Stuck On Baby Cyrus

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The first music I heard from Noah Cyrus, the younger sister of Miley Cyrus, was when, seemingly out of nowhere, she started her singing career. There was the song with Labrinth, Make Me (Cry), that actually did quite well (it hit 1 million views on YouTube in it’s first day of being up, but you can decide). We all knew Labrinth could sing like an angel, but Noah’s voice is surprisingly very strong. It holds several similarities to Miley’s technically, but so far she’s taken her music in a different, really interesting direction. In February this year she lent her vocals to a dance track with Marshmello and Ookay. Stay Together, released in April is an anthem of sort, the music video fitting.

However, it wasn’t until the release of I’m Stuck, which Noah released on the 25th of May, that I really took some notice. It was probably the rhythmic strumming of the guitar in the opening bar, because we all know I love a good guitar and bass line. But then she starts to sing, and she’s got such a raw, heavy voice. She’s also clearly very technically strong. It could be seen that her family name probably got her the music career she has, but I firmly believe she definitely has the voice to back it up.


Fun fact: She’s also a really cool chick. When she was only 13, she used her birthday party to raise funds to put towards the ban of horse-drawn carriages in New York and protested against the use of animal dissection in high school laboratory’s.

But, back to the song.

You need to listen to the bridge. I’m well aware that a lot of the times when you get recommended a song to listen to, most people wait for the first verse and the chorus to see if they like it before switching off. You need to listen to the bridge in this song. I’m kinda confused about whether it fits into a country throwdown hoedown, a gospel choir due to the amazing backing that are present for several bars too little, or whether I should be waiting for drop that comes after the electronic buildup towards the end.

That said, the chorus is a killer. I genuinely feel that this is a song that I can confidently say has amazing elements all the way through, from start to finish. There isn’t a weak area that leaves you wanting more, and I for sure, was not let down once throughout the entirety of the song.

It’s honestly such a good song, and while it isn’t a tear-jerker like her collaboration with Labrinth, I enjoyed listening to this one a lot more and I listen to it way more often.

Noah has also already fixed a small list of public appearances under her short belt as a musician. For a 17 year old, performing at the MTV Movie and TV Awards is a pretty big deal, but Noah was chill about it. So chill. At the following Billboard Awards, she was also a presenter, introducing her sister and her newly released single Malibu. She also performed Make Me (Cry) at the Radio Disney Music Awards, as well as being nominated for Best New Artist and Best Breakup Song. (She lost to Grace Vanderwaal and Little Mix).  Following the RDMA’s, she performed at the popular Californian Wango Tango concert, which was a huge success.

I’m keen to hear more from Noah. If I’m Stuck is any indication of what a possible album could be like, I’m so ready for it.



EDIT: writing this a few weeks after this post went up, but Noah is finally making it onto the radio here in Australia, starting with an interview she did with a trio of my favourite radio hosts, starting with Jonathan (Browny) Brown, a retired football player, saying hello to her. And the first thing Noah says? “You sound like Bruce the Shark from Finding Nemo.” I’m pretty sure my whole family understood how much I love this girl in that instant.

Courtesy Of: My Best Friend

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The whole point of this blog, is sharing and discovering new music. So, that said, it’s nice when someone recommends a song for you to listen to or updates you on their current favourites. I share music with nearly everyone in my life, and so thought it would be fitting if I shared that with you too. I sent out a text to a couple of people asking for their current picks, and as expected, my best friend was right on it. Here’s what she’s been listening to recently:


Bad Liar – Selena Gomez: Have to agree with her on this one, Selena’s most recent single is amazing, and I love it. My best friend loves it. My dad loves it. It’s hard not to love this song.



Liability – Lorde: I have to admit, I hadn’t listened to Melodrama yet, so I didn’t know this song, until I listened to it when she sent me her list. And it’s a really pretty song. As well as how much I enjoyed this song, I enjoyed the reprised version just as much.



Malibu – Miley Cyrus: We already know how I feel about this song, since it was featured in my June favourites. Apparently my best friend shares the sentiment, which I like to hear. Miley’s comeback is clearly greatly appreciated.



The Lourve – Lorde: Another song I hadn’t listened to before this. This song is what led me to finally listen to the whole album because of how good it is. It screams 80’s and I loved it.



