A Very Late Spotify Wrapped 2020

Hello friends! Hope you’re all well and enjoying the holiday season, whatever it is you’re doing! I thought I’d pop back in and remind y’all I very much exist, by sharing my Spotify Wrapped for 2020. I’m well aware that Christmas as very literally come and gone and there’s mere days left of 2020, but I’m gonna squeeze this in here because I feel bad.

I’ve done a Spotify Wrapped post, ever since Spotify Wrapped existed. I’m all over it. I genuinely think about it year round.

Here’s my 2017 Wrapped, here’s my 2018 Spotify Wrapped and here’s my Spotify Wrapped: 2019. Just so you can catch up if you want to!

If you’ve been keeping up with my sporadic posting throughout 2020, you’ll know that music got me through a lot of lockdown, I discovered a bunch of music that I was keen to share when I could, and I listened to a whole lot of new artists with all the time I was finding myself with. Hence, I was super excited for my Spotify Wrapped this year.

This year there were a few additions and fun tidbits as there is every year. I was super intrigued with the stats on genres and new artists listened, and I like how they made it a lot more simple than last year. I’ll admit, last year seemed like…a lot, but the 2020 Wrapped gave you everything you needed and wanted to know, and I genuinely spent the entire day it came out, asking my friends about their Wrapped, comparing and sharing.

I did see the memes that held the general sentiment of ‘we don’t care about your Spotify Wrapped’, which seemed to be in excess this year, but I personally, love seeing everyone’s wrap-up. It was such a fun day to see everyone sharing their results, whether their top songs were plucked right from TikTok or rain music that they played year round to help them fall asleep. It’s always super wholesome for me.

So with all of that said, I’m obviously gonna be sharing the results of my 2020 Spotify Wrapped, not that I’m assuming you all were holding your breaths for it, but because in a super shitty year, it’s something that I’ve been looking forward to, something that made everyone a little excited to talk about and something that got people talking. I’m also warning those of you who have been here since the first Wrapped, prepare yourself for a complete lack of Jon Bellion that honestly threw me off as much as it might throw you off.

Here ya go.

Very much not surprising if I’m being honest.

This just makes me very happy to look at.

I think this year’s Spotify Wrapped may have been my favourite so far. I saw so many more people sharing their result and everyone really got into it. There is that little niggling thought in my head that Spotify Wrapped is great publicity for everyone to mindlessly promote the platform while it refuses to properly pay the artists who are streamed on, but in the words of Flex Mami, I am capitalism’s handmaiden and if I can enjoy something as much as I enjoy receiving my Spotify Wrapped…I’m gonna do it.

How did you year on Spotify pan out?



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Gift Guide for The Music Lover

Hello hello friends!

I know what you’re thinking. “Priya. Why are we talking about gifts? Christmas is over.” I know, Christmas is done, but just because the ‘season of giving’ has passed by, doesn’t mean the opportunity to give has as well. I don’t know about you but I either tend to be super, duper prepared, or not prepared in the slightest. I either have presents sorted weeks in advance or I’m struggling the night before I need it to sort something out. I know this would probably have been some help around Christmas time, but I didn’t think of it back then, so we’re doing it now, because birthdays exist too.

That said, one of the hardest things when it comes to buying gifts, aside from making the time to get them, is the struggle of what to get. So much to consider, and while the deluge of Christmas gift guides has well and truly passed, I thought I’d drop one more on your feed. Bookmark it for the entire year if you must!!

Here’s a lil guide on potential gifts that any music lover is sure to appreciate!

A record player: So I’m talking from experience, but when I got my record player from a group of my friends for my 21st birthday, I cried. It was so unexpected but it was something I’d always wanted, just never pulled the trigger and bought myself. This is always a popular one, and there are heaps of options out there to pick from.

Vinyls: Already have a record player? Well let’s be practical and get them some more records!! Nothing beats getting a fresh sleeve with a brand new album pressed onto vinyl and listening to it for the first time. It’s also super satisfying to add it to a physical collection. Most artists are now releasing vinyl pressings of their music so it won’t be hard to find something that you music lover will like!

Merch: This is a pretty cute one in my opinion. I think merch is severely underrated as a gift, but it genuinely means a lot for someone to consider an artist or band you love, and support them through a gift to you. At least, that’s how I choose to see it! A hoodie, a beanie, a t-shirt, (vinyls count as merch too), a poster, anything from an artist or band they love, will mean a lot – bonus points if you get matching merch!

