ya go.



I released this in December, so it’s still pretty recent in the scope of my ‘music career’ if you can even call it that. Since then I’ve just been relaxing a bit.

I’m lucky that with my university course, I get 24 hour access to the studios on campus, of which I’ve taken full advantage of. Sometime in the past two years I also started recording more stripped back, one-take covers, which I posted on SoundCloud. If you’re interested, here is a link to that too. Those have continued to do pretty well. So I did some more recordings at university, which were for actual assignments (how cool though??? Like I literally go to uni to do the stuff I was doing in my spare time??) and posted them earlier this year. Now I’m working on getting through university, writing more music, and hopefully recording and mixing myself sometime soon. Though, I know that I won’t be releasing any more music for a little while. At least until I finish uni. At least.

Like I said before, covers? I didn’t do too many after I started writing my own songs, but now I’m hoping to start up again, beginning with a cover of Ever Since New York by my man, Harry Styles. I actually posted that on YouTube, with some funky clips of my holiday to the USA. Would it be too obvious of a self-promotion to share it? What the heck. It’s my blog. And it’s music. So it counts. Here you go. I did it on GarageBand. With my headphones mic. Be warned.



How aesthetic of me.

What else? Oh, I also work at a music store. Which for me, is the ultimate job. The best job I could possibly ask for. I’ve been working there for over a year now, and I don’t plan on leaving it. Plus, the discounts!!!!!!

I’m sorry if this isn’t the usual post you are probably used to, but when I finally told my parents about this blog, my mum (A.K.A my biggest fan and harshest critic) at once asked me about whether I had promoted myself. And I realised that it was unfair to tell you guys about all the new music that I’m loving, give you my open and honest opinions, but leave out the music that is a huge part of my life; my own. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this post anyway, and if you bothered to listen to any of this stuff, let me know what you thought!



I Got A Liebster Award??

FullSizeRender 2


I know. I’m wondering how too. I guess this is my first award here! A huge thank you to the wonderful Unboxed Minds – of the twenty first century for her nomination, I loved reading through her answers, definitely check out her post and her blog!

I know this isn’t a post about music…but as per the rules I’m required to answer Sukanya’s questions, so hopefully you guys enjoy seeing my answers as well! Here we go…


What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness at the same time?
I’ve had to think about this one for a while. I know that I am a loyal person, especially when someone has proved to me that they deserve my loyalty. That said, I can be blindly loyal if that makes any sense. Like, my loyalty could very much override logical thinking. I feel like explicitly saying I’d get into a punch on (fight) for one of my best friends is a bit heavy, but like…it’s true??

What or who inspires you to write?
If we’re answering this in terms of writing in general, definitely Enid Blyton. She was my mum’s favourite author as a young girl, so she got me into her stuff really early, like by the time I was in primary school I was basically getting through my spelling words so I could prepare myself to read the Famous Five and Secret Seven. Her way with words were so magical and it definitely does something to a 6 year olds mind and imagination. If we’re talking in the sense of the writing I do on this blog, then obviously the music I listen to. There’s only so many ways you can really communicate how music affects you and your life, and this seems like one of the most obvious.

Are you concerned about the dying Earth?
I’d be so worried if someone said they weren’t. It generally makes me mad, more than concerned, because there are people willing to excuse the actual science and dying wildlife presenting the proof and evidence, and claim it’s fake. This is going on a tangent, but when I was in Year 10 I was given the opportunity to go to this tiny island about two hours from Fiji, called Kiribati. I’ve definitely mentioned this before, but anyway. The island is tiny, it’s so small you actually can’t see it on the map. And it’s sinking. They predict in the next five years the island will be completely submerged. There are people on that island. Families and villages and entire communities of people yet there are some people who can afford themselves the privilege of being able to call bullshit on climate change and global warming.

What do you think is the best way to resolve an issue? (anything under the sun)
A rap battle??? Dance off???

I’m such a hypocrite because I don’t do this, ever. Like, never, ever, but talking about how you feel. Only you know what you feel, and not having a grasp of how the other person is feeling drastically hinders your ability to try and solve a problem. It’s like not giving a construction worker the blueprints to your house, but expecting him to be able to know how to build it straight away.

Do you keep biased thoughts in mind while appearing diplomatic?
I feel like we’re all guilty of this. Everyone has an unconscious bias, these preconceived lenses we use to look through the world, and they’re ultimately shaped by the world we live in. Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t live in a world without biases, or stereotypes, or physical profiling, so yes. I definitely do, but I’m making a conscious decision to unlearn them.

What is your idea of serenity and peacefulness?
Ok. This is gonna sound so strange. But sometimes when I’m in the car with my mum, and we stop at the shopping centre to get groceries, she’ll let me stay in the car, keep the keys and just chill. So plugging in my phone, feet up on the dashboard, and playing my favourite music, really loud. If it’s dark outside even better. Serenity and peacefulness.

Do you enjoy your solitary self?
Hard question. Sometimes I do. Sometimes it’s when you’re alone that you’re at your happiest. I can definitely agree with that. I love my family, my friends and I’m definitely most of the time a people person, but being about yourself and being solitary is a pretty rewarding. Just not for too long. I’m the type that can stay for a whole day, in my house, listening to music alone, reading, writing, but eventually I’ll need the energy from other people to power me up.