Slow Hands – Niall Horan: Now, it’s probably good to mention that One Direction very much brought my best friend and I together in Year 8, five years ago. So it was only expected that she had this song on her list.



Woman – Harry Styles: A greatly under-appreciated song from his album, and you know it was a favourite of mine during the month of June. Not surprising to see it appear on her list as well.




So there you have the first of many more ‘Courtesy Of:’s to come! I’m hoping to do a bunch of different people to give you all a huge range of music, as well as my own.

Let me know what your think of my best friend’s picks!


June Tunes

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I am definitely writing this in advance, due to currently being on a holiday in the USA with my family! That said, the page I usually write my monthly music favourites on was finished before I left on holiday, so here I am, writing this out for you with another eight days left in the month. Hope you enjoy, and remember, I’m always looking for new music so would love to hear some of your own recommendations!


Malibu – Miley Cyrus: I doubt anyone was excited as I was to hear the guitar make it’s beautiful entrance when the chorus hit in this song. That, undoubtedly, is my favourite part of the song, let alone to cute as hell words that highlight Miley’s return. Can you say summer? Because that’s all I seem to say when listening to this song.

Attention – Charlie Puth: This song is edgy. I watched an interview with Charlie, and he described it as pulling a ‘Taylor Swift’. Writing what everyone wanted to hear, ‘One Call Away, See You Again’, gaining the fans he needed, before releasing the stuff that was actually all him, a bit more gritty. And I give him major respect for that, because listening to these words, (it’s a pretty blunt song), and the damn bass that gets me every time, it’s easy to understand how he could have missed out on half the fan base he has now, had this been his first single.

Strip That Down – Liam Payne ft Quavo: I definitely think I’m in the minority of One Direction fans, who LOVE this song. When Liam released this, so many fans were upset at the lack of vocal versatility shown, that he’s definitely capable of, as well as the complete 180 in musical direction that he decided to take. My first thought? ‘If the DJ doesn’t play this at the club next time I’m there, I’m hitting the decks myself to make a request’. How anyone can hate this song, I don’t know. Okay, so ‘I used to be in 1D, now I’m out free’… is definitely…controversial, at least. But I love it! It’s such a catchy song, and I’m a fan of the new Liam.

I Want – Ruby Fields: This song, I discovered on Triple J, an Australian radio station that I adore. Ruby is my age. She finished school at the same time as me. And this song encapsulates the whole experience of being a young teenager growing up. It’s made for suburban Aussie teens, but the fact that literally anyone, wanting to make a change in their life can listen to this song and relate is great. It’s definitely a good head banger as well. Plus, the girl makes her own guitars, how sick is that? I could only wish I was half as cool  as Ruby.

Fixed – New Hope Club: NHC are currently on tour with The Vamps. So they’re getting around alright. This song is such a cute song, though when I first listened I was a bit unsure. Then I found myself singing the chorus while I was making coffee two days later and sprinted to add it into my book. You have to give this one a listen.

Bon Appetit – Katy Perry: I feel like I’m one of the only ones who likes this song? I spoke to my cousins about it, they hate it, I spoke to my best friends, and they despised it. I don’t know, but something about a woman making a point to write a whole satirical song about the sexualization of women in the music industry makes me very happy? Also, if you read my May Tunes, you would remember I mentioned Millennium Dance Studio. Kyle Hanagami’s dance video to his song. Check it out.

Slow Down Love – Louis The Child: I only just started getting into Louis The Child, and this is easily my favourite. Every time I listen to it I feel like popping and locking like I’m in Step Up, even though I know I really, really, can’t do that.

Brand New – Ben Rector: Ah Ben. This song was on my last Monthly Tunes. And here it is again. I’ll tell you why. I plan on making a holiday video of my time in the USA, and as I mentioned in my last playlist post, this is one of those songs that feels like it would be perfect as the backing track. It’s definitely one of the family favourites.

Heatstroke – Calvin Harris, Young Thug, Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande: This song, of all the songs Harris has released so far this year, is definitely, 100% my favourite. It’s so funky, and I’m loving his return to the funk and soul kind of vibe that Calvin initially started out with way, way back when he released his first album. Plus, Pharrell and Ariana’s vocals, especially Ari’s. In love.

