August Tunes

August Tunes

Yo. So I know I said in my grovel/apology/explanation post that I missed my August Tunes, but I thought, it’s early enough in September for me to just try and sneak them in, right? So here we are.

As I explained, while I have been away for a couple of months, I’ve been up to my neck in new music and I’ve loved it. I’ve been listening to new releases, old throwbacks, songs from my childhood, songs that are completely left of centre for me and I freaking love it.

Let’s get into it.

Skate – Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic: I mean. What a way to get back in. Given this was released in July, but I really rinsed it in August. Everything I love about these two artists separately and what they create together is defined in this song. Super smooth and classic, it sounds like something straight out of the Get Down soundtrack and that’s an easy win with me.

Concrete Jugle Fever – Jerome Farah: I saw Jerome live earlier this year and he’s been on my radar since I first started listening to his band Jakubi a couple years ago. He’s been chilling behind the scenes for a little while, working with the likes of Kian and Tones and I, but in 2020 and 2021 he’s been a machine, releasing some amazing tracks and visuals along with it. This one is super gritty and energetic, a great introduction for anyone who’s never listened to any of his stuff before.

Need To Know – Doja Cat: I’ve been hyping the Doja Cat album since it was released. Planet Her was so much more than I expected. My favourite is most definitely Woman but thanks to my old friend TikTok, this song was stuck in my head more than I’d like to admit. Doja really came through with this one and this entire album.

not what i’m used to – Bella Taylor Smith: If any of my Australian readers have been keeping up with The Voice, you’d be familiar with Bella and how insane her voice is. It’s incredible. She had me in tears during her first audition and she’s been the favourite ever since the show started, for good reason. I just had to give her a good stalk and I discovered she released her own EP a little while back. After giving it a good listen and having a good cry I settled on this particular track as my absolute favourite. It’s beautiful. I love it so much because it really gives you space to listen to her voice, her tone and the lyrics. It’s really only her and a piano and it’s perfect.

New Apartment – Ari Lennox: An older one, but still a great one.

Made For Silence – Miiesha: I don’t listen to a lot of Miiesha’s music but as I’ve been updating my decolonise yourself playlist she’s popped up time and time again and this song just really got me hooked. She’s got a super crisp and clean voice and this song pairs it with a super catchy groove.

Just for me – PinkPantheress: I have to credit TikTok for helping me discover this chick. If you’ve scrolled for even half an hour on TikTok I can guarantee you would have heard at least one of her songs because she has that app by a choke hold. For good reason. She mixes DnB with a super floaty, angelic vocal performance and really raw and honest lyrics.

Don’t Rush – Young T & Bugsey, Headie One: Just a bit of a groove for you on this one. I’ve been rinsing this one this month.

My Mind – Yebba: I decided to look for this song on Spotify after hearing someone cover it on The Voice and nearly cried tears of joy when I saw that Miss Yebba had finally uploaded it for streaming. This song owns me. Completely. Try not to cry. I dare you.

Diana – Pop Smoke, King Combs: I’ve been listening to this song plenty during this month, especially when working out. It’s not a heavy track but there’s something about it that just flows super easy.

Facade – Nganeko: Nganeko is a New Zealand artist I’ve been following for the last couple of years and she finally released her second single. This song is sick. It’s a got a great beat and Nganeko has such an angelic, wispy voice that just dances all over the track. The chorus is ridiculously catchy and gets stuck in your head by the time the song is halfway finished. Not complaining.

Kiss Me Thru The Phone – Soulja Boy, Sammie: Don’t ask.

Time Moves Slow – BADBADNOTGOOD, Samuel T. Herring: Another TikTok credit here. I didn’t set out to find this song though, it just showed up on my recommended and as soon as I heard it I knew it. To be fair, it really is such a beautiful song. The guitar just captivates you and the bass really swims.

Catcha Grip – CD, PANIA: Two Melbourne gals, who I’ve been waiting to release new music. Both these chicks are super talented and CD has been drip feeding us music. This song is really enchanting and smooth, such an easy listen.

Pepeha – SIX60: Another SIX60 release. Imagine coming back with a Monthly Tunes post that didn’t include these guys. This song made me cry. I don’t speak the Maori language but God I wish I could just so I could really understand this song. A lot of my favourite NZ artists are re-releasing some of their tracks translated into the language it’s so beautiful to listen to, even if I don’t understand a word of it. This song is a really good example of how much NZ artists connect to their language and it never fails to give me shivers.

family ties – Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar: Thank you Keem and thank you Kendrick. This song goes super hard. Like, I had to take a moment. I can just imagine it would be a super hyped song for like…a sports highlight reel edit or something. It’s hype enough when I’m in the gym by myself so I can only imagine how hard it would go with a bunch of people jumping on it.