Concert tickets: This is such a lovely gift! Especially if you know the person you’re buying for is sure to love the artist! That’s one thing to consider – I’d be 100% positive that they genuinely really loved the artist and it isn’t just a general appreciation. If that makes sense? Take them for someone or a band they love rather than someone they may just sing along to when their song plays on the radio. I’ve had concert tickets gifted to me and I’ve gifted concert tickets myself, and it’s always a hit!

Ukulele: Hear me out. If the person you’re buying for loves music, loves singing or playing the guitar or the piano or anything similar, a ukulele is such a good gift. Honestly, whether you’re shopping for a little kid or an adult, a beginner or a professional, there is honestly an option for all quality and budget levels. It’s one of the most popular instruments our music shop sells, and that’s just throughout the year. Around Christmas it goes crazy! There are plenty of brands to choose from too, so it’s definitely worthy of featuring on this guide.

Headphones: I feel like it’s hard to go wrong with these. Once you’ve figured out the type of headphone they’re most likely to want and use the most, you have so many options out there, I mean you can even read my Headphone Guide if you want an extra hand cos why not? They’re such a practical gift, especially if you’re gift-ee is someone you know is listening to music all the time! I know personally, I have a different set for the gym, a set for recording, a set for using with my laptop and a pair that I keep in my bag for on the train and general use. They cover Plantronics, Beats by Dre, Apple and Audio Technica, so already you have four brands to choose from. I know in 2019 Air Pods were a hugely popular gift, so you’re definitely spoiled for choice!

Sheet Music: Here’s the thing. I feel like no-one really considers this, but I’ve come to realise it after working in a music shop for over 4 years. Sheet music is bloody expensive. I don’t know how, but classical musicians, and anyone who chooses to buy their music in paper form, fork out so much money to have physical copies of music, which is why I guess so many people have gone digital. However, if your music nerd does in fact read music and play from sheet music, this is always something that makes a great gift. It’s super easy to find out whether their favourite musicians latest or most popular album has been transcribed into a collection, and most of the time it’s super easy to track down and order online. Does your musician have a favourite classical composer? Maybe suss out their collection and see what’s missing, there are some insanely beautiful editions of classical music that make incredible gifts.

Music Store Voucher: Okay, so this may seem boring, but I feel like it’s the obvious resolution to a lot of issues that arise, when buying for musicians in particular. I think I’ve stated this before, but musicians are some of the pickiest people on the planet, especially when it comes to their gear and their instruments and accessories. And fair enough. Music gear is super expensive, so most musicians really want to test out things for themselves, do their research and be 100% sure about what they’re investing in. Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is suss out their favourite local music shop, put some money on a voucher, and give them a gift they can essentially choose themselves.

Portable speaker: Another underrated gift. I remember a little while back UE Booms were the best thing ever, and in my opinion, they still are. Whether it’s a UE Boom, or any other reputable brand of speaker, you never know that you actually need a portable blue tooth speaker in your life, until you finally have one. Going to the beach with friends? Portable speaker. BBQ in the backyard on a public holiday? Portable speaker. Getting ready for a night out all by yourself and want to pump some tunes? Portable speaker. Speakers in your car blown out? Portable speaker. Honestly, so many instances where a portable speaker would come in handy start arising as soon as you have one, I couldn’t imagine my house without the four we already have!

There you go! Hopefully this list helped you out a bit or at least gave you some ideas to work from!



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January Tunes

Look, I’m asking the same thing – how the heck did we arrive at our January Tunes so fast? I genuinely feel like I’m still in October, but at the same time I’m hoping to 2020 is going to be a great year!

January has already been a busy month for me personally. Work is slowly but steadily picking up, I’m thankfully back at the gym after renewing my membership, I’ve booked my first holiday for the year, and I’ve got so many plans starting to line up. And it’s only January. How’s your January been?

So to kick it off, let’s begin with the songs I was listening to nonstop this month. As is to be expected, there were some great releases, and I also enjoyed quite a bunch of old favourites, as you’ll see.

Heat – Chris Brown, Gunna: Here’s one partially brought to you by TikTok. 2019 may be over, but the hours I spend pouring over TikTok’s, sending them to my sister and the various group chats we’re in with our cousins, trying and failing to learn the dances and imitating all the memes, has only kept increasing. That said, TikTok comes through when it comes to music, and obviously I had to include this one in the first monthly roundup for the new year.