Paracetamol – Declan McKenna: I couldn’t possibly put into words the importance of this song, so you need to listen to it yourself. Watch the music video too.

Unstable – Zak Abel: We’re all aware of my obsession with this amazing dude and his smooth as heck voice. This song is amazing, and you already know why. If you don’t, where have you been?

4U (Acoustic) – blackbear: I am a huge advocate for acoustic versions, and it really started with this song. Ian Eastwood choreographed a crazy dance to this, and I became so obsessed with the acoustic, that to be honest, I think I’ve listened to the original maybe five times.

Arcadia – Kite String Triangle: I’m still pretty young, but a few years ago when I was in Year 8, Spotify wasn’t a thing, and having to illegally download music from YouTube and convert it, put it on your iTunes then sync your phone each time you wanted new music was a hassle. So there was this app called Music Tube, and you could basically search anything from YouTube, and then cache them, essentially download them. Meaning you could listen to them without having to stream it all the time and use internet. All on your phone. 2012 was a wild year. This song, was one of the first songs I cached because it came as a recommended song, and I am so grateful that it did. So you can imagine, when the app died and I lost all my music, I was incredibly sad. Which helps you understand the actual tears that nearly came to my eyes when I found this song again on Spotify nearly five years later. This song is magic.

The Fear – Marcapasos: This is another song that I was considering for my travel video, but even after deciding against it, I still have it in my playlist and love listening to it in the morning while I’m making breakfast.

Not Nice – PartyNextDoor: This song is a relatively new addition. As in my best friend showed it to me the day before yesterday and I’ve loved it ever since. It puts into context the vibe of his collaboration with Zayn, which I love just as much.

Fallin – Jessica Mauboy: Jess was one of the first contestants on Australian Idol that I bothered to keep a track of after she finished the show. She was in the movie The Sapphires, which was one of my favourites for a long time, but I didn’t hear much of her music for a little bit, until this song. It’s got such a nostalgic vibe, and her vocals, as always, are so strong and smooth. It’s a classic, soulful song and I’m in love with it.

…Baby One More Time – Ed Sheeran: Ed, covering Britney. If that’s not enough to intrigue anyone, I don’t know what is. This is a Spotify Session cover, and it’s incredible. I will forever bow down to Ed as the king of covers. He always kills it and this is no exception.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran: I nearly cried the first time I heard this song. Guitar, strings, backing vocals and Ed’s voice, it’s enough to bring me to tears. It’s such a beautiful song, if anyone’s looking for a wedding song, would recommend.

Woman – Harry Styles: “should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and see what we find?” What a way to start a song. What an intro. And then the ‘la-la’s and the bloody kazoo throughout this song. Amazing. There’s a meme going around the One Direction and Harry Styles’ fan pages on Instagram instructing everyone to bring kazoo’s to his concerts so we can all use them during this song. I’m down.

All Night – Chance The Rapper: I love this song. So much. It’s so funky, and I wish it was played as much as some of his other songs. I think I’ve heard once in a club, and that, to be quite frank, is an injustice.


I hope you enjoyed this list, and listen to at least one of the songs! If you do, or already love these songs as much as I do, let me know and we can fan over them together!








Ready For Conan

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Conan Gray. The boy is an artist. And so under-appreciated. He is an actual artist, as in visual arts, but I am so, so, so happy to support his amazing musical talent and I’m waiting for someone to pick him up.

I was so content to just create a playlist of all of Conan’s original songs, plus the array of whimsical covers he has up on his YouTube channel, but then the boy had to put his song Idle Town on Spotify. I told my friends, I told my family, and I’m so happy. This boy, I tell you.

Let’s start with his YouTube channel first of all. I was instantly hooked after one video. He is actually a fairy. I am very convinced he is a magical creature, just sit and listen to him talk and you’ll understand what I mean. His Draw My Life made me cry, and his Q and A’s are so different to anything I’ve ever watched before, because he makes it so comfortable.


The calming music he puts in the back of his videos, the satisfying moon to sun logo that signifies the transition between days, the nostalgia with which he talks about his friends and all the people in his life, his paintings and drawings and art that he frequently features in videos, his cute as heck cat, and all his road trips and adventures. It’s addictive.