ZIPS – Church & AP: I’m very excited for new Church & AP. If you aren’t familiar with the NZ duo, you can read up on them HERE, but this is their latest release and it just keeps on trend, following the trajectory of their development and growth as artists. Very excited to continue seeing these guys move up.

Heat Above – Greta Van Fleet: Okay hear me out. So when I first listened to this band it was to get in on a joke. The general discourse around these guys is that they’re just Led Zeppelin wannabes. I mean, I get it, because I hear it. A lot of Axel Rose, some Aerosmith but A LOT of LZ. The purists really went mad with these guys. So when I first listened to them it was to make sense of the joke. But like…I don’t mind it? Like given, there are some songs that I can’t be bothered giving the time of day, but then there are songs like this one that just hit me in the gut. I feel like I’m thrown back to a past life when I listen to this track and I don’t know how to explain it.

Harleys In Hawaii – Katy Perry: So who was gonna tell me that Katy Perry was back with bangers? No-one? I don’t know how I missed it – actually I do, I mean come on – but this song is so good? Like…can summer hurry up please. The chorus, the beat, the bass, everything about this song makes me so excited to see the sun, even if I am currently in lockdown in Melbourne.

PLW – Leon Thomas: Can’t remember how I came across this song or this guy but thank goodness I did. So smooth, a wonderful mix of RnB/rock/soul. Highly recommend. If you like Miguel, especially most recent Miguel, I feel like you’ll love this song and this artist.

Stay Ready (What A Life) – Jhene Aiko, Kendrick Lamar: What a throwback. I just woke up one morning with this song in my head, and had it playing in my room, then I went on TikTok later that day and saw one of my favourite creators doing an ASL cover of it, so took that as sign enough to add it to my 365//2021 playlist which is still going strong, if you wanted to check it out.

Believe What I Say – Kanye West: Bro this entire release annoyed me. So much. I think the hype or ‘over-hype’ really ruined this record for me. I hold Kanye’s earliest releases super close to my chest, and really respect his music from when he first started but aside from a few tracks here and there I’ve struggled to connect with any of his latest releases. Sadly Donda was the same. I’ll give him credit, there are some great tracks on the album, however I think I’m just salty towards the album as a whole and it really distracts me when I listen to it, which is a fault of my own. Form your own opinion. However. This track. I am not immune to a Ms. Lauryn Hill sample, so this song had my from the first second I heard it.

So that’s what I was listening to in August. At least, some of it. I mean it’s September 3rd currently, and I hear ABBA have released some new music so … 👀 There’s also a Drake album on the horizon so…

What have you listened to recently? Let me know. And if you’d like to keep up with the daily playlist, my 365//2021 Spotify playlist where I add a song every single day for the whole year, you can find it below.



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August Tunes

August Tunes

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.05.39 pm

It’s that time of the month where I share my favourite songs from August with you all! Here’s what I’ve been listening to:

New Rules – Dua Lipa: We already know that I was loving this song. If you haven’t already, check out my blog post all about Dua’s new song, New Rules. It’s at the top of my list this month, just because I’ve listened to it non-stop since I first heard it completely. Plus the music video is killer.

Don’t Forget Your Roots – Six60: If you know nothing about this song, or this band, fear not. I have a blog post for Six60 as well. If you’re a fan of reggae, definitely check them out, it’s one of my favourite songs on the list.

Back To You – Louis Tomlinson ft Bebe Rexha: This is such a tune. Definitely the best song Louis has released, and it’s made me all the more keen to hear whatever he puts out next. Bebe is also phenomenal in this song. Her voice is crazy.

Just For You – Deach ft Ria and Ezra James: This is another reggae song that I love so much. The vocals from Ria and Ezra are amazing, and it’s such a good blend of rnb, hip hop and reggae. If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll remember this song was also included in my July Tunes.

Get You – Daniel Caesar: This is forever one of my favourite RnB songs ever. Daniel’s vocals are just wicked in this tune, I had to include it.

Greedy – Ariana Grande: Not a new song at all, but it’s one of my favourites from Grande. I’ve been listening to it a ton, maybe singing along and dancing as well. It’s a solid performance tune.

