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Hey friends.

Hope you’re all well! Today’s post is a bit of a throwback, to one of my more informational posts, which gave you the run-down on a bunch of different headphones options, over-ears, on-ears,  in ears, noise cancelling, wireless and non-wireless, the whole shebang. You can read it HERE.

Today’s post, is actually a review. I finally bit the bullet and got a new pair of headphones, wireless, thank God, and I’m loving them. Before writing my last headphones post, and up until the end of August, I’ve been using my Beat headphones which just plug straight into my laptop for whenever I’m working or listening to music at home, Audio Technica headphones for whenever I’m mixing or in the studio, and the stock-standard Apple headphones for daily use like riding on the train or around university.

Since writing that post, there’ve been countless new contenders in the market, and today’s post is about my latest purchase.

To fully understand the reasoning behind finally buying a pair of wireless headphones, and why I chose these ones specifically, let me tell you a story.

My favourite pair of running pants for the gym, ripped recently, (R.I.P), meaning I no longer have them with me. They were my favourite purely down to the fact that, not only were they the comfiest pants I had, but they also had pockets. Pockets.

So whenever I was doing exercises that required bending, lifting, or the use of both of my hands, it was just super convenient to put my phone in my pocket and get on with it. However, with the loss of those particular pants, I’m now constantly having to either tuck my phone into my pants waistband, the strap of my sports bra, or keep my hoodie on and put it in the pocket of that. It’s a huge third-world problem, I understand, but it started driving me nuts.

So, I decided that the loss of those pants and my wireless headphone-less life needed to be fixed, and when a sale popped up at JB Hi-Fi at the end of August, I was there.

The pair I settled on, after much deliberation and advice from the super helpful staff, was the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500. These bad boys set me back $150, but for something I considered an investment that I’d be holding off on getting, I knew what I was getting myself into from the moment I got in the car to go to the shops. I got the Teal one, accidentally, but to be fair, I only wear black to the gym so it’ll be a nice pop of colour, I guess. I also made sure that whatever I got, was sweat resistant and made specifically for gym and exercise use in mind considering I really only ever plan on using these headphones.

Copy of dazzle

So what do I think of the headphones?

So far, so good! They don’t budge, which is something I was skeptical about. They’ve lasted throughout the running portion of my workouts, as well as a range of full body exercises that nearly kill me, but they keep up. They don’t feel sweaty or wet at all, and I’m able to walk around the entirety of my gym while my phone is in my bag and keep a consistent, strong sound.

The On Ear Controls are super handy for changing over songs and checking how much charge I have left, which has been more than enough battery since I’ve had them. It takes me a while to burn through the 18-hour battery life.


Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 10.31.01 pm


The quality of the sound is pretty great. For on-ear headphones, they do the job perfectly, especially for a music snob like me who expects a lot from my headphones. My one issue is that you can kinda hear the music while they’re on my head, as my sister wasn’t afraid to tell me. I have my music kinda loud, and the fact that it can still be heard while the headphones are on my ears wasn’t great because I just feel obnoxious, but on the whole, that’s really the only thing I can fault with them and that’s me being picky!

I definitely sound like I’m affiliated with Plantronics, but I’m just being honest.


Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 10.30.54 pm.png

But that’s today’s post!! I don’t think I’ve ever done a review here on the blog – fingers crossed there will be more coming soon! What pair of headphones are you currently using? Is there one you wanna try? Let me know in the comments!!



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*UPDATED* Playlist For Death

Hello, hello!

Welcome back to another post. If this title seems familiar to you, it’s because way back I posted the original blog post, A Playlist For Death, right at the start of last year.

If you didn’t catch that post or you’ve only joined us recently, make sure you have a read so you know what to expect further down the road.

But anyway. Very little has changed in regard to my attitude towards this list. Of course, the reason for this *update* is that since it’s been an entire year since the original post, quite a few songs have been added and removed from these playlists, so there are new tunes to share! As much as I love the music on these playlists, I love the use of this playlist a little less. I mean, find me someone who is jumping for joy and absolutely rearing to go every single day before heading to the gym.

Seriously. Find them, I need to know, how??

I’m not saying I absolutely hate working out because that’s not really the case at all, I’m just saying I absolutely hate working out when I’ve forgotten my headphones and have to listen to the music that’s played at my gym.