Are you openly weird or secretly weird?
I’ve come to learn that it’s so much better to be open with your weirdness. Anyone who isn’t worth it, won’t stick around, and the ones who are, accept you straight away. And why be ashamed anyway??

Do you loathe perfectionists? Or are you a perfectionist yourself?
As much as I hate the whole idea of trying to achieve perfection, I am a perfectionist in a few aspects of my life. I feel like I know what’s worth stressing over, and what won’t bring the world to an end if it’s not 100% perfect.

Are you superstitious?
No. I don’t get it. But…I definitely do love a horoscope, especially if it’s in my favour. But black cat? I’ll pat it. Ladder? I’ll probably walk under it. I don’t have time to be worried about that stuff.

Have you ever felt that the world is conspired?
No. Countries, leaders, governments? Definitely. But not the whole world. There’s too many of us, and if that were true, some people would be a lot worse off and there would be a whole lot of D.Trump’s around. There probably are a lot of them, who just aren’t publicised, but if the world was conspired, it would be a very different world.


Holy moly. That got me thinking. That was deep as heck. But I actually really enjoyed answering the questions. Now for the blogs that I want to nominate! So I’m going to be nominating:

Brooke Jade


Courtneys Corner

Bailey and Lisa Present



I’ve been enjoying reading from all of these six blogs recently, so thought I’d nominate them for this award!

So the questions they’ll have to answer:

  1. What’s one fear you have that you wish you could face?
  2. What is the theme song for the opening credits of the movie about your life?
  3. Glass half empty or glass half full?
  4. What’s the most unusual place you want to travel to and why?
  5. If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  6. If you were at the top of a mountain, and instructed to scream, what would you yell and why?
  7. What’s a memory you wish you could go back and photograph?
  8. If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for a day, whose would you pick?
  9. If you had the power to change only one thing in the world, what would you change and why?
  10. Where do you get ideas for your blog posts?
  11. What is an assumption that people tend to make about you?


So those are my 11 questions! I’m really excited to read the nominees’ posts. Hopefully you guys liked this post, and even though it didn’t have anything to do with music, (I tried) it was still fun to do!

Tomorrow my big post is up. You’re gonna think I’m full of it when you eventually read it, but I’ve been working on it for over a month. It means quite a lot to me, I’d love for your feedback, and I’d love to hear your answers to any of the questions I answered above, in the comments below!

See you very soon




Courtesy Of: My Dad

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.30.42 pm

Back with another ‘Courtesy Of:’ for you, one of my favourite posts to write. This time, I went to my Dad and he gave me some of his favourite songs. He’s lived a life too, so his list is definitely a bit different to that of my best friend’s and sister’s. Let’s go.


Thriller – Michael Jackson: Dad loves Michael Jackson. A love he passes onto me. However, I couldn’t watch this film clip until I was at least 13. But this song is one of the most memorable songs MJ ever released. Iconic.



Beat It – Michael Jackson: Another one by the King. This one is actually one of my favourite music videos, compared to Thriller. Beat It was and still is one of the best songs ever released.



Superstition – Stevie Wonder: Play this song, and you will never find Dad and I not bouncing our heads or air playing the bass during the intro. If you don’t boogie a bit to this song you’re lying, or you’re just missing out on a great time. Stevie Wonder is incredible.



Karma – Alicia Keys: Looking at this list, especially these first three artists, my Dad has definitely had a huge influence on the music I’ve found myself listening to and loving throughout my life. This song was played so much during my childhood. When it wasn’t being played, it was being sung. By me, at the top of my lungs. Such a good tune. Such an amazing woman.



D.I.S.C.O – Ottawan: This song, is like the backing track to my childhood memories with my huge extended family, and I didn’t even know who sung it until I began writing this post. It’s such a funky song, and I was so chuffed when Dad included it on his list.



Greased Lightening – Grease: What a song. What a film clip. This song is iconic. Not to be messed with. And you have to do the dance moves as well. If you’re in close proximity to a car, you’re also obliged to jump on the hood and get into position too.



Le Freak – CHIC: This is one of those songs I’ve just always known. I’ve known this song my whole life, but had to look to Spotify to find out who released it. A group called CHIC apparently. But what a smasher of a song. Definitely Dad’s afro era.



Funky Town – Lipps. Inc: Shrek. That’s how I came to know this song. Dad lived this song. So jealous. Incredibly so.



Worth It – Fifth Harmony: Yeah. You’re definitely reading this right. My Dad loves this song. I’m talking ‘special request with the DJ’ love. I’m talking ‘pumping it at the gym over the sound system when no-one’s there’ love. I’m talking ‘turn up the volume in the car, no shame’ love. I still haven’t told him Camilla left.



Fame – Irene Cara: This song, is a song. You have to sing and you have to dance along. Great pick, great finisher for my Dad dearest.



I hope you liked the latest ‘Courtesy Of:’, keep an eye out to see who I harass for tunes next! Also, sneaky plug for anyone still reading…I happen to have a Twitter and Instagram for this blog, that you should most definitely check out, maybe chuck it a follow if you’re in the area?

Twitter: youshouldhear
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How easy?!