And then he starts to sing. The first singing video I watched was his cover of an Amy Winehouse song, Love Is A Losing Game. It was one of the more newer covers he put up, and was soon followed by a ton more, as well as thankfully, some of his own songs. He puts so much effort into creating a whole experience, not just a listening one, but a visual one. Whether it’s the general layout of his room, the constantly burning candles around his videos, or the gentleness of his voice overall, it’s magical. There are definitely singers and acts that I recommend fairly heavily to my friends, and in this case, I get very, very angry when no-one listens to me.

Another aspect of Conan’s videos is the peace. If you have anxiety, or suffer from nerves or panic attacks, for me personally, this was amazing. I don’t know what it was, but these videos are so peaceful to watch, or even just have in the background while you go about your homework or while cooking or just during your day. On several occasions I have spent entire afternoons watching, re-watching, and switching between YouTube and Spotify.


Now, Spotify. All praise to Conan for finally putting his music up on a streaming service. It makes it all the more easier for me to recommend you really, really listen to Idle Town. It’s nostalgia in 4:07. The music video, literally made by Conan himself with the help of one of his best friends, in his town, is magical and so visually appealing, I can only guess how long he spent perfecting it. And then song itself. It’s pretty simple. There’s nothing fancy going on with it, and it’s perfect the way it is. One thing that always gets me is the harmonies he seems to find in any song. And the way he mixes them creates the perfect balance of whimsy and magic, mixed with really raw emotion. Honestly, listening to Idle Town, while watching Conan dance down the street with his floppy hair and a drink bottle in his hand is therapeutic.

I also strongly recommend you listen to this cover of Closer. It’s Chainsmokers in a way you’ve never heard before. You’ll understand completely what I meant about the harmonies when listening to this. You’d think it was a completely different song. I could go on and on and on about this cover, and I’ve never heard another one that comes up to par. He wholly inhabits the song, which is ridiculously hard to do, especially with a Chainsmokers song??? It’s a magical experience.

For the opportunity to witness literal magic, subscribe to his channel. Listen to him on Spotify, follow his Instagram and read his Tweets. Any Conan you can get, grab it and run.



Ten Goodbyes

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Ten Goodbyes by Tim Atlas has been a favourite of mine for quite some time. It’s a beautiful song about saying goodbye to a very specific situation. It’s a haunting song, with impeccable musicality. It seems so simple when you first listen, but every time I play this song, I pick up on another intricate detail that contributes to it’s overall amazing-ness, in my own eyes.

Tim’s voice is another aspect which makes this song one of my favourites. I’ve found that personally I have a thing for voices rather than the songs themselves, which I’m sure everyone relates to in some way shape or form. Tim doesn’t have an outrageously strong, heavy voice. It’s quite light and delicate, which is one of my favourite things about it. The trills and lilts he uses in this song in particular are amazing, and I could only try to replicate them whenever I sing this song myself.


Tim started as an engineer, working in a recording studio, before spending some time in a band, April Chase, but he released is own EP in 2013. I really feel a heavy relation to some of Ed Sheeran or John Mayer’s stuff, especially Mayer, in the guitar as well as the vocals. It’s enchanting and incredibly rich. During the 9th season of The Voice US, Atlas was on Gwen Stefani’s team, after singing his own cover of Give Me Love, by Ed Sheeran, which you can find here. It’s equally as haunting as his own original works. It sounds like a completely different song in my opinion, which he makes his own, despite the obvious influences drawn from Ed himself.

While doing a bit more research about Tim, I came across his Battle Round performance, where he was given Sweater Weather by the The Neighbourhood, one of my favourite songs, and personally, I love his voice in this. He’s an incredibly versatile singer, which he made obvious during The Voice, even covering Torn, by Natalia Imbruglia, another favourite of mine (thanks One Direction). (I have to admit, by looking into Atlas’ Voice career, I began the dangerous spiral down the YouTube rabbit hole, watching majority of the performances from Season 10. I would honestly watch the US version over the Australian version any day, thank you America).

But anyway.

