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Today I thought I’d touch base with what’s now become one of my most favourite websites to exist, Visualify.

I wrote a post all about Visualify a little while back, which I softly suggest you give a read, because I get most of the rambling done in that one, but if you can’t be bothered then I’ll fill you in.

Last year, quite a few people, me being one of them, shared their Spotify 2017 Wrapped, which gave you a run down of your listening habits for the year, such as how many minutes of music you listened to in total, the artists you listened to and the songs you listened to the most, how many songs you skipped, which genres your listening styles fell under and quite a bit more.


The Spotify Wrapped only captured everything at the end of the year. It only gives you a roundup of the entire year, and once I was shown those stats and details of my listening habits, I was hungry for more.

Thus began the search for an app, a website, a number-cruncher of some sort, that could show me my stats throughout the year!

Enter Visualify.

Visualify shows you your rough listening habits in terms of artists and songs on a monthly basis, a weekly basis, and of all time, encompassing your entire Spotify listening history. Which is sick.

For this post, I thought I’d give you an update on how my Spotify Visualify is shaping up during the month of August!


THIS MONTHTop Artists Jon BellionDrakeChris BrownBruno MarsCardi BTop SongsNew York Soul - Pt. ii - Jon BellionJim Morrison - Jon BellionGuillotine - Jon BellionHand Of God - Outro - Jon











THIS YEARTop ArtistsJon BellionBruno MarsChris BrownAmineDrakeTop SongsHeaven - Julia MichaelsMoon River - Frank OceanAll The Stars - Kendrick Lamar, SZAKill V. Maim - GrimesI Like It -















ALL TIMETop Artists Chris BrownJon BellionEd SheeranKehlaniCalvin HarrisTop SongsMi Gente - J BalvinGuillotine - Jon BellionHeebiejeebies - Amine, KehlaniCRZY - KehlaniKiwi - Harry Style



















Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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Kick Ass Females


Hello friends. Welcome back, hope you have a pen and paper because you are required to take some notes.

On what? Rather redundant isn’t it, setting up this rhetorical question when the answer is literally in the title. Today’s post is going to be dedicated to some of my favourite female artists who I am listening to at the moment.

I definitely have an issue with the amount of female artists there are, in prominent positions in the music industry. Sure, there are artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Cardi B, who are currently killing it at the moment, but I have so many more female artists who I listen to, who I feel need to be getting so much more recognition. Don’t talk to me about the Grammy’s either.

But without getting too much more into it and risking my aggressive-I mean-passionate advocacy for female musicians, let’s get into some of my favourites. There will definitely, 100% be quite a few female artists who you would have seen featured on my blog in some way or the other already.

Empress Of
Song Recommendation: Water Water

G Flip
Song Recommendation
: About You

Song Recommendation: Collide

Niykee Heaton
Song Recommendation: Nexus

Song Recommendation
: Honey

Billie Eilish
Song Recommendation: my boy

Sabrina Claudio
Song Recommendation: Confidently Lost

Song Recommendation: You

Julia Michaels
Song Recommendation: Heaven

Song Recommendation: Flesh Without Blood

Song Recommendation: Focus

Song Recommendation: The Honey

Chloe x Halle
Song Recommendation: I Say So

The Aces
Song Recommendation: Stuck

Kali Uchis
Song Recommendation: Tyrant

Jorja Smith
Song Recommendation: Teenage Fantasy

Song Recommendation: Wearing Nothing

Now when I say that this is barely scratching the surface, I mean it. There are so many other female artists I look up to and admire, whether they are current, past, huge superstars or unknown singers still looking for the recognition they deserve. I would love to devote some more posts to kick ass females in the music industry, not even just musicians, but the countless women who represent the growing number of girls interested in the music industry already. Let me know if that would be something you’d be interested in!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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Bruno Mars and The Weekend From Heaven…Pt.1

Hello friends, buckle your seat-belts, strap yourselves in, I’m two iced coffees into my day and keen to share the first night of a KILLER weekend.

My countdown app is…excessive, to say the least. I have a ton of things I’m counting down to on there, most of them concerts and gigs, but by far, one of the most anticipated concerts of the year so far, was Bruno Mars. My entire family, immediate and extended, hype the heck up whenever Bruno Mars comes on at any party. His music encompasses everything that we’re about. We’re the family at weddings and anniversaries and birthdays who are the first on the dance floor and the last to leave. We love his music, and have an unspoken pact between us that we show absolutely no disrespect to Bruno when his songs come on, and we dance. It’s just the general rule of thumb, and I’ve been waiting for so long to see this man live at his concert. Which I attended last night, Saturday the 10th of March.