Isombard – Declan McKenna: Ah Declan. This song has one of the best choruses I’ve ever heard and even if I’m not listening to it, I find myself singing the chorus in my head any time of the day. So good.

Keep On – Kehlani: This is purely because of how close my Kehlani concert is. Ten days. I’m so excited. This is probably my favourite song she’s done off the new album. It’s such a tune, and I’m so excited to see it live.Ten days!!!!

Faking It – Calvin Harris ft Kehlani: My dude and my gal. Such an amazing song. Though I have to admit, it wasn’t my favourite on Calvin’s new album, it’s definitely one of my favourite songs. It gets so hype in the pre chorus – such a good song to run to. It doesn’t seem like it, but I swear it is.

Let Go – Dean Lewis: This is one of the songs I was listening to constantly before I saw Dean live. If you missed it, I wrote a blog post all about my experience, which you can read here. Dean sang this song beautifully, and I was waiting for him to perform it, he did not disappoint.

Touch The Sky – Kanye ft Lupe Fiasco: I heard this song while in a shoe shop in Las Vegas and I immediately added it to one of my playlists as the biggest throwback ever. Over the month of August it has progressed to several playlists on my Spotify account, and I love listening to it after university.

Joker and The Thief – Wolfmother: My dad initially got me into Wolfmother, but this song has remained my jam. I promise you I could probably, maybe, try, attempt to do the lead guitar that demolishes this song entirely. It’s such a good song. I wish I could see them live.

Shangri-La – Caitlyn Scarlet: This is a song you have to listen to. Like pause what you’re doing and listen to this song right now. I am. I switched from La La Land to this song and I probably won’t change until it finishes. Caitlyn Scarlet is a genius.

Rigamortus – Kendrick Lamar: I just set this to play next. It’s something about the trumpet sample in the back and how hard this rap is that makes me listen to it really really intently every time it comes on. I love this song. Kendrick goes in.

Japanese Denim – Daniel Caesar: This is another song from Caesar that kills me. His vocals are so magical. I love his voice, it’s one of my favourite RnB voices at the moment, and this song is definitely up there with Get You.

Finally – James Arthur: James Arthur’s new album did not get the respect it deserved. This song is so underrated and it’s so sad. I love this song, especially singing along to it. James has another voice that I’ve always loved, ever since Impossible came on the radio and shit went crazy.

In Time – Dom Mcallister: Be warned, there will be a post about Dom coming soon. This dude is smooth as heck, and this song is tribute to that. You have to listen and appreciate. He’s so under appreciated.

Orbit (hazey eyes remix) – SŸDE: Hopefully you read my post about these dudes. They’re from Melbourne and they’re killing it, especially on Spotify. While their original version of Orbit is amazing, this remix is on another level.

Dead – Madison Beer: I never listen to any of this girls music. Never. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about her. I could tell you, that this song – holy moly. Her voice, the words, everything about this song, the production, literally everything. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it.

Regular Touch – Vera Blue: I’m kinda upset I didn’t get tickets to see Vera when I had the opportunity, because seeing this song live would have been amazing. She’s such a talented singer and songwriter, this song is such a tune. Give it a listen.

Mi Gente – J Balvin, Willy William: I can’t decide if I like this song more than Despacito and it’s driving me crazy. It’s obvious a Spanish song. But it’s a lot more RnB than Despacito, which we know I love. It’s such a tune, I can only hope they play it at nightclubs here. I’m in love with it. Though there is some Pitbull hollering that I could definitely do without.

Caught Up – Usher: A throwback. Such a tune. Such an anthem. I will always sing along to this song. Every time it comes on, this song should never be skipped, ever.

Dream You Up – PLGRMS: I saw these guys live when they supported Dean Lewis at the start of the month, and they were incredible. I’d buy tickets for their show. The next time they come to Melbourne I’ll probably be there. I hope they have a headliner. Their music is ridiculous, really different, but so enchanting. Give it a listen.

Instruction – Jax Jones, Demi Lovato: This song is probably in my top five songs I listened to in the month of August. It’s such a sick song, and Jax Jones is quickly becoming one of my favourite artists. This one features a lot of Latin influence, and topped with Demi’s A-grade vocals, it makes for a killer dance track, which made me very angry to not hear it when I went out with my friends for my birthday. Would have completed the night perfectly.


So those were the songs I was listening to this month! Let me know if you gave any of these tunes a listen, and if so, which ones you enjoyed!