Tim was let go from the show on the 19th episode after being taken onto Pharrell’s team (bless that timeless man), and has been releasing his own music ever since, which I am incredibly happy about. Some of his other songs that I’m particularly fond of include, Wander, which I’m a sucker for while on the bus or even on a walk, Compromised, the hi-hat in this one is a killer, as well as the backing vocals and Settle In The Sound, which definitely belongs on a road trip by the coast. Tim’s songs, sound like summer. The slow ones, the faster paced ones, the sad songs and the uplifting ones that make you want to run. Tim is a staple on any summer playlist, because he sure has a spot in mine (which you can find on my Spotify, priyafrancis, one word, plugplugplug).

Please take some time to look into this guy, you won’t be disappointed.


A Moment For Zak

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Zak Abel has a voice of velvet. It literally sounds like honey. As he says, “vocally, I’m a soulful dude.” He isn’t lying at all. Cross my heart. It’s one of the smoothest voices I’ve ever heard, and his recent single, All I Ever Do (Is Say Goodbye)is no different. When Zak played a small snippet it on his Instagram before it dropped, I was already hooked. And that was the acoustic alone. Add in a killer piano, a funky drum line that I could definitely imagine him boogieing to, and an amazing vocal performance, and you have a very happy me.

I found Zak a little while ago, with his song Running From Myself, which was then posted on Soundcloud. Fast forward to me finding him again suddenly on Spotify, and the obsession continues. Signed to Atlantic Records at 17, with five years to grow before the release of his debut album (which he started completely from scratch) he’s doing incredible things, and I pray everyday that this man comes to Australia and I can see him live.


The song itself is musically catchy and fun to listen to. You can dance to the song, you can sing along to it, you can play while you’re on the bus and look out the window, while you’re in the car and it’s raining; it’s an incredibly versatile song. But then you listen to the words, like really listen to the song and it’s like…shit. It’s deep and intricate, and Zak’s lyrics leave little more to ask for. It’s the perfect mixture of emotion and musicality that combine to make this absolute track.

One of my favourite songs by Zak is Unstable. It’s sad. Like, very sad, when you listen to the words and what he’s trying to say…but that never stops me from dancing every time I listen to it.

A lot of Zak’s older stuff have very obvious influences that draw from the 70’s, funk and soul sounds, the feel that initially drew me in. If you listen to Running From Myself, you’ll understand what I mean. It’s that bass, I tell you, it’s all in the bass, which is amazingly replicated in backing vocals. Abel even touches upon this connection in an interview with Urban Soul, noting Bill Withers, Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson amongst his biggest influences. He even goes further to speak about musical influences and the position we’re in at the moment, musically, in the world. “Okay, what is this the modern version of?” He’s on it, and I love it. However, if you listen to Unstable, you can’t help but wish you could hear it on the radio. There are definitely still soul and funk aspects within his new songs like Unstable, yet there are new elements of pop, dance, and…Caribbean and dancehall?? And I love it??

I’ve yet to actually completely get over how amazing his voice really is. For a 22 year old, it’s so strong and smooth, with just the right amount of grit it in to make you believe every word he sings, 100%. Add in the factor that he’s ridiculously likeable, as attested to in this Sofar London performance, you can’t resist smiling while watching him encourage the audience to sing along to his smooth as heck dance moves. He’s a cool dude. Here’s some links that you need to get around:

Zak Abel – Unstable (Acoustic)

One Dance – Zak Abel Cover

Running From Myself – Zak Abel (Sofar London)

Everybody Needs Love – Zak Abel … the dude is literally playing ping-pong!!!!! PS: he was actually working to become a professional table tennis  player before he discovered his love of music…which makes it even more legit!!!!

I’m very much hoping that these links are put to good use, I’d love to know what you think!





MAY TUNES…even though it’s June

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So I love making lists, and in my planner one of my favourite lists is the list of music I’m frequently listening through during the month. I know its already the end of June, but I thought I’d include my list of music from May. There’s quite a few songs, so I might as well get into it.

Never Enough – One Direction: Maybe it was the resurrection of Harry Styles and the release of his new album, or the live performances by Niall Horan and the upcoming work from Liam Payne, but I returned to my old One Direction playlist, and this song was amongst the most played during May. It’s vastly different to anything on the radio at the moment, which makes me wonder what they’d be releasing if they were still together. They were due back this month, which they clearly aren’t and I’ve come to the conclusion that we were lied to. And I don’t really mind.

