For The Love Of Mac Ayres

I was introduced to Mac Ayres by a close friend of mine who I work and play music with. My quality of life has vastly improved since.

It was a general Wednesday shift and I was coming in with my lunch for my break, and it was like my ears physically widened and I had to pause. Mac Ayres, is not a sound you can readily or voluntarily ignore, and if you find that you can, I’m questioning everything about you.

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I can’t remember which song it was that I heard first, all I know, was that it was smooth, and for the rest of the day while it was playing through the speakers at work, the world was at peace. At least within the store walls. It’s hell out there.

Mac’s voice, is on that same kind of Daniel Caesar wave, which by now you know I appreciate. I at least hope you know by now. It’s so indescribably rich, and it’s the audible sound of butter and honey. Smooth.

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Mac released his album, Something To Feel this year, and it’s just one big package of goodness. Like I mentioned at the start of this, this album in particular is played fairly commonly at work, and I’ve fallen in love. So much so that most of my colleagues know that whenever I’m rostered on, that’s all we’re listening to for the day.

My favourite song from the album is Get To You Again, purely because of how unexpectedly hard Mac goes in on it. It seems cruise-y, it’s seems chill. He shows off some of his pipes in the first chorus, you get some tasty runs. But then two and a half minutes in and he starts really singing and you feel this song in the bottom of your feet. I have to watch how much I get into this song in public cos it shows on my face.

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This Bag is another great tune from the album, as is Stay which features Jack Dine and Chris Anderson. Both of them are really chill tunes that manage to showcase his incredible vocal ability at the same time.

If smooth tunes, easy listening yet shiver-inducing vocals are what you’re after – Mac’s the way to go. He features on heaps of my personal playlists on Spotify, which is linked below for you to check out, and his music is so picturesque and perfect to listen to on really relaxing drives, either on your own or by yourself. At the same time, I love turning it up while I’m going about my business at home, just to have as a soundtrack to my day. It’s very often that I just head to his general artist page on Spotify and press play, because there’s nothing on there that doesn’t please me.

I’m currently just patiently waiting for Mac to announce a tour through Australia, because best believe I’m snagging myself some tickets to that concert.



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