January Tunes

Hello hello.

As if. The first month of the year is done. Finished. Over. We’re a month into 2019. Again, we’ve entered the year way too fast for me to keep up, heck I’m barely managing to keep up with this blog this year, but we’re gonna try. The great thing about another fabulous month coming to an end, is the return of my monthly tunes.

If you didn’t catch my post all about Falls Festival, make sure you have a read of that to hear about all the music that started off my year, and how amazing the festival was. In the meantime, here’s what I was listening to in January.

Aubrey – Running Touch: There’s just something about this song that has me coming back to it again and again, and ever since seeing Running Touch live at Falls Fest, I’ve been pumping his music non-stop, especially AubreyMy Hands is still without a doubt my favourite Running Touch song, but this one is climbing higher and higher each time I have a listen.

Wild Horses – Bishop Briggs: Be warned. A fair amount of songs on this list are by artists I saw at Falls Festival, and Bishop is another one. This song was one I didn’t listen to a ton, until after the festival. Mia and I absolutely bumped this song on the drive back, as well as majority of Briggs’ discography, which I was not mad about at all.

Crave You – Flight Facilities: Another set that I didn’t expect to love as much as I did. Flight Facilities were an amazing set. We were close to the front, right in the mosh, surrounded by all our friends and genuinely just had an amazing time. The energy on stage was A+, the vocal performances were all spot on and it was one of my favourite acts of the festival.

i’m so tired… – Lauv, Troye Sivan: I found this song on the tail of January and had to come back to this scheduled post to add it in. By God, this song hit me at the worst time and literally had me struggling to choose between sobbing on the floor or having a dance. It’s such a good song, and I’ve grown a greater appreciation for Lauv as an artist ever since watching a few of his ‘how i made…’ videos on YouTube, and this song is becoming a big favourite. Of course anything with Troye Sivan peaks my interest too so this was a winner.

Caramelo Duro – Miguel: My Miguel phase is continuing on one upward slant and I refuse to stop it. This song is definitely my favourite and I’ve been playing it just as much in January as I did in December.

Miracle Love – Matt Corby: I’m counting down the days until I get to see this magical man in concert in April. I’m especially looking forward to seeing this song considering how much I’ve played it during January.

A Place That I Don’t Know – Odette, Gretta Ray: I have slight apprehensions toward this song because it was while listening to Odette at Falls Festival that I received the gnarliest sunburn ever, but I was still able to enjoy her set and remember this song for when I got home.

comethru – Jeremy Zucker: A song that I’m sure I’ve spoken about before. I’ve tried to introduce it to as many people as I can because it’s such a mood and I love it a lot. I watched Jeremy’s Genius Verified video for this song on YouTube and it’s one of my favourites.

Breathe (In The Air) – Pink Floyd: Forever grateful to the guys at work for playing the entire Pink Floyd anthology because there were so many songs that jogged my memory and I promptly added this to my 365//2019 playlist, where I’m adding a song for every day of the year, as I’ve done in 2017 and 2018. I’ve linked the playlist if you’ve liked to check it out and follow along this year!

Softly – Tash: This was a song one of my close friends introduced to me on a drive up to our friend’s family farm for a weekend away. The best thing about being friends with people who enjoy and respect good music as much as I do is that we’re constantly swapping songs and discovering new artists, which was the case here. I’ve never heard of Tash, and I’m mad about it but totally grateful to my girl for introducing me to this song.

WESTWORLD – EVAN GIIA: A bit of a different style compared to some of the other songs, but I love it no less. Again, like the song above, this was introduced to me by my close friend. I loved it so much I added it to my 356//2019 playlist and listened to it heaps in January.

Undecided – Chris Brown: At first? I hated this song. So. Much. Like the first time I heard it I thought the intro was ripped from a Nintendo Wii start-up tune. But, as it is with Chris Brown’s songs, it grew on me. I still can’t understand that flute for the life of me and why that sound particularly was chose, but I can work with it.