As per with the original post, I’m gonna break this up into two sections, one for absolute death and personal torture (cardio) and one for weight training. Similarly, I’ve pulled these from two of my Spotify playlists, inhaler and pump respectively, of which I definitely use both whenever I’m at the gym.

inhaler (CARDIO)
Get Me Bodied – Beyonce
Stuck – The Aces
Watch Me – Jaden Smith
Changa – Pnau
Street Punks On A Freight Train – Bryce Vine
Body – Loud Luxury
Heartbeat – Childish Gambino
Forever & Ever More – Nothing But Thieves
Toxic – Eden Prince
breathin – Ariana Grande
Just Friends – Hayden James
Leave It To Me – Bakers Eddy
Show You Love – Kato
Do It Like A Dude – Jessie J
Jackie Chan – Tiesto
Invincible – Twelve Foot Ninja
Feel It Still (ZHU Remix) – Portugal. The Man
Aubrey – Running Touch
Losing It – FISHER
Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis

pump (WEIGHT)
Barbie Tingz – Nicki Minaj
Walk It Talk It – Migos
Motiv8 – J. Cole
PICK IT UP – Famous Dex, A$AP Rocky
Bartier Cardi – Cardi B
My Hands – Running Touch
Wanna Be Startin Somethin – Michael Jackson
I Do – Cardi B, SZA
New York Soul – Pt. ii – Jon Bellion
Black Eyes – Bradley Cooper
No Limit – G-Eazy
Adored – LAUREL
We The People… – A Tribe Called Quest
La Di Da – Lennon Stella
destinado a morir – Miguel
Power Over Me – Dermot Kennedy
16 Shots – Stefflon Don
Who R U? – Anderson. Paak
Let’s Begin – Jon Bellion, Roc Marciano, RZA, B. Keys, Travis Mendes
Blind Eye – Ren, Sam Tompkins
Flames – David Guetta, Sia
A Tale of 2 Citiez – J.Cole



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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Music For A Mental Break

Hello my friends!

I hope you’re all well! I’ve been on a bit of a roll in turns of coming up with blog post content, trying new things and sharing a broader perspective with you guys, and I’m aiming to keep the productive streak running as long as I can.

So in the spirit of productivity, I’ve decided to share a new playlist with you all. This playlist was heavily inspired by the loveliest of all the lovelies, Mia, and her post regarding mental slumps and burnouts. Definitely have a read of it, that girl is one of my go-to’s when it comes to self-care, productivity and motivation.

Mia spoke about taking mental breaks, giving our brains a rest, and while reading that, the first thing that came to mind was the fact that recently, have I really started taking into consideration the fact that maybe my brain needs a break.

If you read my post about my playlist for the gym, then you might recall me mentioning that for some godforsaken reason, going to the gym is one of the few things I do to mentally relax and recoup. Bullet-journaling is another thing that I tend to do, because I really relish scrolling through my iPhone calendar and transferring the circus that’s my life onto paper, and the last one, no surprise, is music.

Because I’m always listening to music, I’ve come to realise how certain songs make me feel, not only in my soul, but in my head. Trust me when I say there are 100%, songs out there that make your head feel weightless in the best possible, and I’ve collected some of my favourites into a playlist called a mood on my Spotify. However, I’ve decided to share some of my favourites in this post for you all!

Spring Time Blues – M*A*R*S
Dream Boat – Banes World, Temporex
Ugotme – Omar Apollo
Bloo – Zack Villere
Brakelights – Omar Apollo
Electric Feel (triplej Like A Version) – Tash Sultana
Feels Like We’re Dying – Johnny Goth
Rain Man – Rex Orange County
i can’t move – autumn keys
All We Do – Oh Wonder
City Of Stars – Gavin James
Mia & Sebastian’s Theme – Justin Hurwitz
Oceans – Bethel Music
Albatross – Fleetwood Mac
Sleep Walk – Santo & Johnny
That Easy – Yellow Days
Hawaiian Boi – Triathalon
Japanese Denim – Daniel Caesar
Let Her Go – Mac DeMarco
Everytime – boy pablo
Corduroy Dreams – Rex Orange County
I Need You – M83
Things Work Out Eventually – fantompower


I could honestly keep going with this list, but that would be a very long playlist, and I’m sure none of you want to read that, so those will have to do! If you want more, be sure to check out my Spotify account, I’ve got a playlist full of them, as well as a playlist for possibly any other need you ever have…..

Thank you for reading, I’d love to know how you deal with mental slumps, your go-to solutions, and whether or not you enjoyed any of these songs!