By Fire – Hiatus Kaiyote: I got recommended this song by my friend who plays the bass guitar in our band, and I’ve been going mad over it ever since. The vocals in this, the syncopation, everything about this song is insane. It’s a music theory nerd’s dream, and while that may not be me, I can still appreciate it to the best of my ability. Plus, Nai Palm’s vocals always hit you in the gut, regardless of whether it’s in her solo stuff or with the band.

10/10 – Rex Orange County: This song sounds like the anthem to growing up, and though he released it a while ago, it came back onto my radar when I heard it on the radio while I was in the car. The chorus is always getting stuck in my head, especially this month.

Need Somebody To Love – Ady Suleiman: Ady has such a beautifully simple voice. It’s so nice and relaxing to listen to. He can hit all the notes, low and high, and this song is such a vibe. It also has that classical guitar in there, which I think only matches the mellow energy of the song, and it’s been such a chiller to just throw on in the morning when I wake up. Plus, you all know how much I love a horn section, and it’s so seamlessly worked into this song.

I Can Love You – Mary J. Blige, Lil’ Kim: Okay. So this one stemmed from TikTok too, but only because I heard a remix and had to listen to the original right away. This original will always get me. Always. There’s no point during the day or the week or the month, where listening to this song just isn’t a vibe. It’s that old school RnB I tell you.

Jam – Starboy, WizKid, Chronixx: My love for this song definitely grew and grew this month. I’ve been listening to it non-stop. The mix of sweet saxophone with a slight dance-hall infusion just makes it the perfect track for me, and I can’t help but have a boogie each time it’s on. I’ve even got my sister onto it considering it just always happens to come on shuffle on our way to the gym. It’s the saxophone I tell you.

Braid My Hair – Mario: My good friend Daniel showed me this song, and I added it straight away. Again, old school RnB. It just knows how to do it for me. If you ever want to make me happy and completely content, just throw on the first old school RnB playlist you can find. That said, Mario has a special place in my heart. Man’s smooth.

Partner In Crime – Ocean Alley: I don’t know if it’s just because it’s getting warmer and warmer here in Australia, but I’m bringing Ocean Alley right into 2020 with me. They just match my vibe, all the time. At any given moment, there’s an Ocean Alley song that can perfectly match my mood or the way I’m feeling, and they encapsulate the mix of surf rock/reggae/pop that I love. I’m also just in love with all of them too.

Grave – Summer Walker: Another song I’ve been obsessed with this month. I feel like such a fraud saying this, but I got over the little Summer Walker obsession really quickly. I’m the first to say she has an incredible voice and beautiful songs, but I stopped listening to her as much as I used to, that is, until I heard this song. Holy. Moly. This is the perfect mix of her smooth, smooth vocals and another master-class in musicality on the drums. And don’t get me started on the switch-up at the end of the song.

Drive and Disconnect – Nao: Severely underrated in all senses of the word. Nao deserves so much more, and this song is one of the perfect examples of why. The voice, the lyricism, the beat, it’s all there.

Kickback – Omar Apollo: I get to see Omar Apollo after listening to him for close to three years at the start of February and I’m so excited. I love this song as I tend to love most of Apollo’s music. He comes through with a reliably groovy bass-line, something I’ve come to expect from him, and I cannot wait to see this performed live.

Piece Of Your Heart – MEDUZA, Goodboys: Alas, another tune proudly brought to you by TikTok. That’s all I have to say.

Juice – Lizzo: I don’t know why I always feel hesitant to tell people that I really don’t listen to Lizzo a lot? It’s not something that happened on purpose because she genuinely has some bops, it’s just something I never got around to. However, I was at a house party towards the end of the month and this song came one, and everyone lost their minds. It was so infectious and just raised energy levels straight away. Plus, there’s also Harry Styles’ cover of it that’s been everywhere and for good reason.

Talkin Bad Blues – Lindsey Lomis: Lindsey featured on the December Tunes, and she’s starting off with a feature on the January Tunes as well. I can’t get over how talented this girl is, and she’s nearly six years younger than me. Just another talented teen making me feel completely inadequate.

