An Awaited Album

Hello my friends!

Today’s post will be an album review/chat post, on an album that I uncharacteristically found myself really, really waiting for.

Over these past few months, I’ve been kicked into a slight obsession with Shawn Mendes’ recent songs. If you’ve read any of my recent posts, especially my monthly favourites and playlist posts, he’s definitely featured on there quite a few times.

I’ve never been a massive Shawn Mendes fan. I enjoyed his music, but not to the point where I faithfully followed his every move on social media and waited his next song to drop. But, I’ve definitely been far more interested in his recently, to the point where my cousin and I were seriously considering going to his concert together.

Due to how much I found myself enjoying his new songs, like enjoying them way more than I’ve ever enjoyed any of his old songs, I was eagerly awaiting his new album.

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The marketing for this album has been insane as well. The album art, the merchandise that’s being realised specified for particular songs and singles on the album. It’s been done incredibly well, and I’ve been patiently waiting in anticipation, so was very pleased to jump on Spotify today and listen to the whole album.

Lost In Japan was my favourite of all the singles released in the lead up to the album, just because of different it is to stuff he’s released before and because of how good his voice sounds. I’ve gone into detail in my April Tunes, but there are a couple songs on this album that are close competitions. One of them being Nervous, the second song on the album. My dudes, the story-telling in this song is so straight forward and to the point, but it’s such a fun song, the bass line is consistent and funky, and I get major Pharrell Williams vibes. I love it.


Where Were You In The Morning is another favourite. The guitar in it makes your head bob without your control, and I don’t know what the boy has been doing, but his voice has become so much more stronger and raspier and amazing to listen to. His falsetto levelled up overnight apparently, because he uses it a lot throughout the album, and it’s always so clean.

QueenQueen is another bop. I get such amazing old school 60’s vibes from the entire album, especially his choice of guitar tones and rhythms, and I for one, am here for it. I can’t wait to see how he performs these songs live because it’s quite different to anything he’s done before.

While his song featuring Julia Michaels is fantastic, there’s something about Khalid’s feature on Youth that makes me sing along to it as loud as I can whenever I’m in the car or at home alone. I don’t know if it’s the beat, the lyrics or how much I love their voices individually and together, but it’s been one of my favourite songs since it was released.

Perfectly Wrong and When You’re Ready are the last two songs on the album, but they’re up there with my favourites. The stories in them are distinctly different from each other, and there’s a obvious contrast, especially if you listen to the album in order, but they’re both equally as beautiful, though because I seem to enjoy breaking my on heart and listening to songs, Perfectly Wrong comes out on top for me between these two. His voice, the lyrics, the arrangement, it’s all beautiful.

I won’t comment on every single song because I personally feel like it’s one of those albums you need to listen to yourself, because you’ll probably draw your own conclusions on it, especially lyric and content wise. I’ll have my own interpretation, and yours might be different. All the songs, as well as the album are linked throughout this post so you have no excuse! Let me know what you think, I can guarantee I’ll be listening to this album quite a lot!



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