Passionfruit – Drake: I’m just a sucker for a good Drake song to be frank. Most of the time I don’t know the words completely and I can’t sing them word for word but if the chorus is catchy enough to stick in my head for a whole week then it deserves a spot in my May tunes.

Put Your Records On – Corrine Bailey Ray: You have to know this song. Everyone knows this song, and if you don’t, I suggest you have a listen. One of my best friends suggested it as a cover for me to sing myself, and after one sing through I was obsessed with it all over again.

Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash: I don’t even know where the love of this song during May came from, but I wasn’t mad about it. It’s such a good song to play on the guitar.

Olivia – One Direction: Another song by the lads, this one kind of gives me Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feels and I’m not sure why.

Sweet Creature – Harry Styles: Harry Styles blessed us all when he released this as a single. It did not disappoint and I actually like this one more than Sign Of The Times.

Idle Town – Conan Gray: Rest assured, I will be doing a whole seperate blog post about the phenomenon that is Conan Gray. I believe this boy is so under-appreciated, and as his first song released anywhere other than his amazing YouTube channel, this one hits the mark perfectly and encompasses what Conan is all about. Nostalgia, memories, pastel and angelic harmonies.

Bibia Be Ye Ye – Ed Sheeran: I’m going to Ed’s concert next year, and this is the one song I’m looking forward to the most. It’s just such a happy song, you can’t help but sing along even if the main title lyrics aren’t even in English. It’s amazing.

Humble – Kendrick Lamar: I will admit. This is a fantastic song. But it isn’t my favourite Kendrick song. I think I listened to this song so much just because of how widespread it’s reach was in my life personally. It was everywhere, so I was pretty caught up in the hype.

Daddy Lessons – Beyonce: To this day, this is one of my favourite Bey songs ever. Ever. It’s so good and so under-appreciated. It’s catchy, and the lyrics are punchy and impactful. I love it. Listen to it. Please.

Still Got Time – Zayn, PartyNextDoor: I love this track. Still. It may make it onto my June Tunes. It’s such a good song to dance to, and the words are actually beautiful. If you ignore the hypnotic beat and rhythm, and listen to the words, they’re really cute and I love them. Good on Zayn.

Slow Hands – Niall Horan: Ah, my favourite since 2010. I was so happy when Niall released This Town, but Slow Hands takes the cake. And he performs it live just as perfectly??? I don’t know what it is about this song, but it was so unexpected from Horan that it made it ten times better.

Ruin – Shawn Mendes: This is my favourite song of Shawn’s. More so than any of his songs that are played on the radio. The guitar is quite similar to Dive by Ed Sheeran and it makes sense that they’re both one of my favourite songs from the artists. Shawn kills it with the vocals on this song, and it’s such a beautifully painful song to listen to. Recommend with headphones. Quite loud too.

Kiwi – Harry Styles: Will definitely do a seperate post about this song, but it can’t not be featured on this list. Every day. Played at least once. The lyrics are questionable at first, (Harry opened up about how it was all one big joke to begin with) but eventually I stopped caring and now religiously belt the words whenever it plays. Also, air guitar? This song? 10/10, would recommend.

From The Dining Table – Harry Styles: One of the more sadder songs on the self titled album, it’s pretty haunting. And I loved it. I still do.

Carolina – Harry Styles: Is it the lead guitar that got me hooked? Was it Harry asking an audience in New York to sing along the first time they heard this song? Is it the video footage of Harry and the producers banging around pots and pans to get the percussions in the recording studio? I couldn’t tell you, but all of that combines to create my appreciation for this song.

Electric – Alina Bardz ft Khalid: I found this song while watching a dance video from the popular Millennium Dance Studio, choreographed by Jake Kodish. Jake is pretty popular for his unique song choices and this was no different. Despite the song in the video being a splice of the original and a remix, the original is currently one of my favourites still.

Escalate – Tsar B: Another popular choreographer at Millennium is Alexander Chung, and this song, was made for one of the dancers Jade. Watching her dance to it, and then seeing Alexander eventually meet Tsar B on tour and dance with her on stage, encouraged me to listen to this song over and over again.