Come Thru – Summer Walker, Usher: Another Summer Walker song. This song came on in a TikTok, so again, have to give credit to the highly addictive app. I genuinely spend hours on TikTok and it’s becoming an issue, but I don’t see myself changing. I mean, when it consistently delivers amazing music, such as this incredible RnB slow jam, how can I really complain.

Roulette – Church & AP: Okay. Yo. Listen up. Please, give these guys a listen. I discovered them on Instagram, uncharacteristically, and I’m obsessed. They’re a duo from New Zealand, and I’ve spent several days on end bumping their music and nothing else. They remind me of a harder version of BROCKHAMPTON, mixed with a bit of grime type of music. They combine the parts of Skepta’s music that I vibe with, with really groovy drum and bass pockets, and catchy choruses and I honestly hope I get the opportunity to see these guys live.

Drink From The Water – Mako Road: My love for this New Zealand band only continues to grow in 2020, beginning with this song. These guys pull off a change of pace mid song like no other, and I cannot wait for them to blow up. I’m calling it now, but they’ll reach Ocean Alley status eventually. It’ll take some time, but calling it now.

There you have it! These are just some of my favourite songs that I was listening to in January to kick off 2020. What were some of your new finds for the start of the year? Let me know in the comments! Hopefully you gave some of these a listen and maybe found a new tune to add to your playlists!



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Very Specific Pt. 19

Hello hello and welcome back!

So today’s post is another Very Specific post!

I had a goal for 2019, which was to read 50 books. Looking back, it was pretty ambitious, and I’m nowhere near even 20. What made me think that in my third year of uni, the busiest year of life in terms of work, studies and music, I’d be able to smash out 50 books?

My to-be-read piles continue growing, and I say ‘piles’ as in plural because it’s gotten to the point where I’ve run out of surfaces to put my books and am now stacking new ones on the floor, much to my mother’s dismay.

So with that in mind, this very specific playlist, is a playlist for having in the background, while you’re reading. I’ve done one for studying before, and I will argue that they’re two very different things. The music I listen to when I study and the music I listen to when I read, do not in any way come from the same playlist.

Hopefully you find some tunes to throw on in the background when you pick your next book up – I’d also love to know what you’re reading at the moment! Let me know in the comments! 

tick tock – Nohidea
slow it down – Guru Griff
Journey – Flavors, Two Sleepy
coco – Oatmello
Hello, Is This Your House? – Explosions In The Sky, David Wingo
Flowers – The Deli
You – Petit Biscuit
Keep On – Alfa Mist
Amsterdam in the Spring – Simon Jefferis
Man Like You – Tom Misch
Affection – Jinsang
Intro (Santa Barbara) – Box Dreams
tuscano – tides.
Recovery – Jon Hopkins
Again – Wun Two
When Sunny Gets Blue – McCoy Tyner
by my side – Flavors, Two Sleepy



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Songs You Don’t Know But Should Pt. 17

Hey team! Hope you’re all enjoying the first few weeks of 2020! I know I am, though we’ve mainly been working and trying to find some spare time to…chill? I haven’t done these in a while and December was a huge month of discovery for me in terms of music, so I thought it was fitting that I started the year off with some more new music for you to discover too!! Hopefully you find something you like within this list, let me know if you do! 

Subside – Eloise
Once Upon A Time – Jeff Bernat
Cigar – Tamino
Knowledge of Selfie – Jay Daniel
Bad Guy – Niykee Heaton
Good Company – KYE

Sweet Soul – alayna
Goldchains – Tyde Levi
Me & You – HONNE, Tom Misch
You Ain’t The Problem – Michael Kiwanuka
Under Your Skin – Sasha Keable
Wild Girl – Kito, Empress Of
Summa – Peach Tree Rascals
I Don’t Wanna Be Okay Without You – Charlie Burg
Add The Bassline – Jordan Rakei
Where Do You Go – Yebba
Simple Love – Lindsey Lomis
Have Mercy – Eryn Allen Kane 
Try A Little Tenderness – Pip Milett
Rocket – Elli Ingram
Livid – ELIZA 

There you go! What do you think? There are some super beautiful songs on this list, and I’ve had most of these on replay since the end of November, so hopefully you find a few to add to your playlists.