You’re On My Mind – Tom Misch: This song is beautiful. So beautiful. As is Tom Misch. So really, I should have expected it. We’re huge fans of Tom Misch here at You Should Hear, and this song isn’t a new one, but it never gets old. It’s such a good song, and the level of skill in not only the singing but guitar recorded on this song is next level.

Power Over Me – Dermot Kennedy: If you’re looking for a bold, strong song, this is it. Heck, if you’re looking for a bold, strong singer, Dermot’s your guy. He was so understated during his set at Falls Fest. He spent most of the set with his hands clasped, in front of the mic or pacing the stage, but his voice was undeniably one of the strongest voices of the entire festival. I’ve fallen in love with this song after hearing it live, and I’m just waiting for the moment someone catches me belting it from the top of my lungs in the car.

That’s OK – Mahalia: We love Mahalia. I hadn’t heard this song until this month, and I immediately kicked myself for not listening to it earlier. It’s such a good song, and a great reminder of just how good Mahalia’s vocals are. Her songwriting shines in this one as well. I watched her Genius Verified video as well, and honestly guys and gals, if you want to get to know an artist a little bit more, hope they’ve recorded a Genius video and watch it a few times.

New Light – John Mayer: Ask me how excited I am to see John Mayer live. Just ask me. You won’t get a proper response because I can’t properly vocalize it, but I’m crossing all my fingers that he plays this song. It’s so good.  I especially love Alice Kristiansen’s cover of it on YouTube, make sure you have a listen to that one.

Need You – Flight Facilities: Another Flight Facilities song because I’ve been bumping their music since the festival. I can’t honestly pick between Crave You and Need You, but they’re equally as good, so even if you have time to only listen to one, you won’t be disappointed.

La Di Da – Lennon Stella: No secret that I love Lennon, and at the moment La Di Da has been an absolute favourite of mine. It’s such a good song, and Lennon uploaded an acoustic version of it to YouTube that was so beautiful and made me love the song ever more. I’ve added it to my 365//2019 playlist as because, why not?

6 Summers – Anderson .Paak: So. This song is slowly creeping it’s way up there with my favourite Anderson .Paak songs. This song absolutely popped off at Falls Festival and made putting up with the 88 Rising set completely worth it. It was such a fun set and it was great seeing all the people who knew the word’s singing and dancing along with each other. It was definitely my favourite set to have a boogie to.

Lost – Live From Spotify London – Jordan Rakei: If you do anything. Make sure it’s listening to this cover. Holy moly. So I thought Jordan Rakei was as good as he could possibly get. But Jordan Rakei covering my favourite Frank Ocean song? Please. This was absolutely beautiful and completely unexpected. I just happened to throw on the Acoustic Soul Spotify playlist while I was at work one day and nearly tripped over several cables to run to the computer and find out what it was. Be warned.

7 rings – Ariana Grande: I can’t possibly make a January Tunes playlist, without including this song. Nay, without including this masterpiece. Have you ever seen or heard, anyone go in as hard as Ariana Grande and 7 rings? You’re lying if you say you have. If 2018 already wasn’t, 2019 is going to be a HUGE year for that lil gal. I for one, cannot wait.



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Hey friends!

Today I thought I’d touch base with what’s now become one of my most favourite websites to exist, Visualify.

I wrote a post all about Visualify a little while back, which I softly suggest you give a read, because I get most of the rambling done in that one, but if you can’t be bothered then I’ll fill you in.

Last year, quite a few people, me being one of them, shared their Spotify 2017 Wrapped, which gave you a run down of your listening habits for the year, such as how many minutes of music you listened to in total, the artists you listened to and the songs you listened to the most, how many songs you skipped, which genres your listening styles fell under and quite a bit more.


The Spotify Wrapped only captured everything at the end of the year. It only gives you a roundup of the entire year, and once I was shown those stats and details of my listening habits, I was hungry for more.