Dive – Ed Sheeran: This song is made for dancing to with a partner. Like I don’t know what else you could do with this song. Maybe cry? I don’t know but it’s such a beautiful song and it’s in my Top 3 songs from Ed’s recent album.

Keep On – Kehlani: I’m seeing Kehlani in August, and I am so, so, so excited. She’s a killer. I wish I was as cool as Kehlani, every single day. This song is an anthem for me.

Slide – Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos: For me, personally, 2017 so far has been Calvin Harris’ year. Between Slide, Heatstroke and Rollin, he’s killing it, and all of them are amazing. And don’t get me started on Feels. A whole seperate blog post needs to be dedicated to that song, but Slide started off the obsession for me. Frank’s vocals in this are phenomenal and I thank Calvin everyday for featuring Ocean in this track. Do yourself a favour.

Kissing Strangers – DNCE ft Nicki Minaj: I was kind of indifferent to DNCE last year, I appreciated their songs as pretty catchy songs that I could sing along to, but I wasn’t a massive fan. This song, changed that. Admittedly, I came for Nicki’s verse, which she threw down, but I stayed for the funky as heck bass line. All I can do whenever I hear that song is wish I learnt to play the bass so that I didn’t look like a fool pretending to play it alone in my house.

Brand New – Ben Rector: Find this song. Get in your car. Plug in the AUX. Blast it. And drive. That’s all you need to do. It’s honestly so simple. Or. Get a GoPro, book a trip and make an epic travel video with this song in the background. It’s up to you. Either or.


I’m honestly still listening to all of these songs, and a few of them have lead to songs that have places in my June Tunes, so that list will be up pretty soon considering how close July is. In the meantime, let me know if you’re listening to any of these too, and leave any recommendations!












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Declan McKenna. That’s all you need to know. After hearing his song Brazil, written about the controversy surrounding the FIFA World Cup, I was on it. Not only did the meaning of the song go completely over my head the first time round, but even after finding out the story behind it, and addressing the fact that I have no connection to FIFA or soccer at all, I continued to listen to the song cos it was flipping fantastic.

Considering this is coming from an eighteen year old who was discovered at a local talent show then thrown onto the Glastonbury stage in some low volume afternoon slot, yet still managed to draw and convert a whole crowd of festival goers into Declan fans, this song is a track. And a half.

The lyrics are actually magical, and I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I’m not mad about it. At all. It has an amazing guitar that makes you feels nostalgic as heck, and Declan’s voice isn’t perfect, which makes it all the more so. Has his voice broken yet? We may never know, but if he continues to sing his songs the way he currently does, I frankly don’t care. While initially it’s a fair bit different, I’ve come to love it. Brazil is a fantastic song that I have been obsessed with. Which leads to other songs. Paracetamol, a very important song, one of, if not, my favourite song of Declan’s, The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home, one of his singles, Bethlehem, Isombard, all amazing tracks, but the video that was on replay for a whole three days? The song I shared on Instagram and Snapchat relentlessly?

McKenna covering Beyonce.

It’s ridiculous.

His cover of Hold Up is so amazing, and so far from anything I ever imagined him covering. Ever. Don’t get me started on his cover of J-Lo. Declan’s version of Hold Up, is to date, my favourite Beyonce cover ever to exist.

But you can judge for yourself.

Hold Up – Beyonce (Declan McKenna Cover)

You know when you watch a video on YouTube so much that it appears on the scroll-y part titled ‘Watch Again’? This video, has been stuck in the first spot, for over two weeks. I doubt it’ll budge any time soon, and again, I’m not mad about it.

This is my first actual post for this blog, and as far as first posts go, I’m happy. Listen to Brazil, and I promise, the happiness is contagious.



I listen to a lot of music, and in turn, like sharing a lot of music. Or forcing others to listen to my suggestions. Which I admit is probably getting annoying for my family and friends. Like I can ask them to follow my Spotify (priyafrancis, one word, a playlist for every occasion) as much as I like, but there’s only so many times they’ll actually listen, let alone pull out their phones or laptops and chuck us a follow.

So here we are. I’m really looking forward to sharing all the music I desperately wish I discovered myself, with anyone who bothers to have a look!