The Obsession

Hello friends! While I am currently away in Byron Bay enjoying some funky music…(post coming real soon) I thought I’d write a really short post to try and put in words, the slight obsession that I have, with making playlists.

In my eyes, playlists are a gift to myself, before they are shared with everyone. You could dive into any of my playlists, and I’d be able to tell you exactly how I feel, where I picture myself, and with whom I picture myself with, when I listen to each playlist, purely because of how specific I like to make them. I enjoy scouring Spotify and YouTube and SoundCloud, for songs that perfectly capture a single moment, and then creating a playlist of 100 more of those songs. It’s slightly addicting.

It also helps when you have an eclectic taste, and I’m meeting more and more people who are opening themselves up to listening to anything and everything, in the hopes of finding something to appreciate within it. It’s an adventure in itself, when you first hear something that you’ve never heard before, but then after some more digging and questionable listens, you find yourself creating a whole new space in your mind for this sound and this experience. It’s something completely new and something that I continue to build upon.

For example, the low-fi, Mac Demarco type sound? I never thought it would be something I could get around. But here I am now, with an entire playlist dedicated to the genre, filled with Rex Orange County, Omar Apollo, Gus Dapperton, Steve Lacy and boy pablo. Days at home, by myself, during autumn and spring, doing not a lot at all, but simply going through the day, is encompassed in this playlist.

Everyone wants a mixtape made for them, and I think playlists are exactly that, except made for moments and moods and groups of people and events. With the ridiculous amount of music there is out there, it’s always great to be able to go onto someone’s profile and take a look at the music they listen to, in the the playlists they’ve made. It can tell you a ton about a person, and when I follow someone new on Spotify, it’s one of the first things I look at, whether their someone I follow on Instagram or YouTube or one of my friends from school.

Feel free to share any of your own playlists in the comments below!



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Very Specific

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Hello friends. Today marks the beginning of a new type of post that I want to make an ongoing thing, and as the title reads, it’s Very Specific. As in, playlists made to fit very specific situations, scenarios and contexts. While my own playlists on Spotify vary in how specific they each are, there is a general scenario or context that I would solely use them for, and I’ve discovered that my need for order, categories and over all pedantic-ness, lends itself very well to the creation of these playlists. Hence, I thought I would begin sharing them with you.

Beginning with a cliched favourite, songs that are made for driving through tunnels to. I know, it’s very Perks Of Being A Wallflower of me, despite only ever watching half of the movie. It’s just a solid mood that I feel everyone can vibe with in one way or another.

When compiling this playlist, there were two main playlists that I turned to. Firstly, my driving playlist and secondly, my emotional, feels playlist, because those two ‘moods’ really encompass all there is to this very specific playlist. So let’s dive into it.


Edge Of Town – Middle Kids

The City – The 1975

Skeletons – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Greek Tragedy – The Wombats

Need You Now – Dean Lewis

Golden Years – M Phazes, Ruel

Jungle – Tash Sultana

Sweet Lady – Little Finn

Seeing Blind – Niall Horan, Maren Morris

Wait – NoMBe

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

Blessed – Daniel Caesar

Love Ride – Christian French

Time To Pretend – MGMT

Genesis – Grimes

Collide – Odette

Midnight City – M83

Home – Dotan

Ode To Sleep – Twenty One Pilots

My Love Is Gone – SAFIA

Ocean Eyes (Astronomy Remix) – Billie Eilish


In no way, any shape or form, is there a single correlation between any songs genre wise. There’s an eclectic mix in there, but I assure you, they all fit the very specific guidelines for this playlist. They’re all available on Spotify, because let’s be frank, where else am I gonna listen to music? Let me know what you think, and your opinions about this new post, I’d love to hear them! Let me know if you enjoyed this playlist, and drive safe!




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