Thus began the search for an app, a website, a number-cruncher of some sort, that could show me my stats throughout the year!

Enter Visualify.

Visualify shows you your rough listening habits in terms of artists and songs on a monthly basis, a weekly basis, and of all time, encompassing your entire Spotify listening history. Which is sick.

For this post, I thought I’d give you an update on how my Spotify Visualify is shaping up during the month of August!


THIS MONTHTop Artists Jon BellionDrakeChris BrownBruno MarsCardi BTop SongsNew York Soul - Pt. ii - Jon BellionJim Morrison - Jon BellionGuillotine - Jon BellionHand Of God - Outro - Jon











THIS YEARTop ArtistsJon BellionBruno MarsChris BrownAmineDrakeTop SongsHeaven - Julia MichaelsMoon River - Frank OceanAll The Stars - Kendrick Lamar, SZAKill V. Maim - GrimesI Like It -















ALL TIMETop Artists Chris BrownJon BellionEd SheeranKehlaniCalvin HarrisTop SongsMi Gente - J BalvinGuillotine - Jon BellionHeebiejeebies - Amine, KehlaniCRZY - KehlaniKiwi - Harry Style



















Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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Quick Shares


Hey my dudes! I have some really fun posts coming for you soon, but for now, I thought I’d do a quick share of five songs I have been loving recently. They’re only single songs rather than entire albums or artists, so I thought I’d combine them all into one post for you all!

Street Punks On A Freight Train – Bryce Vine
This song. This intro. I discovered it through a YouTuber I watch, Justin Escalona. If you haven’t heard of him, you’re missing out and I wrote a blog post all about him and his channel which I’ve linked for you, so definitely check that out. Justin is constantly including snippets of amazing songs, released and unreleased, throughout his vlogs and the intro to this song has featured in his last three videos. Given, it’s the background music for the mad sprint him and his friends make to the liquor store, but it makes the scene. So I shazaam’d the song, and found it on Spotify. This song is so good. It belongs in an indie teen flick, and I could totally imagine it in Before I Fall, a film that has become a whole entire aesthetic in itself that I continuously refer to and recommend to everyone I meet.

Freaky Friday – Lil Dicky, Chris Brown
Okay. The song itself, is shit. It’s seems like a bit of a joke. But…it’s catchy as hell, and I only listen to it as much as I do because of the music video. If you haven’t seen it, I 100% recommend watching it, purely for the laughs. It’s one of the best music videos released this early in the year, and I laughed throughout the whole thing. My little sister and I were both singing it at home the other day, without realising that the other knew the song too. It was a sister bonding moment, I promise.

Polygraph Eyes – YUNGBLUD
This song, is so, so important. It’s a brutally honest song about sexual assault and the conversation that needs to be had, especially coming from a male and his perspective. Billboard described it as a ‘subtle commentary about consent and “lad mentality”‘ and that hits the nail on the head. The music video which was released on the 15th of this month is just as jarring. It’s a song that I’ve found myself actively thinking about when I listen to it. I’ve Googled the lyrics and it’s not a song you can just put on as background noise. I’ve featured YUNGBLUD in playlists before, and shared him on this blog, but this is probably my favourite song ever released by him. It comes from his debut self-titled EP, and the subject matter on the release is so broad and varied, yet each song makes a huge statement about whatever the topic is, and I’m living for it. Hard-hitting topics, paired with incredible pop-rock beats and Dominic Harrison, YUNGBLUD has a voice that I can’t ignore. Definitely check out YUNGBLUD.