I had work, again, and so notified them that I was leaving an hour earlier than usual and no-one was stopping me (no-one genuinely cared enough), and by 3:00 I was sprinting out the door.

By 5:45, my family and I were headed to the station to catch our train into the city.

We were quite early to Rod Laver, so my dad and I were able to have a drink, get some food for the four of us and soon we found our seats. This was a fantastic moment.

So through some friends at his work, my Dad was able to get us the tickets. I had already stressed myself out a week earlier and gone through the panic of buying two tickets through the online sale, but I wasn’t incredibly happy with the seats, as they were right at the back, around the side of the stage. So when Dad pulled out his stack of tickets for the lower section, I sold my two tickets as soon as I could. That said, we weren’t sure where exactly we were sitting. Which made it so much better when we were directed to the front of the lower section, with an incredible view of the stage and the entire arena. It was the perfect spot.

Forty-five minutes or so later, and the support act was up on stage. Safe to say, it was probably a major win for Bruno to snag Dua flipping Lipa as his support act. She got the crowd pumped, and her entire set was so high energy and fun. The entire crowd sang along to the songs we all knew, and she definitely gained two new fans in my mum and dad.


After a quick sprint to the toilet at the end of her set and a refill on drinks, we were back in our seats, eagerly waiting on the man himself.

I have to say. This whole week I’ve been asking my family if they’re were excited for the night. While my mum waved me off as she generally tends to do with my over-zealousness, and my sister agreed purely to get my off her back, my dad was very hesitant to set any standards or get his hopes up, despite Bruno being one of his favourite artists. However.

Was. Not. Disappointed.

Bruno opened with Finesse, the classic that has literally taken over the world, and right after the song finished my dad leaned over and screamed into my ear “That’s all the money’s worth already.”

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

He followed up with 24K Magic, another bop that got everyone so hyped. Every single person was out of their seats and dancing. My little sister and I definitely embarrassed my mum with our dance moves, but the show was so incredible, the energy level so high, that we were beyond caring. Bruno Mars sounds and moves, like butter. Everything about the man was so smooth and sometimes I found myself genuinely enchanted, just standing there watching him in awe. His performance value was so high, it made every dollar worth it.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I think I screamed when he moved on to Treasure. The great thing about the show was the classics that he threw in, sprinkled in between all the incredible songs from his 24K Magic album. Songs like Marry You, Runaway Baby, When I Was Your Man (that nearly brought me to tears) and Locked Out Of Heaven, threw everyone right back to the moment they were all released.


I have to mention his band, The Hooligans. Every single move that Bruno made, all the energy he was dispensing on his performance, they matched him equally, all the while killing it on their respective instruments, whether that was keys, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, drums, trombone or bass. Sometimes I found myself watching one of them perform, and it was so pleasing to watch their solos in between his songs. The saxophone player got a solo that gave me goosebumps, as did the guitar player, but the man on the keys absolutely killed his three minute long solo. Smashing the entire stage into Locked Out Of Heaven was no easy feat but he killed it, and brought the energy level straight back up.

His last song was Just The Way You Are, and he brought the house lights up for the final chorus, just to watch everyone singing back at him.


The encore was probably one of the best vibes I’ve ever gotten at a live show. Everyone just waited in anticipation for him to reappear. It was also a case of ‘if you know, you know’. I felt so bad seeing all the people who genuinely thought the show was done, marching up the steps in a bid to get out early.  Thank god, they were all stopped dead in their tracks when we all started shrieking as the curtains rose again and he stepped out again to finish off the night with Uptown Funk, the song that has set the tone for his entire album, world tour and performance. It was everything that I wanted it to be and more.

I say this so much, but this is amongst one of my favourite live shows I’ve been for. It was everything I love about music, packed into two hours that I was so happy to share with my mum, dad and little sister. The atmosphere was crazy, Bruno Mars delivered all that he promises and more.

But my dudes…as this goes up, at the time this post is scheduled, I’ll be at Ed Sheeran. So prepare yourselves for Pt. 2.



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