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Artists Who Raised Me

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a lil sentimental one. I’m going to be touching on a few of the artists who helped raise me. These are artists I was exposed to as a young child, artists I listened to and learned from growing up, singers who inspired me and shaped the way I listen and interact with music today! Hopefully you enjoy it 🙂

Michael Jackson: I feel like I’ve droned on and on and on about how much of an impact Michael Jackson has had in my life. I was fed a healthy dose of MJ tunes and music videos, nearly every weekend my dad and I would watch a DVD with a collection of all his best music videos, and regardless of the fact that I’d hide behind the kitchen counter for when Thriller came on the screen, he’s been one of the most influential musicians in my life. I can pinpoint exact moments and memories for particular songs within his catalogue, songs like The Way You Make Me Feel, Bad, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, PYT and plenty, plenty more.

Alicia Keys: Alicia Keys was one of the first vocalists I turned to when I began singing. I was infamous for singing her songs and my dad only encouraged this, burning backing tracks for songs like Karma, No One and If I Ain’t Got You onto CD’s for me to sing along to. I can’t find it in my heart to skip any of this woman’s songs when they come on shuffle and her voice is still one of my favourites to listen to. I could listen to Alicia Keys all day.

Norah Jones: I think there’s only so much I can go on about Norah Jones. I think she was a pivotal person in me branching out with the music I listened to as a little kid, and my mum played a huge part in introducing me to her songs.

Stevie Wonder: Sometimes you might read my blogs and think, ‘man, Priya really over uses the words ‘funky’ and ‘groovy’ and it’s all down to this guy. Any single soulful fibre in in my body is thanks to the literal hours I’ve accumulated listening to his music.

Bob Marley: My family, both immediate and extended, have a deep rooted love for reggae, and the king of reggae, Bob Marley, is a sure fire way to get us all up and dancing or bopping. I can’t recall a single family party or event that didn’t end with all of us on the dance floor screaming/singing Buffalo Soldier or Could You Be Loved.

Ne-Yo: Ne-Yo. He’s an artist who seems like he’s been around for every year of my life in some form. Whether he was on MTV Hits, releasing RnB tunes that hit every heart string perfectly, dancing in Stomp The Yard or more recently, judging on World of Dance, he’s always been around. He’s one of the singers I regularly cover when I play gigs, purely cos we’re guaranteed to have people singing along. He’s such a loved musician and singer, and to me, Ne-Yo is absolutely timeless. Like, listen to So Sick, Miss Independent or All Because of You, and tell me they don’t hit just as hard as they did when they first came out? You can’t.

Rihanna: Take everything I said about Ne-Yo. Now apply it to this woman and multiply it infinitely. From her music, which assisted in really getting me into RnB and pop RnB, her business/es to her influence over popular culture, you have the recipe for one of the most successful women of the decade. I literally wrote one of my second year final assignments on Rihanna and her influence, and I don’t regret a single thing. Her music has developed and shifted so much over her career, she’s really done it all and she’s done it so well.

Whitney Houston: So, low-key, when I was a youngin, I was a belter. Like sang ballads, big numbers, long and high notes. And that’s partially thanks to Whitney Houston. Such a timeless, classic woman. Very little to say about this woman.

Christina Aguilera: Okay, so when I said ‘partially’, above, for Whitney, it’s because a large majority of my influence when I was a young kid was Christina Aguilera. Her singing is off the charts. To this day, she is one of the greatest singers of the last two decades and I’ll fight anyone on that. I mean, look at TikTok. We still have 15 and 16 year old’s trynna nail the crazy run in Show Me How You Burlesque, and as perfect as some of them may be pulling it off, it’s just not the same as the queen herself. I’ll throw hands for this woman. No lie.

Mariah Carey: I can’t say Mariah Carey was a big of an influence as Christina, but, she’s definitely up there. She was one of the singers I’d listen to over and over again, painstakingly going over every line she sang, in attempts to achieve those levels of greatness. Tbh, we’re still giving it a crack. It’s an everlasting challenge. Such a legend.

There you go!! Hopefully you guys found that interesting? I really pulled this out of the archives, from right at the bottom of my drafts, and I don’t know why I never finished it! I really enjoyed reflecting on each of these artists and how much they impacted me not only as a little gal wanting to be a singer, but as a general music fan as well! Obviously, my taste and what I listen to and draw inspiration from now has vastly shifted, maybe I’ll do a post on that soon, but these artists got me to where I am now.

Which artists raised you? I’d love to know, leave me a comment! 



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