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A Playlist For Death

Yeah, as much as my self deprecating humour contributes to about 80% of who I am as a person, this playlist isn’t specifically for death. More so for working out. Which I am convinced, every time I climb those twenty stairs up to my gym, will most definitely be the death of me. This was definitely inspired by the lovely Jules, who’s blog I’ve linked. She shared her own workout playlist, and we definitely share a love of the same type of music and artists, so I thought I’d share my own!

The songs I’m sharing are going to be split into two parts for the two playlists I listen to at the gym. One will be the songs that are perfect for the first part of my workout, the horrible, real shit stuff – the cardio, and the second will be the tunes I listen to when I do weight work. There’s too many songs on these playlists, as per usual, to share them all with you, so you can find them on my Spotify account, ‘inhaler’ and ‘pump’, respectively.

Let’s get it.


So first, songs that are perfect to run to, or formally known in my case as. . .

death by cardio.



I know there’s all that science stuff about running to songs that are set to 180 beats per minute. Son. If you think I’m sticking to one solid pace the whole half hour that I’m running, you’ve sincerely over-estimated my cardiovascular health and I. I tend to do my HIIT workout on the treadmill as well as afterwards in a studio separately, so I mix between solid sprints, jogging and incline walking. That said, the songs in this playlist fit all of those different levels. Songs with an asterisks are songs that I find myself listening to every day, either because they come up on shuffle and I don’t skip them, or because I actively set them up in the queue.


Don’t Leave- Tkdjs, Ayer
Intoxicated – Martin Solveig, GTA*
i – Kendrick Lamar
Flipmode – Fabolous, Velous, Christ Brown
My People – The Presets*
Do It Right (Blinkie Remix) – Anne-Marie, Blinkie*
Instruction – Jax Jones, Demi Lovato, Stefflon Don
Uber – Litek, Tom Zanetti, Curtis Clacey*
Feel It Still – Portugal. The Man*
Mercy – Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz
Kiwi – Harry Styles*
Do It Right – Martin Solveig, Tkay Maidza
All Night – Chance The Rapper, Knox Fortune
Give Me Love – Izzy Bizu
Attention (Bingo Players Remix) – Charlie 
Puth, Bingo Players*
Real Life – Duke Dumont, Gorgon City, NAATIONS*
Tonight – Don Diablo*
Stuck – The Aces
Truffle Butter – Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne
Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis*
White Tiger (Cat Carpenters Remix) – Izzy Bizu, Cat Carpenters*
XXX – The Bohicas*
Violet – Bad Suns
Bonfire – Childish Gambino*


This second list, is from the playlist ‘pump’.




I enjoy weight training far more than I will ever enjoy doing any form of cardio. It’s the funnest (funnest?) part of going to the gym, and I look forward to it everyday. That said, I still need songs to pump me up, and you’ll notice an obvious difference between this playlist and the previous.

A Tale of 2 Citiez – J Cole* (every. single. day)
Perplexing Pegasus – Rae Sremmurd
You can Do It – Ice Cube ft Mack 10 and Ms Toi*
Side To Side – Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj
Kriss Kross – C. Breezy*
Work Out – J. Cole*
Trini Dem Girls – Nicki Minaj, LunchMoney Lewis
Fire Squad – J. Cole*
Bonfire – Childish Gambino*
DNA. – Kendrick Lamar
She Knows – J.Cole, Amber Coffman, Cults*
Fade – Kanye West
Rake It Up – Yo Gotta, Nicki Minaj*
Lemon – N.E.R.D, Rihanna
‘Till I Collapse – Eminem, Nate Dogg
Bang – Rye Rye, M.I.A
All Day – Kanye West, Theophilus London*
Venus Fly – Grimes, Janelle Monae*
Honor – DJ Cassidy, Grace Lil Yachty
Tone It Down – Gucci Mane, Chris Brown
King Kunta – Kendrick Lamar
Your Time – Nick Murphy, KAYTRANADA
Future Heroine – Ecca Vandal
No Role Modelz – J. Cole*
Faking It – Calvin Harris, Kehlani, Lil Yachty*



So those were my two lists for you! There is definitely a lot more where that came from, and I add to ‘inhaler‘ and ‘pump‘ (which I’ve linked), whenever I find some more good tunes. Make sure you check out Jules’ post and let me know what you think of the songs I’ve shared above. I know not everyone listens to music when working out (though I’m not sure why you’d put yourself through that???) but if you do, I’d love to know what you’re listening to, and any recommendations you have!




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