Done For Me – Charlie Puth, Kehlani
The bass, my friends, the bass. This song literally drives my entire body when I’m walking in the middle of the city to and from classes. I love Charlie Puth. Incredible singer, incredible musician, incredible songwriter and producer. Surely I don’t need to talk about how excited I was to see Kehlani’s name on this track. Her voice and the power she has carries through her verse so perfectly and she’s so versatile in all the songs she can lend her voice to. This song is so funky, but I simply cannot get over the bass. Especially in the breaks between the singing. You can really hear it during the first verse that Charlie sings, and I was hooked as soon as I heard it, and obsessed when I heard it blended with Kehlani’s verse.

Emerald – Rini
Dudes. My d u d e s. This song is magic on tape. I initially first saw Rini when he was busking in the city after a long day of university on my way back to Flinders Street Station. I swear to god I stood there, infront of the Commonwealth Bank where he was singing and watched him for half an hour. His voice gives me chills whenever I listen, and I hopped on this song the second it was release. If you’re a fan of Daniel Caesar, which you know I am, give this song a listen. Vocals as smooth as honey, the chilled out guitar that makes everything sound like magic and the right type of percussion that hits you in just the perfect way, it’s this incredible blend of sounds, topped off with beautiful lyrics. Possibly in love, will get back to you on that. Also listen to My Favourite Clothes.



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Come On Chris

Chris Brown just released a new song. If you haven’t heard Questions, here you are. You’re welcome in advance.


Here’s my issue. Chris Brown the person? I’m not a fan. In fact, I’d go as far to say as I strongly dislike (hate), Chris Brown the individual. Chris Brown the musician? Sign me up. Mailing list, waiting for concert tickets to drop. I’m a fan. But I don’t want to delve too deep into that, because this will become something I don’t want it to be, real quick.

The song is probably one of my favourites of Chris’ tunes. Considering he’s featured Turn Me On by Kevin Lyttle, I was a fan the second I heard the obvious sampling, and then the chorus being sung a bit later in the song.

I listened to the song yesterday and loved it, and then this afternoon a football player that I follow on Instagram had it playing in his Instagram Story, and I realised it was now up on Spotify, since it wasn’t up yet when I checked first. Fast-forward to me adding the song into nearly all my Spotify playlists. I kind of want to go out with the girls just to hear this song.

I have to say, when I ignore the fact that Chris shouldn’t exactly be still allowed to produce music and have a successful career, I appreciate his music. I hype it, a lot. So behold, my favourite songs sung by, or featuring Chris Brown. Also, apologies in advance because these are most definitely the explicit versions.

Party: Let’s start with the fact that this video features kids from the Millennium Dance Studio, which I’m obsessed with. And also…Kriss Kross at the beginning? And the fact that it looks like a damn good time.


Ayo: Surely it’s a rule to sing along when this song comes on?


Loyal: I don’t support the message in this song. I support the beat.


Picture Me Rollin: I shazaam’d this song in the club. No shame. That’s how much I loved it, and still do.


Stereotype: You know I try to sing the lead, do the claps, sing the backing vocals and sing the keyboard part too.


Love More: I’m just here for “I got $30 cash – making it rain” … rain finger actions. Also Nicki.


Fine China: Acknowledging just how good this song is, I’m always up for someone injecting some MJ into their music video as well as the song itself. Also, like the literal movie???


I Can Transform Ya: Honestly iconic.


Kiss Kiss: Surely this high school does not exist?


With You: I swear I fell in love with no one to fall in love with at 11 years old.


Wall To Wall: When I ignore how scared I was when I first saw the beginning of this music video, this was definitely one of my favourite’s of his.


Yo: How he got from this to Loyal is beyond me…


Look At Me Now: Surely you’ve said this line at least in once in your life?


Run It!: You know it’s a good place if they play this one.


This Christmas: And finally, my favourite Christ Brown to ever exist. Christmas Chris is the best Chris.



I honestly watched every single one of these before putting them in here, plus I had to cut some otherwise this post would be a nightmare to get through. Hopefully you enjoyed it, because I certainly enjoyed looking back at all my favourite Chris Brown songs, new and old. A trip I’ll tell you.