Melancholia Mood: A Collab With Fiona

Melancholia Mood: A Collab With Fiona

Hello friends, and welcome to another pit of despair and emotional turmoil courtesy of some incredible music.

Not really…but really.

This post is brought to you by a collaboration with the absolutely amazing Fiona, the mind behind Questions From A Teenager and one of my closest friends in the blogging world.

As is evident, I love music and it’s a love that majority of you share, including Fiona, so we thought we’d put together a lil playlist for you.

A melancholia playlist.

Because honestly, if you’re ever feeling down, music is the only logical response or course of action. Music is one of the most powerful things in the world, and for some reason, when you’re feeling down or sad, it’s this universal thing we all turn to. Melancholy in particular seems like it should be a complete music genre in itself!

So we have a playlist of 20 beautiful songs for you to indulge in, ten from me, and ten from Fiona, which you can find in a Spotify playlist that we have made for your convenience. It’s also a collaborative playlist, meaning once you’ve had a listen to the songs we’ve shared, feel free to add your own songs onto the playlist so we can all be down in the dumps together!

Honestly, prepare for the melancholia mood.

Here are my ten songs:

Human (Acoustic) - Jon BellionIf I Could Fly - One DirectionIn A Week - Hozier, Karen CowleyNotion - Tash SultanaNever Ending - RihannaA Song About Being Sad - Rex Orange CountyPaper Hea

So not only did I shed a tear or two while listening to my own submissions to the playlist, but when I got the chance to listen to Fiona’s picks??? Shivers. Tingles. Tear ducts in over drive. Like I said before.

Prepare yourself.

I love every single one of the songs above in their own special way. Each of them reminds me of a specific time, person, place or feeling and I love the impact music has on us all, especially songs that ignite a sense of melancholia or nostalgia.

For the other half of this collab, make sure you check out Fiona’s picks! She has some of the most beautiful songs on there, some I knew very well, and some that I had never heard before. Rest assured, every single song had me feeling all the feelings.

You can find our Spotify playlist HERE and you can check out Fiona’s blog HERE. Make sure you do. No regrets. Not a single one.



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