Songs You Don’t Know But Should // A #BLM Edit Pt. 20

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I feel like it’s a bit redundant to say because as we are aware, and if you’re not, I’m thoroughly disappointed in you, the world has gone to shit. Personally, it would go against everything I believe in to not mention this on my little platform that I have here. The brutal, senseless and completely unjustifiable murder of George Floyd has sadly been the huge catalyst that’s completely ripped the hands off the ticking time bomb that was the current climate in the USA, and I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the protests, whether you’re being bombarded with images of the protests and riots, or you’re getting to see the beautiful peaceful sit-ins and protests that are not being shared by the media quite as frequently. We’re all seeing them. The problem lies within the systems and foundations that have lay in place for centuries, that have led to their eruption in 2020.

Police brutality, and the disenfranchisement of the African American community in the United States is barbaric and disgusting, and the fact that year after year, innocent black lives are lost at the hands of the law, sickens me and I hope it sickens you too. Dismantling the systems put in place to allow these murders, because that is what they are, to take place, as frequently as they have, has to be a priority for everyone. The entire foundation of the USA, as well as countries like my own, Australia (which has it’s own disgusting history of disenfranchising and incarcerating our Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders) the United Kingdom, and to be quite brutally honest, any country that’s been plagued by colonisation throughout it’s history, are built on the foundations of a racism and white privilege. It’s not enough anymore to just let racism and all that it encompasses, simply make you uncomfortable. We need to be calling it out, in all of it’s forms, whether that’s protesting about police brutality, or calling out your friends when they make a racist joke. There is so much to be done. Your priority should be being on the right side of history. Simply not being racist is not enough. You have to be anti-racist. You have to be committed to fight against racism, wherever you see it.


Read, the fuck up. Educate yourself. It is not the role of the black community to put their plight on pause to educate us when Google is free. Even better, Google Scholar. There are so many resources out there, it reaches a point of choosing to be ignorant, by not searching them out. If you’d like an easy place to start – watch the This Is America music video, and allow Childish Gambino to give you a rough warm up. You can read my post dissecting that video HERE if you’d like as well. That video was released in 2018, two whole years ago, and even in 2020, it’s become an anthem for the current situation the world is facing.

Listen. Great, you’re an ally, you’ve educated yourself, you’re constantly reading and learning more. The most important tool when it comes to research? I don’t know about you but when I was in English class, the most important source, was the primary source. You can repost and re-share as much as you want, but if you aren’t shutting the hell up and listening when the black community wants to talk, it means null. It’s one thing to speak with and speak for the black community, it’s an entirely different thing, to speak over them.

Call out racism in all it’s forms. Don’t sit and wait around for another innocent life to be taken before speaking up. Racism is a learnt trait, it is not something we’re born with, and we should be doing everything in our power to stop it from manifesting itself even further than it already has. Understand that things like user racial slurs and hate crimes are just the pinnacle and most overt forms of racism. Educate yourself on all the ways it’s present in our lives literally every day. OTHER POC: acknowledge anti-black sentiments in your own culture because we all know they damn-well exist. Be the change within your own community.

If your country has a history of an indigenous peoples like the Aboriginal community here in Australia, learn the history and learn about the foundations of which your country was built on. Learn how those foundations influence literally every aspect of your life.


Make people uncomfortable. I’ve had countless and countless discussions with people, who I never thought I’d have to, since the protests started. People who are uncomfortable with constantly having to see my Instagram stories, who are uncomfortable each time I share a post highlighting the hypocrisy in calling out racism in America while living in Australia and refusing to acknowledge our own racist history, people who aren’t comfortable with seeing images from the protests and seeing info-graphs like the one I shared above, that purely highlight the ways in which they are complicit in their own racism. And to that I say, good. Be uncomfortable. It’s literally the absolute bare minimum you can do.

I know I’ve taken up a huge chunk of this blog post already, and I will share some music, however I do wanna leave some resources for those of you who want to further educate yourself, contribute to bail funds, sign petitions and support the BLM movement. I implore you to do so. Complacency and refusing to take action, is taking the wrong side. Simply calling it a political fight, purely acknowledges that the fight is systematic, and we we know this. It’s not a political fight anymore, it’s a fight for human rights.

Justice for George Floyd Petition:

Master GoogleDoc to link for Freedom Funds and BLM Support – assisting with posting bail for protesters and activists, as well as fundraisers, support for local businesses, and resources for protestors:

Black Lives Matter Card – Rundown of the most recent events that have fuelled the protests, as well as links to where you can help out and additional resources:

BLM Donation Card – resources of where to donate and what you can contribute to:

Intelligencer Article – one of the best, most detailed and thorough article I’ve read about the protest, their context, especially in regard to their eruption in Minneapolis, the impact of police violence and presence, and the justification of protests in the context of the current climate:


Here’s the music.

If I Could – Voli K
Do You? – TroyBoi
Everytime – Paul Mccall, Wbu
Fix It to Break It – Clinton Kane
Motion – Emotional Oranges
Don’t Try – Otis Kane
Wishful Thinking – MOR
1 4 2 – Inner Wave
Thursday – Leven Kali
Settle (Daju Remix) – BAYNK, Sinead Harnett, Daju
Lemonworld – Ocean Alley
Bitter End – SIX60
Friends – E^ST
Good To Know – Ciscero, Masego, Ambriia, KP
Flex – Knox Brown
Natural Selection – Drax Project
Live Well – Palace
The World Is Outs – True Vibenation
Skin – Dijon



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