December Tunes

Yeah. I know I’m late. But. Um holy moly. December Tunes means this is the last of my monthly wrap up’s for 2018, meaning at the end of this month I’ll be providing you with my first monthly music wrap up for 2019.

Last year literally sped past, I have huge issues with accepting the year is already over, but here we are, and here’s what I was listening to in December.

I apologise HUGELY to anyone expecting Christmas music. I’m sorry. I’m not entirely sure what happened, I don’t know if it was the lack of Michael Buble Christmas special on TV or what, but Christmas music just didn’t really happen for me this year. If you’re in desperate need of some Christmas tunes though, make sure you read the post I made all about my favourite Christmas songs, from last year.

Just Friends – Hayden James: This song has been on repeat for me. I don’t know what it is about the song, but it’s been on my playlist for ages, and I’m only now becoming obsessed with it. I listened to it way too much in December, and it’s yet to get old.

Let Me Down Slowly – Alec Benjamin: This song made waves this month. I saw it everywhere, and so many people got to listen to it. I’ve listened to Alec Benjamin a bit before, some of the songs he wrote when he was much younger have been on my phone from high school, but I only just got reconnected to him through these new songs from his album, Narrated For You, which I highly recommend you have a listen to if you haven’t already.

Carried Away – H.E.R: I first saw this song when H.E.R did a video of it for the COLORS YouTube channel, which you know I’m a fan of, so instead of me talking about it, have a listen yourself.

Fairplay – Kiana Lede: Kiana Lede has been sharing her cover videos on YouTube for years, and every now and then I’d watch a few of them when they popped up on my page, though I’ve taken a huge interest in her own original songs that she’s been releasing. This one is definitely my favourite at the moment.

Couples Retreat – Jon Bellion: Of course there was gonna be a song from Jon’s album that he released last month, and at the moment this one is one of my favourites. It’s just so upbeat and has this great bounce to it. It’s been blasted quite a bit in the car.

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart – Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus: I’m sure everyone saw or heard this song somewhere. It seems like such a perfect pairing that took way too long to happen, but I’m glad it did. Mark’s production and song writing style suit Miley’s singing so well and I’ve been loving the product.

Positivo – J Balvin, Michael Brun: Another older song that’s been in many of playlists of mine for a little while, but I was particularly loving it this month. It’s such a hard hitting song, and since I’m finally starting to get over songs like Mi Gente and Swalla, only a bit, I’ve been in need to find a new song to replace them.

Sincerity Is Scary – The 1975: December was definitely a month filled with The 1975 for me, and this song has by far been my favourite ever since I watched the music video for it.

Killer Queen – Queen:  Another post-Bohemian Rhapsody song that I listened to a whole lot more than watching the movie. I also am quite the fan of 5 Seconds of Summer’s cover version of it, though the original will always be iconic.

Invincible – Amine: It wouldn’t be a monthly wrap up without some Amine, and this month’s feature comes in the form of a song from the recent Spiderman animated film. I’ve yet to see the film myself, but the soundtrack is definitely one worth listening to, if not for Post Malone and Swae Lee’s song Sunflower, then for Amine.

Leftovers – Denis Lloyd: This song was another one I stumbled across because of a COLORS video on YouTube. Which you can also enjoy below.

There’s No Way – Lauv, Julia Michaels: This was a song I found myself listening to or humming or singing a ton in December. There’s something about the chorus, Julia’s voice, the lyrics that keep this song stuck in my head. I even had a moment when I thought I’d written a really good chorus, only to realise I’d just re-written the chorus from this song but with different lyrics, that’s how much this song was stuck in my head this month.

Let It Happen – Tame Impala, Soulwax Remix: I listened to this song a lot before going away for Falls Festival in Lorne, which is a whole other post coming soon hopefully. Not because Tame Impala were playing or anything, but more so because I feel like it’s a huge festival vibe, it captures the essence of a festival so perfectly.

Breakaway – Lennon Stella: Lennon Stella’s album is incredible. If you haven’t listened to it, I highly recommend you do, however if you only have time for one song, make sure it’s this one. I had this song on repeat. Like physically pressed the ‘repeat’ button on Spotify for close to an entire day because of how much I love it. It’s so unexpected and different from what I feel people are used to hearing from the Stella sisters as a duo, and I love it so much.

Rhymes Like Dimes – MF DOOM, DJ Cucumber Slice: This is a huge classic for me. MF DOOM is a hero, and this song never fails to pipe me up and put me in a good mood.

Bad Feeling – Joy Crookes: If you didn’t read my post all about Joy Crookes, now is the perfect time to check it out. This song is one of my favourites.

So that’s what I was listening to in December. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and a great New Year’s. Here’s to more tunes in 2019.



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